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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Harry Potter and the crazy three heads.

Well that wacky haired Harry Potter didn't fool too many Wizards last week!
I actually had to do some research my self on my own conundrum as I was not really sure of Harry's' parentage. Before I list and link up to our winning Wednesday Wizards this week, a brief story about Harry.

Harry was a lost or evicted rooster who ended up in the neighborhood of a cousin of a neighbors. The cousin liked Harry. He seemed a friendly enough fellow. But the cousin lived in the city and Harry was LOUD! He would sing all day long. The neighbors did not like Harry's singing, or his visits to their yards. So he had to go.
The neighbor happened to be visiting his cousin when he was trying to find someone who "needed" a loud singer such as Harry... this neighbor decided my next door neighbor needed such a thing. After all she already had a boisterous beagle and a princess goat who thought she should live in the house, why not add add Harry to her menagerie. So he just brings him on over. She loves his goofy looks, how his hair seems to part to one side( sort of like Elvis). He seems to get along fine with the beagle and the goat that doesn't know she is a goat. She thought Harry Potter was the perfect name for his looks, too!
 So he stays. She puts him in her little chicken/play house she had from animals before... Harry does not like it, he does not want to be confined. So the next night she tried the garage, another NO! By now he is showing off his sing skills. So she just lets him roam... well, after a day or so, he decides he likes OUR yard much better, especially the nice big pine tree on the corner of the deck in the front of the house! She comes at least 2 nights and brings him home, she can easily carry him home. But he just returns back to our tree. Sigh... I am guessing she is feeding him, as I am not, though he does enjoy the wild bird seed I put out. He likes to follow you around. He seems friendly... at first. The only other neighbor I have decides they would like to try chickens again. So they go and get a hen and a turkey hen... just to follow the Mrs. around while she gardens. Everything over there seems fine, until Harry discovers there are females over there!! The turkey is very shy. The hen could care less and just goes about her pecking and looking for bugs ( I think she is too young for any hanky-panky)

           This is the photo the clue was cropped from that many 
of you said looked up-side down. It was !

Harry would visit as often as he could. He really did not like poor turkey-girl, and would chase her or try to mount her, and scare her to death! Harry's personality started to change. He never went "home" at all, though he still loved to roost in our tree, to the non-delight of our cock-a-doodle mornings!! He would still visit with us and follow us around the yard, especially when digging in the yard. Then he started to jump on me! Like he wanted to perch on my arm, at first. Did his cock-a-doodle brain think he was part parakeet? Then, I could not turn my back on him, as he would jump on it and scratch me, sometimes very deep. I was not happy about Harry! Luckily Harry started spending more time with the ladies. I am sure it was because they were getting older. He just invited himself to dinner everyday, whether he was wanted or not. If he behaved the Mr. of the house did not mind. 

Here you can see Harry's side part. 
He is giving Henny Penny the "look" as if to say 
"Hey, Chickie, hows about you and me..."

Then winter came. Harry was being disagreeable, even though the Mr. kindly let him stay with the ladies. Then one day Harry got a nasty look in his eyes, and when the Mr. turned around Harry attacked the Mr. legs! It happened to be a warmer day and the Mr. was wearing shorts... lets just say his legs did not win the battle with Harry's wand!
The scary 3 headed Harry!!

Harry was sent packing! (scooted out of the coop forever) He did not return to my place or to his 1st re-home that he never cared for. So maybe he found the farm up behind us more accommodating... it would be a nice ending to the story for Harry. We shall never know. And that was the end of the crazy three headed Harry! Or is it?

 Is his spirit living on??? 
I thought I spied him the other day, or was it a shadow...

Now since so many of you guessed chicken or fancy chicken and some added rooster and names of breeds... I have decided that if you guessed in the poultry family you may grab the Wizard badge ( I am such a hard judge to please!) I was looking for rooster. We had 7 Wizards!
But the real Wednesday Wizard this week who added Appenzellar or Polish Rooster is the correct answer according to my research (since Harry had been found and re-homed, we really have no way of knowing, he may be a blend of both) He likes to roost in trees like an Appenzellar but was (at first) more docile and friendly like a Polish. I am hoping that my chicken people out there will put in the comments if they believe this is correct.The Top Wizard is listed first, as had those two names in the comment and the next Wizards had the next closets answers follow.

Oh My Horrors! Harry's ghost must of pecked my brain!! I forgot to name the Top Wizard!!! Our Wizard extraordinaire who mentioned Appenzellar and Polish breeds is : ( I now go and hide my head, until I find an exorcist to bring some cells back into it, sorry Virginia)

Virginia of Lady V dZine ! 

