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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Those little nimble musicians of the air,

that warble forth their curious ditties, 
with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art. 
  ~Izaak Walton

Oh little red bird, pretty little red bird,
I so enjoyed your visit that short spring day.
You enjoyed a meal and flitted around in sunshine
to show off your pretty red feathered attire.
What a shame you did not stay.
I hope you come again another day.

We had no wizards this week, (sniff) my friends...
Sad, but true. Some were very close and many figured out the almost empty peel of an orange, but that was not the answer I was looking for, as I mentioned in my post. Many noticed little legs and quite a few speculated at quite a few birds that would of been most likely correct on another day.

Here was my handsome visitor that fine spring day...

A Scarlet Tanager!

He is a striking black-winged red bird, the Scarlet Tanager is a common species of the eastern forest interior. Despite its brilliant coloring it is often not seen because of its rather secretive behavior and its preference for the high tree tops. 

Females like most birds are not as fancy, olive green to yellow body, brightest on throat, rump and under the tail. Brownish olive wings and tail edged green. The males take on a similar appearance when molting in early spring and fall with the difference of added mixed red and olive green in body feathers.
The Scarlet Tanagers habitat is usually in deciduous and mixed deciduous/coniferous woodlands, especially mature forests is where they nest and breed. Occasionally in suburban areas with large trees. They select the tall tree tops for several reasons, a few being that they like to swoop down and snatch their prey, and a high nest leaves them less vulnerable from predators especially parasitic cowbirds .
( I hate them, we have plenty, if I can see into any nests I will remove the cowbird eggs)

Tanagers are considered foliage gleaners. Which simply means they capture insects by gleaning and grabbing them while hovering (hawk-like after flying insects.) Beating its prey against branch to kill it. 
Some of the food it prefers?
Insects and spiders, some earthworms, buds, and fruits. Some of those insects are my mortal enemies bees and wasps! Before eating a bee, the tanager removes the stinger by scrubbing it's butt on a branch. The tanager eats bee and wasp larvae too. It first catches the adult insects and then perches near the nest to tear it open and get the grubs. Since I am deathly allergic to stinging insects, I would almost pay to watch this feeding in action, a bit of revenge (with complete immunity, of course!) for me and all who suffer from nasty stinging buzzers. I excuse the honey bee on this list for they are most beneficial (just stay away from me, please!) and the big old bumble bees as they will normally leave you alone as long as you leave them be. Sorry, I am just a tad bit of the macabre on those bad stinging dudes. Now why this good looking fella didn't stick around when I obviously have an ample supply of this delicacy and tell his friends, I will never know (sighhhhh). 

In their wintering grounds in South America the Scarlet Tanager joins mixed species foraging flocks with flycatchers, woodcreepers, and resident tropical tanagers. Like most birds that migrate long distances, the Scarlet Tanager puts on large amounts of fat to fuel the long flight. Tanagers arriving in Panama had enough fat to fly an estimated additional 553 miles (890 km). I am surprised they can get lift off with all that extra cargo!

The Tanager will eat fruit if supplied at bird feeders. Which I suppose, explains why he decided to stop over at our feeding station! I did have the oranges and grapefruit out to catch the eyes of any passing Orioles. I put out little bowls of grape jelly in a feeder my uncle made just for the size of the small bowls. I also put out juice feeders ( 1 part sugar to 4 parts water and boil) for Orioles and Hummingbirds. You would be surprised who I find trying to feed on those juice feeders! I will share some of those pictures some day.

Did you learn anything new this week?
Were you surprised at what last weeks braintwister revealed?
I just hope you were stimulated enough to play again and return!
Let's go in a different direction for next weeks stumper, this one should be fun for the guys and kids as well. 
Get out your eyes and clean them off...

What could this be??? 
Leave your suspicions in the comment section below.
Mr. Linky is there as always for those that like to play along and leave a link to a post and visit other blogs and see the Wordless/Wordful/Watery/Wizard or what ever kind of Wednesday you like to play!

   Keep those brain cells working!
   Until next time ....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back, neck, knee and pain...

Ouch! Pain! I knew that was going to hurt today. Pain! I never should of weeded the whole front yard in one weekend. Pain! I don't remember my knee hurting this much last year after a few laps at the track? Ugghh! What is in the air today? My head is on full migraine alert and I can not turn my neck it is so sore. Pain! Sound familiar?

