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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long gruffy beards

you are her mountain peak
where a feisty brown goat leaps
hurls her hungry belly into sky
then wanders down the mountainside
to eat fat luxuries of thick grass
ripping tender green with
strong goat's teeth...

taken from From A Well's Release  
  by Michael Firewalker
My wonderful Wednesday Wizards, oh how smart you are. I could not fool you last week, almost all of you were correct! I think the others guessed a different answer just in case I was pulling a fast one with my sideways or upside-down photos... In any case, this old troll could not catch a billy goat gruff if she tried, LOL! But my Wizards know one when they SEE one!

The photo above is the profile of the goat that the clue was cropped from. I tried to get just as much of the head and neck with a touch of the bottom of the ear without the full front of the face. And since her eye was shut, unless you could pull it up close enough to make out the shape in the black markings you would of had a hard time determining for sure if it was a goat or calf, pony or other animal with similar shaped head and colors. The only thing that was not guessed was a cat. I could not fool my wise Wizards, you make me proud!

 Here you can see her eyes and her pretty beard!

Here is the Wednesday Wizards I salute this week!

LadyD of Lady D Books  (one of several blogs)
Laura from Dogsmom  (one of several blogs)

A special tip of the pointy Wizard hat to you all! The Wizard badge is over in the sidebar for any newbies this week that care to grab it to post proudly on their blog of their superior knowledge in the world of all things Cheesy !!

Time for a little kidding around...

Everyone comes running, they must of thought hubby had cookies.

This was the only one that still had nubs growing, everyone else had theirs rubbed off, so I call him/her ( I can't see far enough down, can you ??) I shall call him Lumpy! He was the most persistent! These are the neighbors down the road, in case you were wondering. More than three billy goats gruff, did we see!

 I am going to take a break through the holiday season for Wizard clues, but I will still be posting photos and may surprise you with a mystery once in awhile. My brain could use a time out to find new and interesting things to share with you and make it a fun game as well. I am having a few health issues that knock my back and brain out of commission, so I thought the holidays would be a good excuse for a vacation! I will start it up anew after the new year if possible. I will still be here, don't fear... just no Head (~ahem) Wizard to wrap knuckles with new lessons for awhile!

Mr. Linky will always be below especially on Wednesdays for all the fun mid-week memes Like Wordless/Wordful, A Beautiful Mess, and Wordish.
Holler at me if you ever what me to share something you have going on over at your blog, I love to spread the blog-news! I shall be around to visit and return comments like usual to all who leave me a way to find you!

Until next time...


  1. Lumpy looks persistently awesome. Goats do have a way with being persistent.

  2. I'm sad to see you go Faythe it's been fun figuring out your mysteries each week, but I surely understand the need for down time, Hopefully your health will pick up soon :) Happy Holidays

  3. I wonder how the goats will take to eating cookies.. Happy WW

  4. i think goats are kinda cute! thanks for stopping by

  5. @Dominique I think they would Love them... since all the goats I have come in contact with, seem to eat just about anything offered and things not offered, including books, my friend who had a pet goat that i pet sitted for, and the goat did not "know" it was a goat, as it could come inside the house.. would rip off pages of her recipe books whenever she got the opportunity... maybe it was her way of taste testing the recipe?? LOL! ~Faythe ~

  6. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Cute little buggers! Happy WW!

  7. Yay I got another one! Hope you enjoy your bloggy break.

  8. Goats are always such hungry animals.

    I do love a good goat stew...delicous!

  9. Goats are just so darn cute. We call our dog Louie Lumpy because he likes to crawl under the blankets and the lump is the only way we can tell he's in the bed. =D

  10. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I hope you are not feeling the aches and pains the way that I am this year, being much worse than past years. I am going to believe it is change of season pain and will get better as we "adjust" (do we ever) to winter. You can take some time and come back to introduce us to new and beautiful spring flowers! I learned much from you this year.
    I am sure you will still be sharing great posts during the wizard break. Can't keep a great blogger down.
    (I wasn't even going to play today. Can't stay away.)

  11. Thanks for listing my blog... so very nice of you. May your "time-out" be refreshing, relaxing and inspiring. Come back to us renewed, rebuilt and restored! :)

  12. I have always been a bit leery since my sister was nearly bucked off a cliff by one as a child. They are curious. Happy WW!

  13. So cute! ...and thanks for the linky. :)

    (I don't know why, but your comments on my blog still go to my spam folder... weird!)

  14. How cute are they! I will miss your WW posts, but hope you have a fabulous holiday!

  15. They look so cute, it would be interesting seeing one eating a cookie LOL

    Thank you for the link up

    Have a peaceful break

    Steve :-)

  16. Darn, I was wrong this time, lol.

  17. That sure is a very cute critter!
    Join the Moosie Mission

  18. You love to kid around, don't you? ;)

    WW: Dinosaur Birthday

  19. Hey, we finally got one right too! Nice. Enjoy your break and see you after the hols.

  20. I was here all ready to finnally get one! But I understand, I hope you enjoy your break and all is well (((Faythe)))

  21. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I want to cuddle everything but they seem to want me off their backs when I try ;)

  22. lol-this is just funny to me. i remember a goat at a friend's farm in high school that always had to jump on our cars.

  23. time for a little kidding around LMAO that was good

  24. Oh, I'm so proud of myself! We'll miss your wizard clues, but enjoy your holiday rest — you've earned it!

    I'm double-teaming for Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network today! :) Happy WW!

  25. Just seeing what the answer was :) Very interesting. I would love to mingle with goats for my kids sake. They need to see , touch the real thing.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  26. Good golly gosh!!! I can't believe I got it right as I usually suck at these sorts of things.

  27. This is a good reminder. I try to think this way all the time (when I start to become ungrateful)...I have a home, I have heat, my family is healthy, we love eachother, we have food and clothes, and fun stuff too.

    We are LUCKY!

    I'm glad your hubby is better than ever, everyone looks great and happy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Wow. I am half way good at this. Thanks for the fun.


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