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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Whats warm, fuzzy and shades of orange all over?

And no it is not my left over jacko-lanterns...

It is the answer to last weeks mind-teaser!
(could it be Fuzzy Wuzzy?)

We had a new record of winning Wednesday Wizards I am proud to announce and post a link to their wonderful sites for everyone else to enjoy! 
24 Wednesday Wizards in fact!!
I am going to announce them first as I am so darn proud and hope you all are enjoying this presumption pursuit as much as I do putting it together for you!

Our list of 24 Wednesday Wizards  is ...
(some new, some returning champions!) 

Remember if you did not already grab a Wednesday Wizard badge (it is over there in the Left Side bar) from a previous win, or this is your first time, please snap it up and proudly display it on your blog, car bumper or where ever you wish to be congratulated on your superior knowledge of all things in the Cheesy Kingdom that is GrammyMouseTails! If I have missed your name, or think it belongs here, please bring it to my attention so I may correct it. My brain is not always fully engaged. (wink)

So what is many shades of orange, fuzzy and warm???
Sort of looks like a fuzzy wuzzy...

Zaphod, the party animal

This is Zaphod! He was a very special Orange boy to my youngest son who lives out west. My son and D.I.L. adopted him just before he was sent to his next naval station at that time. Zaphod was a good traveler, better than his older sister. He was a little more upset when they moved back down the coast a few years later, tho...

I see, I am quite handsome!

 Zaphod had a heart of gold, almost as golden as his beautiful fur coat. He was the official welcoming committee when ever someone arrived. And if it was for a party! Well you could count on Zaphod to point you to the right direction to the restroom, all that was needed in exchange was a nice scritch or rub on his generous fuzzy tummy.

I love to play!
all Images are clickable to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission

 Zaphod was always the life of the party, even when there was no party. Have a bad day, Zaphod was there to cuddle you up and make it all better. Big ol' Orange boy would make you smile.

 Zaphod was a big soft tabby with an orange glow that seem to change with his whims. Altho he had a nonchalant look on his face he was had purrs galore to share. Even when a new little sister arrived on scene. It took a little while to warm up to her, but he is just to much of a softee to snub anyone.

okay, I'll share the sunpuddles, 
there is plenty to go around

One day came for Zaphod to travel to the place that all our beloved pets go to wait for us, the Rainbow Bridge. He is sorely missed. Especially by his dad, I think...  They have 2 more kitties besides the sister pictured above, including little Favre I have introduced a few months ago. But it is hard for the kitties to really reach that special spot, in my sons heart, that Zaphod did. I hope my son will let his heart open more each day. As the rest of his furry family love him, and he does enjoy them. It's hard to let them get close to that special part...
Any suggestions or advice especially from my Kitty readers? 
Favre and his older sister Vespa do not intend to take Zaphods place, but sure would love some extra cuddles (well, when "they" want it of course) Favre being the baby will take love and fun anytime. Oh, did I tell you he is already as big as his sister Vespa! He is going to be a big boy! 

So before I get to revealing the brain-teasing clue to next weeks puzzler. I want to remind you that Mr. Linky is below for all who play along in the mid-week memes, or for those who wish to visit them as well as the winning Wizards from this week (above). I love your comments as well as your guesses. And if you leave a way for me to find your blog, I will return to visit you and comment as well ☺ ! 

Put on your thinking caps... 
I hope I made this a bit harder this time...

clickable to enlarge
 (as always, image has not been manipulated or distorted in any way, 
maybe just zoomed in and cropped)

As always,
keep your eyes alert
and your mind wide open...


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    a hampster?

  2. I shouldn't have read the comment above me, now all I'm thinking and seeing is hamster! lol!

  3. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I am still a little sad about the loss of a best friend, (Zaphod - BTW, does that have a special meaning?) I get teary over the rainbow Bridge even when I do not know them.
    I wish I could have played last week. I would have gotten that for sure. My 2 best friends were BIG orange cats - Brutus and Garfield.
    This weeks? A lot tougher.

  4. What a beautiful cat he is. It's so sad when it's time for a pet to go. We still get sad over the passing of our previous poodle Misty.

  5. How sad. I'm not looking forward to our baby going over the rainbow bridge.

    As for the fuzzy shot. I'm guessing a fish of some type.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    Wordless Wednesday

  6. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Cute pics! And boy next week peek is hard! My first impression I see an abstract hamster in there but I'm guessing not it! Happy WW!

  7. What a sweet post about Zaphod. It is so hard to lose a member of your family...even the furry ones. :-( I hope your son warms up to the other kitties.

    I have no idea what that picture is. A bulldog? Or a frog, maybe?

    Thanks for the linky. Happy WW! I'm a new follower.

  8. Thank you so much for linking up, I love sidewalk chalk. I'm your newest follower!As for that picture I think I see a salamander cuddling a stuffed animal, but I have a vivd imagination.

