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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Red, red, as the fire engine says...

Down the Street the Fire Engine goes -
The Firemen fight the fire!
Up the fire trucks ladder with their hose -
Out goes the fire!

A simple sing-song taught to children to teach them fire safety, along with that important one
  Stop, Drop and Roll!

There is many online sources and from your local fire departments and schools as well to help you teach your youngsters how to stay safe if they ever encounter a fire and what NOT to do as well. Let's also take a moment to thank all the firemen and women that bravely help protect us and our homes when ever the need arrives. Just one of the many brave working people we meet every day, stop and thank them for all they do.

  So if you have not guessed it, my teaser from last week was a Fire Truck! We had 13 winning Wednesday Wizards by my last count, and lots of new ones and many of them first time visitors! ((Yippee! new visitors!!)) 

Welcome and congratulations! I will list the Wizards below. But just to refresh your memories and for the new comers all new Winning Wednesday Wizards are entitled to claim the coveted I am a Wednesday Wizard badge over in the left side bar (with code) to post on your blog, home stationary or vehicles (giggles)!
Wherever you wish to flaunt that you have awesome brain powers so full of useless.. err use-full and matchless knowledge that it is surprising to all that know you that your head has not exploded from the sheer volume of it all!!! (ahem...)

The Fire Truck the clue was cropped from:

Cambridge, WI Fire truck #17
named for home town boy- NASCAR and Winston Cup Champion
Matt Kenseth, driver for Roush Racing
please ask permission to copy photos

These were taken when we attended one of the Matt Kenseth Fan Club events since we are members. We do not live far from Cambridge, another small WI town. Hubby has been a NASCAR fan for a long time and finding a Cup and Nationwide racer in our back yard was exciting!

Kenseth and hubby
please ask for permission to copy photos
click to enlarge

Matt is just a year older than one of own sons and reminds us of him in many way. He is polite, kind of quiet, uses his car to do the talking and doesn't push others around. A very likable guy. The Kenseth family that we have met, all seem very down to earth as well. You feel like part of the family around them :)

Table with some of the many door prizes from that years picnic.

This fellow above always donates his time and talents to decorate some special cakes that get raffled off for charity at any of the events we have been at. Please excuse my scattered brain, but I do not remember his name, I just remember he is a fan from another state who comes on his own dime to the events and offers to this for charity. They look yummy, but we have never been lucky enough to win one. We always have a great time when either watching Matt Kenseth race or attending one of his live events or just visiting his fan club whenever we are in the area.

Okay on the the winning 13 this week! 
Click on over to their sites and check out what they like to write about or share with their readers, you may be missing out on another fun, new favorite blog!
winning wizards image

The Winning Wizards in no particular order this week are :

Laura from Dogsmom
Sukhmandir Kaur of A Guide to Sikhism
Marilyn from A Lot of Loves
Alison from Being Alison/Me
Cats from Wildcat Woods
Evan's Mom of A Little boys Blog
Carletta of Round the Bend
Henrietta of A Hen's Nest

Now on to next weeks "tip off" ...
before you leave me your sneaking suspicions on what it could be, Mr. Linky will below for all those who play in the different Wednesday games and since I am showing so much Red this week I am also posting and participating in Rednesday over at It's A Very Cherry World  where you will find all kinds of neat things in red for today and other things with a Linky as well.

Here is the close up for this weeks clue...

red clue
click to enlarge photos,
please ask to copy

I look forward to your comments and guesses. 
If you leave me a way, I will be happy to repay with a reply in kind :)

 Until next time ...


  1. I like being on the winning list. :)

    This week is definitely part of the center and the petals of a flower. I'm going to say a rose and maybe a Moss Rose.

  2. Rhod (not the island)
    AZ (not the state)
    Hi (not the tropical state)

    hehe all come to mind
    so I'll begon :)
    Ok I give

  3. Anonymous4:50 AM

    flower petals. Love the red fire engine!

  4. A fireman is a very hard job! Great post!

  5. My boys LOVE firemen and their trucks!

  6. How exciting is that? Looks like fun!!

  7. I think it's a rose. The center looks like the center of a fully bloomed rose.

  8. Anonymous8:03 AM

    You were partying with the Kenseths? How cool!
    Happy Rednesday! I hope I see you at the Barnyard Bash Friday as well.

    I also know it is the center of a flower... oh my memory! I can't even recall the name of the "organs" that give off pollen, starts with an S I think... I am not a coffee drinker or I could blame lack of caffeine!
    I could steal an answer from Sukh who always seems to be right.

  9. It looks like a flower, but I don't know what kind.

  10. Love the fire engine - and your site!

    Happy Rednesday!

    Lola & Nora:)
    btw Vacation Over? Great Memories to share?!

  11. Oh how fun!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  12. WooHoo! I'm a Wizard! :) But I'm stumped on what kind of flower this week's hint is...so I'll have to bow to the other Wizard greats. ;)

    Looks like y'all had so much fun!

    WW: Doggy Camp

  13. Well this is fun! I'm going to say that it's flower petals (peony)?

  14. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Love how close up you got to the stamen and pollen!

  15. My guess is rose. :)

  16. Love the fire truck! As for this week, it's a flower, not sure what kind, but it looks like a peony to me :)

  17. Love the fire truck! What a fun time you had!
    I have no idea what type of flower that is, I am awful LOL

  18. I'm going to go with a carnation. It's been 15+years since I worked in a greenhouse so my memory is poor!

  19. Definitely a flower, but I have no idea what kind lol. Love the bobble head!

  20. Our son will love these fire trucks.
    It is so neat to find another NASCAR fan in blogland. We aren't big Kenseth fans but we will stay in the ford family as we cheer for our MO boy Carl Edwards.
    Thanks for linking up this week and have a blessed day!

  21. Love the red theme. A pansy? Happy WW!

  22. DANG! I'm always a day late, and a dollar short! I gonna have to grab your button here, so I can remember about your little guessing game here, but this one I can't because unfortunately I don't know the names of flowers just the main ones like roses and tulips ~hehe~ that's my limit. I know it's some kind of flower, and another flower on the side, possibly two different kinds. Happy WW

  23. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I can't guess, too sleepy right now! But pretty for sure! Just wanted to say hi!

  24. A Wizard!? That rocks my socks. Thank you so much. I'm not so great with flowers. I would have to Google this one. lol - It's really pretty though.

  25. Matt is this country's true hero.

    I have never heard that child's tune before. Where have I been?

  26. Being a winner is fun! :)

    This week's mystery is So pretty! I "think" it's a peony but not 100% sure! Can't wait to see if I"m right! Happy Weekend Faythe!

  27. I'm so excited to receive my first badge and proudly display in on the right side of my blog under "SPECIAL Events."
    It looks like your hubby had a wonderful time at the Nascar event and what a great thing to auction off cakes... oh I would SO want to win!
    As for this weeks flower, I'm not too good at the names of them, but I think it looks like an Azalea. Whatever it is, the color is awesome.

  28. Have not moved from the TV since 3 when the pregame came on....pacing,looking for a Xanax, a good cup of coffee....will move to wine later....nervous, and few other emotions....

  29. A flower - but not sure which. LOL!

  30. The firetruck was pretty easy - I would not have gotten the peony. Great post - learned a lot about this lovely flower!


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