I have mentioned before that hubby and I both suffer from several back and neck problems. I also posted about hubby's knobby knee surgery earlier this year. It gets to be a royal pain in the (insert favorite body part here) being in chronic pain everyday. Some days are worse than others and by now we both have learned our own mind-techniques to forget ( ahem, try to block out) that we are in pain just so we can get the heck out of bed!

But then there are the days no mind game or diversion will let it go. Let me say right now, neither of us like to be in pain. I do not think anyone does, do you? With that being said, neither of us like taking a handful of pills every darn day either. Believe me it gets old, and with all the news reports out there with warnings out about this drug or that one, it can be darn right scary! I would rather be spending my time and little money on something more entertaining and enjoyable.

We have always been the type that likes a natural approach if possible. Hubby's family have been long time patients of Chiropractic, which is a non-invasive approach to many aliments, not just pain. We have taken vitamin supplements before they were the "cool" thing to do. We have an assortment (much bigger now a days) of lotions, ointments and potions to rub and massage in and on a sore back, stiff neck, knotted shoulders. I have not tried Acupuncture personally, but my daughter-in-law has and tells me it helps her pain and tension. So lets just say we are not afraid to try things that are just prescribed in a bottle and sold with a warning and high price tag. And surgery is always the last resort!

One of the reasons I started writing this blog is that besides sharing a joke, photos or story, I like to help others and share useful information. I do not claim to know everything! (I don't?) 
laughing jester gif
In fact with my head and fuzzy brain farts I may of forgotten more than I know! That is a whole different story.

I wanted to open up a line of communication if you will between you, my readers, and myself. So every once in awhile have a post where we can all dispense our own bits of advice on healthful and other topics.

Since my lower back has been nagging me some lately, I am going to throw this one out first to chew on... What sort of things that are not drug related do you do or take to help yourself or anyone close to you back or neck pain?

Some of the things that we have tried:
Ointments, lotions, ect. (can be stinky, burn eyes or skin)
Vitamins/supplements (have to trust where you buy them from and what they are made with)
TENS  {electrical nerve stimulation} (by prescription)
Ice/Heat packs (hard to keep on, small)
Physical Therapy

waiting in line

We keep a variety of things in our home arsenal... as what helps one day, may not help at all the next day. With large areas like the lower back or neck and shoulder regions, we like the ointments, ect. but hate most of the smells, mess and watch out if you rub your eyes after! Heat and Ice work well and can be used as often as need be, but most Ice/Heat packs you buy at the store seem too small to cover the larger areas, so putting on a couple can be clumsy and still useless. I did hear of a company, brought to my attention by my friend Candy, over at Serendipity Mom, called Moji, that covers larger areas. That is something I intend to try out and bring you more information on. It would be great not to have to lay still or fight with a couple of little packs several times a day.... we shall see.

Now I am going to see if I can coax hubby into a little back rub, so I can relax this burning knot I've had the last few days in my lower back...

   lower, hunny, lower....

So my question to you again is: What non-drug alternatives do you use at home to help with back, neck, knee, headache... heck, help with PAIN?

I  feel that it's important for you to know that I'm not a doctor, therapist or medical professional of any kind. I'm just a regular gal whose working life was cut short by a spinal injury. I live with back/neck pain 24 hrs a day 7 days a week (along with other health related problems), so many of the things I will speak of are from my own personal experiences. With that said, throughout this blog I may occasionally give my opinions (and/or complaints) on different back/neck pain and health related topics. They are my opinions and thoughts and are not meant to take the place of a trained professional.
***Please, As always please consult with your physician before beginning or changing any pain medications, treatments or exercise programs*** 

*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the benefit and enjoyment of my readers. The opinions and stories expressed are my own.

Photos from various web sources

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mmackk, mmackk, Quack!!

mallard quacking gif

or  What does a polite duck say 
 when you are stepping on their foot?
 Then they probably beak you!!

Okay, I know that was a horrible try at a joke to start the Wednesday Wizards winning posts,
and we do have Winning Wizards, even some new ones!!
So if you didn't figure it out from my photo clues last week, which I had turned this way and that, but never manipulated or from my rather stinky try at a humorous beginning ... it was a beautiful pair of Mallard ducks swimming along at Lake Harriet in Minnesota a few years ago. They are always so much fun to watch, especially when they are still doing the courtship dance.