  9. I'm thinking rabbit for the last shot..
    Happy WW

  10. What a tender story. Even though Zaphod is gone, you have some great photos!

  11. Looks like the rear end of a dog.

    And how awesome is Zaphod! What a cool cat.

  12. I'm not sure maybe a snake? Please feel free to link up at my blog also.

  13. Actually I think it is a goldfish.

  14. Thank you for the badge. I am going to put it on my right side bar now.

  15. Woohoo! I won. Along with a million other people. lol Sorry to hear about Zaphod. :( As for this week's photo...it looks like some kind of mushroom or fungi. I won't hold my breath on this one. lol Have a great day.

  16. that is one big ginger cat - makes ours look teeny tiny!

  17. Aww! sad was heartbreaking when mine went :-(

    A Guinea pig?

    Happy WW!

  18. IT looks like a fungus perhaps a wood fungus or other mushroom or else a half eaten pizza LOL You know I do see goldfish fins and tail Fungus I a koi pond boy I'm stumped.
    Gotta tell you I had just been thinking That I didn't see your name on the list and wondering how you were when I heard mail come in and guess who? you :)

  19. what a lovely tribute to Zaphod.

    and the last shot is a cat?

  20. I love the picture of Zaphod in the sunglasses. The only thing I can think of is possibly koy or a forgotten ham that's been on the counter for awhile. I always see food in you pictures. Except for Zaphod. ;)

  21. How sad. Pets can be the our very best friends.. It it strange I see the belly of a dog??

  22. It's a shark in an aquarium.

  23. I say...a rock in a fish tank!

  24. Looks like a hamster to me.

  25. Thanks for sharing Zaphod's story, bless his heart. I must be hungry because I saw something on a spoon. =)

  26. I can tell Zaphod was an extra-special kitty. Some cats just touch the heart in a very special way. I am sure your son will love the other kitties, but maybe not in the exact same way.

    I think it is a picture of ice cream!

  27. I keep seeing a half-eaten blueberry muffin, but maybe I'm just hungry.

  28. Looks like a cat again. An orange tabby.

  29. I have absolutely no idea this time, lol.

  30. I think I see a fish eye, but if its a goldfish, you really zoomed in for the shot!

  31. Zaphod is a beautiful cat!

    The new photo is tricky! I keep thinking I see a little face, maybe a hamster? Reminds me of a Zhu Zhu pet.

  32. I think it looks like the front view of a fish - either a goldfish or a koi.

  33. First, I'm so sorry for your son's loss! I really know how your fur-babies can become part of your family and the whole they can leave when they are gone. HUGS to him and your DIL.
    As for the photo, I made sure not to read any of the comments before getting ready to post mine, but then I saw Larry's right above mine and felt good because I was thinking that it looked like a goldfish. So if he is wrong, so am I... HaHa.
    Enjoy the rest of the week, Faythe!

  34. Congrats to the winners. What a cute kitty.

    I have no idea what the other thing is.

  35. Happy wordless Wednesday!
    Love the photos. I really like the surprise photo.
    Thanks for linking up and have a fabulous day!

  36. Wonderful photos of the well loved Zaphod. It is sad to let go of our precious and beloved pets. This weeks teaser is a lot harder. I am just guessing that is another shot of Zaphod.

  37. Love that the cat has his/her very own party favor. :)

  38. What a beautiful kitty <3

  39. I see what you mean: Target is looking at this and saying, "Snap!"

  40. That was a beautiful tribute to Zaphod.

  41. Visiting from The WW! What a beautiful cat Zaphod was. I'm sure he enjoyed his life with you! Thanks for sharing.


  42. What a cute kitty :)

  43. Yah! I got last weeks right!

    I'm going to guess that it is a pic of 2 fish?!?

  44. Hi, Faythe!
    It's always a puzzler when I stop by for a visit. I'm guessing fish? Those pond fish... whatever they're called. Very touching story about your kitty. I'll be devastated on the day I lose my cuddly cat.

  45. I am your new follower!

  46. Thanks so much for posting my holiday button!So nice of you :)

  47. Stumped me with that one. Thanks for telling Zaphod's story - cool name - does it mean anything? Sometimes one cat or dog will just form a bond with one person more than the others. Sounds like your son had this with his cat. He will meet another pet that will be like Zaphod was. Thanks for coming to Snowball's party!

  48. All right, I'm late this week due to travel, but I did want to let you know I proudly posted my winner's badge! :)

    For this week, I'm going to say goldfish. We shall see…

    So sorry to hear about Zaphod's passing. I know sometimes a cat just worms his way into your heart and will always be special to you. I lost a dear cat when I was 14, and it took awhile, but I came to love her brother left behind just as much. I would say just give your son time.

  49. Tabbies are my favorite, grey or orange.

    My guess would be left over pizza. But then again, I am not the best at this game.

    Thanks for your visit!


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