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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Broken boney fingers high on a dead tree, I perch

eyes keen, olfactory sharp
we wait and watch...

Chills... well it is very windy here in the mid-west, 
maybe you heard of the severe weather blowing through?
I hope you had a great week. We had 7 Wednesday Wizards last week!
Lots of wonderful guesses, too. I am happy you are really putting your imaginations to work! As you never know when I will throw in a knuckle-cruncher!

Here is the photo the clue was cropped from:

They were flying all over that day and here it looks like two almost crash landed together, as that is all that showed up after Hubby clicked his camera, lots of wings and really no heads, unless you can find the one hidden by the dead branches they seem to love to sit in.

Did you figure it out? 

...Grotesque scavengers
 tho we prefer the title Nature's road-kill collectors...

Please don't call us buzzards or hawks (tho it does sound nicer) we are not birds of prey, but wait until scent of the recently dead slowly arise to the sky.
Then we dive down and tear with our sharp hooked ivory beaks while it is held down with our rather weak feet on the ground.
What are we?

I am a handsome Turkey Vulture! 
A Turkey Vulture is awkward on the ground with an ungainly, hopping walk. It requires a great deal of effort to take flight, flapping its wings while pushing off the ground and hopping with its feet. Maybe you have seen this in real life, or as it is comically portrayed in cartoons? He has webbing between his two outside toes, which makes his feet to weak to carry away any treasure he finds.
Turkey Vultures are very efficient fliers, using thermal updrafts to gain elevation and soaring for long distances. While soaring, they can hold its wings in a shallow V-shape and often tips from side to side, frequently causing the gray flight feathers to appear silvery as they catch the light.

 I was playing with photo effects this week, trying to make them look eerie
any helpful tips to do it better? 

The Turkey Vulture is gregarious and roosts in large community groups, breaking away to forage alone during daylight hours. Groups as large as several hundred vultures have been observed to roost together. They roost on dead, leafless trees; they nests in hollow trees, thickets or even caves. In the instance of caves, it does not enter them except during the breeding season. They generally raise two chicks a year. Although turkey vultures have very few natural predators they are known for their defense mechanism of regurgitating semi-digested meat--which deters most predators due to its putrid smell, that can also sting. (my eyes are burning at the thought of it!) His nostrils are not divided by a septum, but rather are perforated! from the side one can see through the beak, I wonder if that helps his avoid that wretched smell?

                               turkey vulture photo credit Wikipedia

So who are our perspicacious  
  Wednesday Wizards this week?

  Last minute Fun facts:

  • Because turkey vultures are major consumer of carrion, they play an important role in biodegradation.
  • Unlike most birds, they have excellent eyesight and highly developed sense of smell.
  • The Turkey Vulture is gentle and non-aggressive.
  • A group of vultures is called a "Venue".
  • Vulture poop is actually a sanitizer!  Their uric acid is so strong (because of the nature of their diets) that it kills bacteria.
  • Vultures circling in the air are a "Kettle".
For more Turkey Vulture fun info go to Turkey Vulture Facts.

One last request before I reveal next weeks inkling...
Mr. Linky is below for all who like to play along and visit the other fun Wednesday memes. I so appreciate your comments and guesses. I will return all comment love in kind if you leave me a way to find you.

Now for our haunting innuendo of the week :

Witching you all a Happy Halloween !!

 until next time,
keep your eyes aware
and your mind open...


  1. This is perfect. I have been thinking of doing a lesson for my first graders on an unusual animal. Turkey Vulture fits the bill.

  2. Eek! I think I guessed turkey buzzards and crows last week. :( Oh well...
    The only question I have is: why do you have a purple plastic lei on your sweet furry cat?

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  3. I must be losing it, I saw those feathered fingers which are usually a 'dead' giveaway when they are flying high.
    This weeks looks like a kitty wearing Christmas trimmings. Happy WW

  4. Yay! I got it!

    My guess for this week is an orange tabby wearing a boa. All gussied up.