Here is the photo the clue was cropped from...

click to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission

This photo was from a nice day visiting with our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. We often take walks or drives to many of the beautiful parks and lakes in the area. 

How about a little fun facts on our friend the Mallard before I announce this weeks Wednesday Wizards?

The Mallard, or Wild duck, is  probably the best-known and most recognizable of all ducks, is a dabbling duck ( known to graze upon the surface of the water and rarely dive) which breeds throughout the temperate and sub-tropical America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand , and Australia. 
The handsome male birds, (drake) have a bright green head, while the female's is light brown. The mallard lives in wetlands, eats mostly water plants, and is very sociable. It is also migratory. The mallard is the ancestor of all domestic ducks (except the Muscovy Duck), and has been known to interbreed with other species of ducks. This interbreeding is causing the rarer species of ducks to become genetically diminished.

The first Duck Stamp (1934-1935), a brush and ink drawing of Mallards by Jay N. "Ding" Darling, a famous cartoonist and noted conservationist sold for one dollar 
(635,001 stamps were sold)

The breeding male is unmistakable, with a bright green head, black rear end and a yellowish orange (can also contain some red) bill tipped with black (as opposed to the dark brown bill in females). The female mallard (hen) is light brown, like most female dabbling ducks. However, both the female and male mallards have distinct purple speculum feathers edged with white, prominent in flight or at rest (though temporarily shedded during the annual summer molt). During the non-breeding season plumage, the drake becomes drab, looking more like the female, but still can be recognized by its yellow bill and reddish breast.

mallard speculum photo
speculum photo from Wikipedia

Mallard pairs are generally monogamous. Mallard pairs form long before the spring breeding season. Pairing can start as early as in the fall, but courtship can be seen all winter in and out of the water with elaborate displays. Once the female lays eggs, she is left by the male, although there are a few instances where the male has stayed longer to help with the family. The clutch is 8–13 eggs, which are incubated for 27–28 days to hatching with 50–60 days to fledgling. The ducklings can swim and feed themselves on insects as soon as they hatch, although they stay near the mama for protection.

click to enlarge, do not copy without permission
 A mating pair that travels across a busy road daily to eat
at my aunts yard in central Wisconsin.
Must be deciding what to do between meals?
click to enlarge, do not copy without permission

Considered a noisy species, the male has a nasal call, 
the female has the "quack" typically associated with ducks.

and one not so nice fact... 

After they pair off with mating partners, often one or several drakes will end up "left out". This group will sometimes target an isolated female duck: chasing, pestering and pecking at her until she weakens (a phenomenon referred to by researchers as rape flight), at which point each male will take turns copulating with the female. Male mallards will also occasionally chase other males in the same way. A paired male has been know to join after leaving its female. These forced copulations are not preceded by wonderful mating displays as seen in a paired mate. 
Facts gathered from Wikipedia, Cornell.edu & other places

I guess the human race is not the only violent
  thing on the planet...


On to announcing out Winning Wednesday Wizards that correctly figured out the mystery photo from last week. Remember you are now entitled to grab the "I am a Wednesday Wizard" button and proudly display it anywhere on your blog, person or automobile...(grin)!
This weeks 14 Wizards! are (in no particular order)

  Please let me know if I have over looked anyone.
A big round of applause and a tip of the pointy
   Wizard Hat to you all!

I hope you take a moment and visit these interesting, fun and knowledgeable blogs, and see what they have to offer. 
  Mr. Linky will be below for anyone who wants to play along or leave a link to something fun to find, including links to Wordless/Wordful or Watery Wednesday.

orange clue

But first here are two little clues to mull over for next week...

orange clue

I dug deep into hubby's photo files to share these.
I did not manipulate them in any way,
sorry they are so small.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful answers next week. 

Remember to leave your guess in the comments below.
(it is not what looks like an orange peel)
 Mmuaakk, Quackk!

  Until next time,
   keep your brain active!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brett is Back! It's time for Football!

line of footballs

The football news came out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota today that after all the talks, texting and gossip chatter may of had some truth to it after all! 

