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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a what?!

Holey moley Wizards!!
Did we have a great week! Lots of NEW and returning Wednesday Wizards to announce. Along with the answer to last weeks quiz! Some were still thinking plants... but gave some great guesses because of it! Last weeks clues do sort of look like the silk of a corn plant! You deserve extra credit for thinking outside the box for that!

We had "8" winners last week! A new record! I am so proud of my Wednesday Wizards! I finally figured out how to add the grab box to the Wednesday Wizard grab badge so be sure to grab it if you won this week or in a past week and proudly display it on your blog! To show off how knowledgeable you are in all things Cheesy or otherwise (giggles).
So without further ado I will name our Winning Wednesday Wizards and then show you what those fuzzy wuzzy things belonged too!

Now make sure to go and check out the winning competition, fellow wizards! They have some interesting things going on all the time too on their blogs as well. What would Wednesday be with-out fun and sharing some love, right!

  So who is itching to know what the answer was from last week? 

I mentioned that I was able to go up and visit my grandsons for the 4th of July weekend. We had so much fun, and they wore both of us out! And just before we went up, I was long over due for a hair cut... way long over due... We don't get to see the boys to often and when we do Memaw (or Grammy) seems to be a different color, so I am like Rainbow Memaw! LOL! Sammy took a while to cuddle up to us, as he only had just turned that magical age.. "2"! Hubby (Buppa) has had surgeries the last 2 years so we have been up to visit even less, so Sam really doesn't know us as well as Collin who is 4 and 1/2. Of course I had to "try" to get some pictures. Sammy is a lot more active than Collin. A lot more!
So here is the photo answers to the fuzzy wuzzys (hair) from last week...
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a fuzzy haired grandson!!

grandpa with grandsons photo image
click on photos to enlarge, ask to share or copy

I was able (with buppa's help) to corral them up together!
The big strawberry soft curls belong to Collin, and the fuzzy tight blackish curls belong to Sam! (and that would be buppa in the middle)

melon eating time photo image
melon eating Collin

What would the 4th be without a picnic?
Collin was loving some watermelon!

seesaw sam photo image
seesaw Sam

Sam was extra hard to snap! So here is one from after playing at one of the local parks that was a kiddie water pool and a big sand area with toys for climbing and digging. He is on the opposite end of a seesaw playing with mom, so this is a tight close up.

4 th of july roasting marshmallows photo image
smores around the campfire
click to make larger, ask to use

As dusk came around dad made a small fire and made smores and they had sparklers and a few small fireworks.
So there you have two of the mystery fuzzys...
Oh, I mentioned something about me needing a hair cut
  badly didn't I???
Okay, a warning, 
the next photos may be a be frightening for the weak of heart...

So just a word of warning,
  a before photo of the old gray mare,
other wise known as rainbow memaw...

smirking gray mare photo image
  I can really use a trim, LOL!

 and now after...
new hair style long hair perm photo image

Should I of saved this post for Halloween?

One last thing before I ask you to link up to Mr. Linky (below) if you play along , and to please leave a comment... as I ask you to leave your guess of this weeks clues...

clue photo image

have any idea what these/this is?
clue photo image

                  one more to make you scratch your head...

Okay Wizards, put on your pointy thinking caps!
Thank you so much for playing along each week, and I will do my best to get back to everyone who leaves a comment to comment in kind :) 


  1. Woohoo! I got it right last week. This week is tougher...I'm going to go with a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

  2. Oh my goodness, those curls are so awesome!

  3. Woo hoo! I feel so smart! ;)

    Hmmm -- this week's is tough. . . a moth chewing on a . . . GAH . . what is that plant's name? I can see it in my head. It has red stems and red berries. Chinaberry? Poke Plant?

    Sigh -- I don't know.

    (cute pics of your grandkids!)

  4. Tough one. A beetle of some kind? Love the new curls. Happy WW! Thanks for linkin up.

  5. Your curls are gorgeous! As the mother of a curly haired girl, I can totally appreciate them!

  6. I'm a wizard!! Woohoo!

    I'm with Marilyn on this week's answer. My first thought was a monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

  7. I don't think it is but a 17 year locust comes to mind one picture something just makes me think of a cicada the middle picture makes it looks like it has horns ewww...
    PS I think you look cute in your pictures I like your face :) it looks serene like you've bee there and come through...

  8. great shots of the kids. love their curls.

  9. I'm stumped... some kind of insect?

  10. They are having so much fun!
    Have a great day!

  11. Anonymous6:23 AM

    love the curls!

  12. My kids love watermelon. Especially my daughter. She'll make a meal out of watermelon.

  13. Loved the grandkid pictures. And the grandma pictures are just fine, too.

    What I see in this week's puzzle pictures is a cicada. I'm not sure what plant is involved.

  14. Anonymous7:50 AM

    For sure it is a bug. I want to say one of those nasty biting flies. Why would you want to take a picture, though.
    Hey- found a linky thing this morning for you to join, if you haven't. (so many names) http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/2010/07/garden-bloggers-bloom-day-july-2010.html
    Garden Blooms Day, not a weekly thing.

    Those kids are so cute - I would be visiting a lot more often.

  15. Looks like you had an amazingly fun week! Love the curls! :)

    WW: Hatching a Dinosaur Egg

  16. Love your hair it looks awesome!

    Oh, and Buppa - Awesome name Lol :)

  17. I got nothing. Love the pics of your grandkids!

  18. Look at you rocking those curls Faythe! So cute. As for the mystery of the week...is it a fly?

  19. Great pics! I love all your curls! I have no idea what those last pics are though.

  20. Great pics! Love the watermelon shot!

  21. Is that a bug??? You all have fun curls in common!

  22. love roasting marshmallows..so much darn fun! thanks for sharing

  23. These babies are so cute! And you my dear is just beautiful!

    I have no idea what that is there below...a wasp perhaps? no..not sure at all.

    And I'm a wizard! Wootradher. Thank you!

  24. This is a HUGE guess, but it looks like a caterpillar.

  25. Aww, cute grandbabies! Your hair looks perfect for the summer! Mine never holds a curl :( I have no idea what that pic is... hmmm... maybe some kind of moth or bee on hmmmm what is it/?? blackberries?? I don't know lol!

  26. Such cute grandbabies! and thats a very icky looking bug.

  27. Mmmmm Watermelon looks good, but roasted marshmallows I haven't had those in so long. I vote for the curls, very cute~!

  28. looks almost like a cicada

  29. Love your new photos!!!!!! You look AWESOME!

  30. I loved the story about your grandkids!! Definitely love the do too :O) How cool that I guessed right last week, I am definitely going to display the badge proudly!!!! My guess this week....I think it is a new butterfly....or some type of odd and creepy buggy!!

  31. Great pictures thanks for sharing!

  32. Horse Flies!

    I too love your curls, I am thinking about getting a perm before school starts because I love curly hair!

  33. I think you look great and I wish I had your curls, lol. I'd take it gray and all. :)

    As far as the pics go, they're really blurry to me, so my guess would be a butterfly maybe???

  34. did this gift card work on this website
    New Arrival


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