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Friday, November 19, 2010

50 years ago...


50 years ago on November 19, a special couple met before family, friends and God to pledge their hearts to one another. 
They are a special couple to me.
That was my Aunt Mike and Uncle Herb. 
They were a big part of my much younger years growing up, and have no idea how much their influence and care helped mold me and meant to me. There is no way I can thank them enough for their love and family stability over the years. So I guess they only thing I can do is embarrass them with a photo and a loving Congratulations!
I had a cute photo I found from their wedding day of them cutting the cake, but I somehow misplaced it! (darn it!)


I know my aunt especially will be horrified to know she is posted on the internet for the world to see. But I think she is a beautiful woman who has a very kind heart and opened her home to many. She loves children and babysat for many years. My uncle was also just as kind, and worked odd shifts, so there were plenty of times I wondered how the heck he ever got any sleep with all the kids that were running in and out and around his house, while he was trying to catch some sleep before work. He loves to golf and do woodwork. So now his retired days are filled with many things, along with the two of them riding their bikes around the neighborhood when weather is pleasant. They also love to tend to their flower gardens around the yard, I think I received my love of gardening from them and my Grandmother. My two cousins still live close to their home, so they get to visit them often. The grandchildren are now all off on their own, and that generation is changing the face of the "home town feeling" for them.

My mom moved with me away from there when I had just gotten out of kindergarten. I spent my summers up with my aunt and uncle with frequent visits to my grandparents as well.
That "home" town has changed a lot over the years since I was born. Many new business started and many old and new have gone, including big companies that were the long time employers of the mid-Wisconsin area. Much like many other areas. Small town America has changed. My old home town, still has some of the "feel" but also the scars that is seen across our country. My cousins have felt the job opportunities change and dry up. Their children, with the youngest who will just be graduating college, have been looking for work in bigger metropolitan areas.

My Aunt and Uncle wanted no party or fancy dinner, since everyone worked different weekends and they thought it would be too hard for her grandchildren to get off of work. A growing thing, that I had already dealt with, when my boys were still little and my hubby had to work weekends and holidays. He missed out on a lot of gatherings. They are just "feeling it" with immediate family members. 

50 years is a big milestone. One to be recognized in some way. It is not seen to often these days. Especially with health and job losses that put stress on couples, among other things. Many do not try hard enough to stay together. I hope my hubby and I make it to this milestone! Do you know any one that made it to 50 or beyond?


So once again I send sincere and Happy 50th Anniversary Wishes to a super couple that are extra special to me. 
I hope you get to enjoy many, many more!
With all my love and hugs ~


  1. Nice pic! But I can't read the text; too dark on dark :-(

  2. Happy Anniversary to them, they look like a wonderful couple and 50 years is terrific!

  3. Very sweet. I hope they have a great anniversary that they deserve.

  4. What a cute story! Adam's grandparents just celebrated their 65 wedding anniversary in September. I hope Adam and I make it to 50!

  5. Oh oh,my hugs too! 50 yrs. Woo Hoo! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a very special couple! Those are far and few in between! I had an Aunt & Uncle that made it to 50 too a while back, my mom's oldest brother. They lived out of town, but their whole family was here so they had a party here. In fact, I have a video of it. Well, that was so nice of you too to recognize their happy occasion on your blog! You're such a sweetie.

    My wife & I only have 35 more years to catch up with them

  7. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Happy Annversary to them!
    May they stay healthy to celebrate 25 more.

    My aunt and uncle had a family dinner last year for their 50th. It was so nice to see so many family members take the time and travel to recognize this major accomplishment.

    My own parents also hit the 50 mark. As you say, these days 25 seems tough to shoot for.

  8. Wow 5o years. My grand parents made it to 50 years. They have both since gone to Heaven. Congrats to your Aunt & Uncle. I hope Rod and I make it to 50, we are at 28 now.


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