First there were whispers that Brett Favre met up with three close friends on the Vikings team, defensive end Jared Allen, Kicker Ryan Longwell (another ex-Packer) and guard Steve Hutchinson in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The three flew back to Minnesota, with Favre

Next there is a tid-bit from Brett's brother, Jeff Favre, who told the Biloxi Sun Herald that there should be little wonder why the QB traveled to Minnesota with three Vikings teammates on Tuesday

According to Jeff Favre:
"I am pretty confident it is about to become a reality. Mom sent me a text from Brett that said he was on his way to Minnesota to play another year. I am happy for him.
"He had fun playing last year, and there's little question if he wants to play or can play. It's going to be another exciting year. The dream continues for all of us for another year.''

football line

Brett Favre spoke often that he wanted to play, but did his waffle dance that it depends on his recent ankle surgery. The Minnesota Vikings wanted an answer. So the Vikings fielded that question by sending a “recruiting’’ team to Hattiesburg, including Favre’s friends, Ryan Longwell and Jared Allen, to maybe speed up the process.

I understand there was some good long talks amongst the boys. Sharing respect for each other and that they as a team wanted him back, and Favre himself maybe needing to hear that, plus missing the action of playing with the boys. All I know is they all flew back together and Ryan Longwell played chauffeur back to Vikings team headquarters at Winter Park.

  photo from Vikings Fan forum 8-18-2010

The news that Favre was back in Minnesota came a few days after he was given the OK by Dr. James Andrews that his surgically repaired ankle was strong enough to endure another season.
 To me, this message reads ...
the Kid, although silver and gray speckled, 
a.k.a.  the Gunslinger  was back in the saddle!

 photo from Vikings Fan Forum 8-18-2010

Welcome back Brett! 
Best of luck !!
I can not wait to watch the smiling-leaping-little-boy-style 
of fun you bring to the game.

Are you ready for some Favre Football!! 

 photo Vikings Fan forum 8-18-2010

At one of Wednesday's news conference, Favre said this will be his final NFL season. Coach Brad Childress said he believes Favre when he says he's done after 2010. But this fan will believe Favre is playing until I see the day he is not suited up and walking on to the playing field. Then I shall deal with it.

One good omen for the Vikings in 2010: 
After practice, Favre ran slowly - 
   but without any limp Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How do you tell which way the wind is blowing?

By looking at what direction the flying bunny's nose is pointing!

Did you correctly guess last weeks mystery photo?

By my count only two Wednesday Wizards this week, 
 unless I missed someone.
Lots of great guesses again, including barbed wire, a caterpillar nest, a log, and a wind chime (very creative!). But everyone enjoyed the doe with her 2 fawns. Thank you for the compliments and guesses!

Here is the answer to the puzzle:

This top photo is the one the clue was cropped from, and placed on its side.
As you can see, it is a Rabbit Weather Vane!

click on photos to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission

 (definition from Wikipedia)
A weather vane is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. They are typically used as an architectural ornament on the highest point of a building.
Although partly functional, weather vanes are generally decorative, often featuring the traditional cockerel design with letters indicating the points of the compass. Other common motifs include ships, arrows and horses. Not all weather vanes have pointers.
The word 'vane' comes from the Anglo-Saxon word 'fane' meaning 'flag'.
To obtain an accurate reading, the wind vane must be located well above the ground and away from buildings, trees, and other objects which interfere with the true wind direction. Changing wind direction can be meaningful when coordinated with other apparent sky conditions, enabling the user to make simple short range forecasts. 

Taken on an early spring day. It was very dreary.
Wind was a bit still, 
but rabbit still flying high on top of his special place.

 A bit of history: The first recorded weathervane is often thought to be a bronze structure that was erected atop the Tower of the Winds in Athens in 48 B.C. by Greek astronomer Andronicus. This weathervane took the shape of the Greek god Triton, who has the body of a man and the tail of a fish, and was between four and eight feet long. The tower was octagonal, with a different wind god on each of the eight faces. With a change in wind direction, Triton indicated which deity would control the weather that day. If you were a wealthy landowner in Greece and pre-Christian Rome, weather vanes depicting the gods Boreas, Aeolus, Hermes and Mercury may of decorated your villas. (geezers, I missed out on having a big half-man half-fish dude to stand on my roof!)

click on photos to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission
Another view, the trees were just starting to bud out. 
Since it was so gray that day, 
I played with the images to make them more black and white.

