Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This Host'es likes the shade...

Another new Wednesday.

One lone Wizard stands this week!

A reminder from last week ...

Here is the view of my rock garden where all the squirrels come to scamper through ( and dig). You can see last weeks mystery showing a glimmer of itself coming up along the base of the tulips. Soon pushing and filling in with ease, even the Jacob's Ladder will compete for the space, but they continue to play along with other nicely through the summer.

The answer was ...

The tulips are already done and deadheaded in this view.

When I originally planted this bed the tree it surrounds was still full of life and leaves. 
  We called it the squirrel tree as we were lucky 
  enough to see many a season of babies come out of the trees many holes and crevices to play. Going in one hole and finding a secret way to pop out of another! Up and down the tree, but not yet off, as though Mama squirrel had said "go outside and play, but stay in the yard where I can see you!" 
  But a few days later the boundaries where released farther and farther until they could come and go at will, until Mama kicks them all out as she is ready to start another litter. 

That tree was topped by a tornado 8 years ago. Taking a good 2/3 rds of it off, hurling it across the driveway and wedging what it snapped off into the lilacs that line the driveway on the other side, pushing one back about 4 feet! Miraculously it only scrapped the garage doors and missed the house. But left a huge mess and blocked the only way out or into the garage. It was only one of the few trees the tornado took, it sheared the top off of 2 tall pines that line the dividing greens between our house and the neighbors and landed them across the driveway and into the yard. At one point both the maple tree and the largest pine were crossed over each other in a "T".

We were lucky to escape any tragedy other than the trees and clean up. The maple had one scraggly branch still attached that we left... and the name became the "spooky" tree. With no leaves or shade a few things did burn out of the space but the hostas continue to thrive, so much that I moved a dozen to the area posted above and those filled in and grew larger than the sunny siblings since this area gets some partial shade.

  Onto our Wednesday Wizard for this week. Only one had the magic answer and she popped it in later in the week. A tip of the hat goes to:
Crafty Gardener in Ontario, CA , she has a delightful site one that is dedicated to her crafty inspirations, wildlife, whimsy and other out-door decor. And her Crafty Gardener Blog .  Both are filled with her beautiful photography, ideas and help even with identification of plants and seeds! No wonder I was no match for her! But, I am far from being a well rounded gardener let alone have, like her, the status of Master Gardener. I muddle through just like most of us, and have tossed away I am sure many a wonderful plant at spring or fall cleaning thinking it was a weed! Truth be known some of my wildflowers are called weeds by many! It depends which side of the fence you are on (wink).

Some of my wonderful readers left comments about whether I should make a Wednesday Wizard button for our infallible wizards. And it seems that many of you like the idea! I will be working on that this week. While I work on that I leave you with a clue to wrestle with until next Wednesday.

This one is a perennial in my zone 4-5. It will self seed rather easily. It comes in many colors and most of mine are from wildflower seeds I planted.

Depending on where they are in my yard many are blooming now or starting. I found have found a few already going to seed. 

For more Wordless/Wordfull Wednesday please visit the home site noted in Mr. Linky box below or visit MomDot or Seven Clown Circus for more beautiful photos, as well as anyone who leaves a link name in Mr. Linky.

I look forward to your comments, guesses or anything more you would care to share!

  Until next time
 I wait with dirty hands


  1. I'm looking forward to finding out what these are. I love there way your garden is such a tangle but manages to look neat and well cared for ( I'm guessing you are the reason:) I just love the wild natural look which contains so many surprises. I'm looking forward to even more discoveries what appears to be a year round garden.

  2. I should think that the squirrels would give hours of entertainment. Fun!!! I envy you all those perennials!

  3. I would just like to say that I would love to move to a place that I can have squirrels roaming in my back yard.

  4. I love the tulips! I did roses today!

  5. you've got quite the green thumb!

  6. I always love seeing your yard. I have such a black thumb, but love seeing what others grow!

  7. Wow, that's in YOUR yard? Beautiful! I would have never guessed that was what the mystery plant was.

  8. WOW! You certainly have a green thumb!
    LOL, looks like our blog names have something in common - mice!!
    I'm now a new follower of your lovely blog. Would love to have you follow me back!!

    Have a nice day.

  9. You have a gift. Wanna come help me? Thanks for stoppin by.

  10. Hmmm. I'm at a loss for this one too. The tornado sounds terrifying. Living on the west coast we don't have those here. Scary stuff.

  11. Lovely yard and photos! I just love tulips.

  12. there's always something interesting to see in your garden.

  13. Good morning, thanks for the links to my sites. I'm honoured to be your Wednesday Wizard this week. We love watching the squirrels in the garden too ... such antics. What a shame about the tree toppling over in the tornado. Thank goodness no-one was injured.
    My guess for your mystery this week is columbine.

  14. I know my kids would be tickled to see squirrels scampering around... although Z would probably run off if one were to come too close to her! :)

  15. I love hostas. They come up year after year, get bigger and you can divide them...and they are pretty.

  16. What a gorgeous yard you have. So jealous! Happy WW. Drop by and link up!

  17. What a lovely place you have!

  18. I think this is a variety of oxalis or wood sorrel. It's considered a pest in many locales, but I've always considered it pretty.

  19. SO beautiful I can almost smell them from here

  20. They look great! I'm totally jealous!

  21. you have the MOST beautiful garden . . .and I have no clue as to what this week's mystery is!

  22. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Cheeseboy must be being sarcastic again. Squirrels are fun to watch in ANYONE ELSE's backyard.
    I am being kicked. I have an entire front yard of Hostas.
    I see them at every garage sale I go to. And still I got it wrong.
    I am blaming the cat distraction.

  23. @Dogsmom LOL!
    CheeseBoy is a funny one!
    Yea, I can understand about cats... they do like to hog your attention ;)
    If I didn't plant these I would be scratching my head too! I appreciate all the comments about how nice the yard looks :) but if you saw it as a whole... well... It is a good thing I like my yard natural looking, and being in the sticks I don't have to manicure it every 3 days! I can kill them sometimes too. Roses do not like me. But I so adore them!
    Faythe :)

  24. I love your gardens! I can never manage to guess what's growing, but I love finding out each week :)

  25. Oh my, I'm scared to death of tornadoes, how lucky for you that it only took the trees!

    I have this plant in my garden too, it's a Columbine, they are so pretty and dainty but my flowers don't last long enough!

  26. Well, you sure know your stuff don't ya! You go girl! I'll tell you I may not know much about that kind of thing, but I just found out I was right! I knew I smelled garlic in the air when I went towards the back of my yard. My BIL was over, and he works for a seed company, and he knows plants inside out. He came over & I told him what I smelled & he said of course wild garlic grows around here big time. Can ya believe that. I never knew there was such a thing!

  27. Anonymous8:30 AM

    so beautiful, you have a great gift!

  28. I'm gonna guess columbine, cause i think that is what my hubby planted out front for me.
    Thanks for dropping by my WW post. Have a great weekend.

  29. I never would have guessed the Hosta and I fear I'm stuck on this week's flower too. :)


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