  5. i thought turkeys looked scary enough...and now turkey vultures look way worse...yikes!!

    ps. the pic looks like a cat with a garland on :p

  6. My guess.. cat with purple christmas tree trimings?

  7. I think it's a kitty with garland or Halloween decorations. For some reason I think s/he might be wearing a little hat too. Oh, is that just me who does that to my cat? ;-) Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog.

  8. Great post on the Turkey Vultures, sorry I missed that one I would have guessed it right away. This weeks guess does look like a cat with some kind of necklace like a plastic lei.

  9. Those turkey vultures have quite the view of potential meals from up in that tree!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  10. Oh Man! Now I want to go back in your archives to see what I posted. I swore it was Turkey Vultures but I bet I said Hawk.

    Too much fun!

    This week is a cat wearing a lai...now I can't wait to see the big reveal.


  11. Anonymous5:20 AM

    what a wonderful post. Turkey vultures...I honestly had never heard of them.

  12. Anonymous6:08 AM

    A festive cat!

  13. Oh dear, it the Season for the turkey vultures.

  14. Those look so cool - great shots!

  15. I read that over 10% of us dress our pets for Halloween, so you have a lot of company. I just want to see the rest of the outfit! My WW is a Halloween pic that's more conventional but still very cute!

  16. I am thinking that is a cat wearing a bowa, maybe dressed like a witch. I thought I was already following you, but I wasn't. I solved that though, I am now following you.

  17. Hmmmmm...a kitty cat for sure...with maybe a toy spider leg drapped around him?

  18. These things creep me out, well all birds really...did you ever see the photo I took of one? I was so afraid because I had to get out of the car and walk close to it...ewwwww

  19. Those are some great shots! I guess a dog or cat with a lei wrapped around it's neck.

  20. I'm guessing a cat with a piece of purple garland around it's neck?

  21. Ick! LOL turkey vultures sure are funky looking...

  22. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but they are ugly birds...lol

  23. creepy indeed - just in time for Halloween

  24. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Cool pics! I am your newest follower from the Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope you can stop by sometime and follow back:)

    Big Foot Tribe

  25. That is a gourgeous kitty with a lei

  26. I've never heard about this bird. Fun post!

  27. I loved the Vulture info! My hubby calls them turkey buzzards.

    My guess is a kitty wearing a lei. :-) Where's the grass skirt???

  28. I'm going to say kitty with a necklace. My cat wouldn't allow it, but I'm still going to guess that. :)

  29. Those guys look creepy!

    I think the picture is of a kitty cat wearing a bow! :)

  30. Those are some pretty cool facts - wow! Love the photos too.

  31. Turkey vultures are strange looking creatures! I think the kitty is wearing a lei (sp).

  32. Methinks your cat is either ready for trick or treating... or a Hawaiian vacation! Can't blame him or her on that second one!

  33. Hey, thanks for stopping by WW. Had to get some cleaning done and procrastinated on my post...lol!

  34. I TOTALLY enjoyed this post!!! I'm guessing it's an orange kittie with some thingy on her neck.

    Have a wonderful day!

  35. you always have the best ww ha ha and as ugly as those birds are they are still cool

  36. Artful and creative. Your words are perfect down to descriptors.

  37. Hi Grammymousetails, thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog. I turned 50 last month so it won't be long & I will have to watch out for any kettles circling overhead...

  38. Love all the turkey vulture trivia. We actually had one on the street in our busy residential neighborhood a few years ago and I didn't have a camera handy to capture it! Your new photo looks like a plastic lei on a kitty cat to me.

  39. Turkey Vulture, of course! Why didn't I think of that?! We have lots of those guys around here and when they hit the wind current just right, their wing-span is incredible to see!

  40. Looks like a lei on a cat this week.

  41. Happy Halloween! I've never learned so much about Turkey Vultures! :-)

  42. We learned lots on vultures today! We think the clue is a purple lei on an orange cat. I have your badge but haven't gotten to putting it on my blog - this week I hope!


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