One last bit of trivia: The term "weathervane" is also a slang word for a politician who has frequent changes of opinion. The National Assembly of Quebec has banned use of this slang term as a slur after its use by members of the legislature. To my Canadian friends, did you know this?

Let me announce my two  
Winning Wednesday Wizards 

  this week,
Lets give a tip of our pointy hats to ...          

Two wonderful ladies I am happy that play along every week.

Do you have a weather vane in your yard? 
What shape is it?

I hope I piqued your curiosity about some of the interesting things you can claim as yard art. I may test you again, so be on the lookout!
Now for this weeks perplexity...
A crop from a long distance view...

Leave your predictions in the comment section and I will be happy to visit your blog for some comment luv in return.  
Mr. Linky is here if you play along in any Wordful/Wordless/Watery, ect Wednesday  and...
I have decided to add this to Yard Art Thursdays over at Work of the Poet  after recommendation from Dogsmom and see if anyone new would care to play along. If this is against your rules Mary (at Work of a Poet) please let me know and I will remove it. 

 Until next time ...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DOE a deer a female deer...

  Some little fuzzy clues last week, but many smart Wizards could see through my twists and turns that the mystery photo last week was indeed Deer!
There were some in fact that guessed that it was a doe with a fawn!
Actually 2 fawns. We have a family that seems to visit us every year. Many generations, some at the same time! 

It has been so hot and sticky here and across the nation I thought some photos from a few winters ago may help in cooling us off... so here are the larger photos from the clues from last week, before I name the winning Wednesday Wizards who get to grab the badge this week!

Mom with the twins, looking out our bedroom window.

Who said squirrels were the only bird feeder raiders to worry about?
Yes, that is a squirrel proof feeder, but deer are smarter it seems, especially when the snow is really deep. One knocks a bunch out with its' tongue and everyone else enjoys. This is one of the butt pictures someone thought they saw last week.

Here is a yearling giving mom a kiss, how sweet.

Now, by my last count here are the 10 Winning Wednesday Wizards from last week, a few of them repeats!! I have such intelligent readers ( I am so proud!) I changed the badge to say "I am a Wednesday Wizard" if you want to change it for those that have won before. The new code is below the new badge. Please let me know if it is not working.  Pointy Hats off and a round of applause to:

Tips - Tricks - Origins

  Since so many of you mentioned that you had trouble with deer in your yards and gardens I thought I would give you a few tidbits of information on them. First off I have whitetail deer that visit my yard here in Wisconsin. The males (bucks) will spar over who gets to be the big daddy and get the dates with all the ladies, so the bigger and stronger usually wins here and passes his gene pool and has his harem for the short fertile season.

The rest of the year the males are pretty friendly and stay together, while the females tend to the young they had just given birth to before "rut" season and teach them the way of the woods so that hopefully they know enough when she kicks them out come the following rut season to take care of themselves. Some females will even stay together in family packs after mating season is over. As we have noticed in our yard.

Whitetail deer eat large varieties of food, commonly eating legumes and foraging on other plants, including shoots, leaves, cactus, and grasses. They also eat acorns, fruit, corn and birdseed (as seen in the photo above). Their special stomach allows them to eat some things that humans cannot, such as mushrooms that are poisonous to humans and Red Sumac. Their diet varies in the seasons according to availability of food sources. They will also eat hay and other food that they can find in any farm field. Whitetail deer have been known to opportunistically feed on nestling songbirds, and well as field mice. Since they have such a varied diet they can be considered a nuisance to some, as they will eat everything in your yard and garden!