Stop over and congratulate these Wizards and see what delites they have waiting over at their place! Mr. Linky is below for all who play along with all the weekly memes. Be sure to link up and visit a few! you may find a new favorite blog! I look forward as always to your guesswork on the mystery found below for next week. I am happy to reply to all comments left, so make sure I can find you !
Here are this weeks mind-teasers ...

 Yes, these are all the same plant.

Remember to Open your Mind
and have fun.                                           

Until next time....


  1. I have no idea what this week's photos are of so I'm not even going to bother taking a guess, but I love 3-headed Harry!
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  2. I've no idea either! Nice nonetheless!

    Happy WW!

  3. Yah for guessing half right! This week I'm totally stumped! My guess is hops. Happy WW!

  4. Our polish chickens were all black, and if I remember correctly hens. Roosters can get very aggressive and protective. I saved a baby barred rock roosters life when he was a chick and hand fed him for a week. He attacked me as an adult and left a scar which lasted over a year.

    Well the only thing which comes to mind this week is hops and I can't tell because I don't see that they have the long vines. I'm mostly familiar with local plants so am anxious to see what this will turn out to be.

  5. I'm not sure what it is but I can't wait to find out next week!

  6. i've no idea what it is. Happy WW!

  7. Maybe Harry Potter ended up in the pot and I bet he tasted delcious...

  8. It's a plant. Don't ask me what kind.

  9. Anonymous7:16 AM

    If I knew you would have been happy with just Rooster! I was going to be smart and give you a breed but then computer acted up and I never got back. Guess I will have to know in my own mind I was right.
    Back to the plants - I see berries I think. But it does not look like an evergreen, so can I just guess winter berry plant?

  10. I've never seen a plant that looks quite like this one. I'll be waiting to see what it is!

  11. Kind of reminds me of my roase bush when it has dried up flowers...at least the last one does.

    I have no clue :)

  12. That is so crazy! I can't believe that I got it right again! I even told you last week that you had stumped me and I just took a wild guess. As for this week's pix...I have no clue but I'm going to say artichoke plant??

  13. I have no idea.... can't wait to find out next week though.

  14. Love your photos and captions, especially the raggedy-torn borders. How do you do that? Definitely hops!

  15. LOL Never would have gotten that. He is beautiful, but I hate roosters!

  16. a plant... beyond that, I have no idea :)

  17. I really want chickens to free-range in my backyard!

  18. I have no idea what it is... Thanks for linking up. Have a great rest of the week.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  19. That's gotta be hops. Do you make homemade beer? Anyway, you are cracking me up with your Harry comments! Thanks for listing me as a Top Wizard! (BTW, I would have guessed artichokes, but the leaves were ALL WRONG!)

  20. My three year old wants to know, "what does he do with his three heads?"

    Happy WW and thanks for the linky!!

  21. These posts are so much fun. And poor Harry, he always seems to get the worst of things in your stories.

  22. Thanks for stopping by. It's really late, and I wanted to at least stop by, and say thank you. I'll talk to you soon! HUGS, Dolly

  23. that´s cool. But I a mnot that wordfull. :) Or I could have joind in. Like your pics though.

  24. Oh, Harry. What a great story!!!

  25. Hmm... not quite sure what it is... I'm going to add you to my wordless wed. link list though :) Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic rest of the week!

  26. Wow, that's awesome, thnx so much! Especially since you usually completely stump me lol! Love the Harry story, & I agree, I like the ending you've imagined for him!


  27. "Oh that was SUCH fun"! LOVE the story and what a beautiful rooster!!! Hugs to you,

  28. I love the Rooster pics since I just posted about my Big Red. I do have to say that this week you have me completely stumped! Guess I have to come back next Wed. to find out what it is.

  29. Hi there, and thanks for visiting my Barn Chicks party! I have put your link on my sidebar for you... I love to hear a rooster crowing at the crack of dawn... if Harry returns, let me know, I will give him a home!... xoxo Julie Marie

  30. I'm...stumped. I'm going to have to take a look again later. Sometimes it just hits me.

  31. wow- love your chickens and roosters! thay are so unusual and cool! love Harry!


  32. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Welcome to the Barn Chicks!

  33. Hi Faythe, I just discovered the comments you left on my blog that were in my spam filter for some reason. Nice stoey. I wonder if Harry will ever return again

  34. Faythe, how are you?

    Love the pictures of the chickens and roosters, but have no idea what the last couple of photos are.

    Hope you are ok.


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