Some help with deterring deer
  The scent of humans is repulsive to wild animals, or scary as natural enemies, and marking your territory with your scent is a natural deterrent. It may be a bit unorthodox to have your husband use the garden as a toilet (ahem, if no one sees mine he is only too happy to oblige, wink), but you can accomplish the same thing by soaking rags in a bucket, and then ringing your garden with the rags (using plastic gloves of course) and bury them at the outside rim of your garden with some mulch. You can also use old pantyhose, socks or you can buy small drawstring bags made of a loosely woven material (from a local garden supply store) and fill them with Milorganite (its a grass fertilizer with an odor that repels deer and other things). I hang these on the bushes and shrubs the deer love to munch! It is made at the sewage plants in Milwaukee, WI. so you can probably guess the main ingredient... (peeuuu)

Here's just a few other to try: 1) Human hair clippings from your local beauty shop sprinkled around the plants. 2) blood meal. 3) Moth ball flakes sprinkled all around. 4. a strong smelling bar soap like Irish spring, either in shavings or hang the bars. These seem to work, but eventually if left any of the treatments lapse or forget to reapply after a rain and the deer come and feast. 

Here is a home made recipe to try for deer, rabbits, raccoons, ect:

Homemade Deer Spray

1 gallon of water

1 cup of milk (opt)
1 egg (beaten)
1 Tsp vegetable oil
1 or 2 cloves of garlic (I wonder if powdered would be as good?)

1 Tsp dish soap

I have a giant container of chili powder that is getting old that I am going to try adding to the mix next time. In other words, feel free to get creative. 

DIRECTIONS: Put the milk, egg, oil and garlic in a blender and really blend well pour through cheesecloth or a fine-screened strainer ( I often use coffee filters) into a 1 gallon sprayer or a gallon milk jug and add the water. If you don't blend well and strain the mix you run the risk of egg blobs or garlic bits clogging your sprayer. Add the dish soap (try to use an organic or at least an uncomplicated, mild soap like the original Ivory and SWIRL rather than shake to mix. You don't want lots of suds. If you have a small sprayer or don't need the whole gallon use a milk jug to mix. Then you can save the well-labeled remainder in the fridge for a week or two.  (Moms, this milk tastes BAD!) Try not to spray at high noon in full sun, cloudy days are ideal. 
And whenever you do it, spray down-wind... this stuff is stinky!

Whichever way you go, I strongly urge you to get a 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayer. They are relatively inexpensive and will stop you from getting cramped-up hands . I got my 1-gallon for $16. You can find them for less.
You want to start off early in the season as soon as new growth starts and reapply as new growth appears. Continue throughout the season every few of weeks or so especially after rain (or as directed on commercial spray). 

Some commercial products that also work are Deer-Off and Hot Pepper Spray, both seem to have some of the ingredients in them of the home made with something added for a more waxy for longer lasting coating than the vegetable oil.

But when the deer and other critters are really hungry or during a hard winter, they will try to eat through anything... So I just figure some plantings (and bird seed) may have to go to them for the enjoyment of watching them close up, cheap price for the entertainment.

Mr. Linky will be below for those that play along with any or all the Wordless/wordfull Wednesdays. As always, I appreciate your comments and if you leave me one I will do my best to return to your blog to leave one in kind. And do not forget to take a guess at the mystery clue, which is posted below... one extra clue: it is considered yard art. For the answer I want what shape it is, followed by is it something you would find standing on the ground, hanging from something or standing on top of something, or totally something else? But most of all... Have fun!!

Here is your only clue this week...

  Until next time ...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Elvis for Governor! The King lives!

The King is running for governor of Arkansas.
He may be dead, or he may not...
Elvis may of left the building, but only after filing the papers at the state of Arkansas, Little Rock office for write in candidate
Yes, Elvis Presley. Elvis D. Presley, Not Elvis A. so you are not totally confused.

It turns out that Elvis D. is not "the" Elvis, but an Elvis impersonator from Star City, Arkansas, who has somehow found the time to run for governor (at least in one county so far) he still has to file in all 75 counties before the vote. 
This Elvis also works in auto paint and bodywork. Elvis D. Presley, according to one source, says he will tell voters how he got his name if they really want to know.

Elvis is running on a campaign platform to, “supply the people with a broader array of employment and newer chain of state government.”  If that makes sense to you, then you’ve got your man to vote for!

State officials say they've checked and Elvis D. Presley apparently is the name on his voter registration.

Presley says people won't confuse him and that other Elvis. He says there was only one Elvis Aaron Presley, while he is Elvis D. Presley.
Is that clear enough for ya?

Well, one good thing that could come out of Elvis winning the governorship, is that if Arkansas needs money he could start selling hair and nail clippings to help offset any shortages! So, that's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go!!....

Don't be cruel ....