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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favre stops at 297!


Brett Favre's consecutive game starting record ended today at 297. The longest streak of any position player in NFL history. Love him or hate him, he has earned the right to be called the best quarterback in history.


Brett Favre's streak started on Sept. 27, 1992 with the Packers in Green Bay, WI when he was called into the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, replacing an injured Don Majkowski. Considered a "kid" barely a rookie, he won that day, and has won 186 games during his remarkable streak. He's also been named to 11 Pro Bowls and is a three-time league most valuable player. December 13, 2010 too many injuries in close proximity ended that historic run. 297 consecutive game starts! (Including playoffs, Favre started 321 consecutive games.)

 "the kid" photo
Favre has become the most decorated QB in NFL history, a three-time MVP and a champion in Super Bowl XXXI. Favre owns almost every significant NFL passing record, including most completions(6,295), passing yards(71,775), passing career touchdowns(507) and all-time QB wins (186). He earned those records, you can't dispute them nor take them away. Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings, he brought and broke records playing for all three teams.
(My favorite time is with the Packers, of course!)

Yes, I am Green Bay Packer fan, and a Brett Favre fan. To me he has always brought excitement to the game. A game I grew up watching but not really knowing about, I really didn't pay attention. When Favre stepped on the field he brought excitement and enthusiasm, I saw that, felt it and started to pay attention. I drove my husband crazy with repeated questions, what did this mean? why can't they get another...? what does the ref mean by? well, I think you get the drift. I got caught up in that excitement that "the kid" brought to the game. I love to watch him leap into the air with each touchdown. I love his smile and stories of his pranks and just the fun that he brought to the game. If you are a newer reader I wrote about how hard it was to watch him leave WI and even harder when he came to play in Lambeau Field wearing another teams colors here and here. But no matter what the weekly story was good, bad, scandalous I knew Brett would play the game with the same determination and excitement, as long as it was still fun and he felt he was playing and giving it 100%.

Brett in Vikings colors (sad sigh)

Is he perfect? No. Is anyone? He has his faults, but I believe he still loves the game and his family. They are what is important to him. It shows, you see it in his face. His actions may not be always what others feel are appropriate, but that is because he is still just a man. Not a God, a human being with all it's frailties, complications and imperfections.

still has mischievous grin
on side lines watching consecutive game streak end

This football season, Favre fractured his ankle, but still started six more games. The shoulder injury is the latest - and most serious - ailment to hit Favre this season. Favre told the press that the sprained SC joint in his right shoulder has produced a knot the size of a golf ball located between his neck and collarbone and that he's experienced numbness in his right hand all week. I personally know what that may feel like, not fun. Favre said he believes it's the result of both the sprained shoulder itself and the fact it aggravated a pinched nerve in his neck that he's had since the Washington game two weeks ago. He also played through elbow tendinitis and two broken bones in his foot in October and then suffered a lacerated chin that knocked him out of a game on Oct. 31. He played on like any other year. Could you could keep on going year after year and still love what you are doing enough to give it 100%? Especially with injuries and pain?

20 years 

  That is a long time for any type of career these days.  
  20 years and 297 consecutive games! 
Yet he still has that twinkle in his eyes and the "game face" when needed. I hope he is able to finish out the season. But if he decides to finally hang up his cleats, he has earned the right too. When he no longer walks out on a field in any type of football attire and is really sitting at home watching a game on his own TV, or in the stands like any other viewer, then I will know he is really retired. Until then no one knows. 
Not even Brett Favre.  

_favre-for-the-love-of-the-game SI cover
Photo credit Sports Illustrated

 Rest well my friend. 
After all, a streak doesn't start until the first game and ends with the last.

Still your fan...

photo credits and statistic facts gathered from various news agencies


  1. We don't know much about him, but we sure do hear his name lots, so if you like him that's good enough for me! Y'all keep warm and safe out there!

  2. WOW!! I don't know much about football but that is quite an accomplishment.

  3. Brett Favre; You just cannot say enough about the man. He brought Green Bay back to the forefront of football. Since the Bart Starr era, I don't know of another quarterback who did so much for the Packers. You're right, the energy he brought to a game was immeasurable. If the Packers were on tv, nothing else mattered; we were watching. It didn't even matter which team he played for, we were watching. I must admit, I enjoyed watching him most in green & gold. Yes, we wanted (his team) to win, but watching Favre was the real entertainment. Once he does retire, there will be quite a hole to fill. Brett, if you ever read this, I wish you well, and God be with you.

  4. I'm not much in to football. I occasionally watch parts of games with my husband but I see enough to know that Brett Favre has done very well for himself.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. your comment cracked me up

  5. I am seeing quite a few football posts this week. While I am not an enthusiast I admire the enthusiasm and dedication you put into your posts.
    I can not dismiss all the good things Brett has done for the game and each team he has played for, but his tactics in retire/not retire/change teams put me off him a bit. As for his family life, that is for his wife to handle. I have great admiration for HER.
    I hope Brett can find his next adventure in life and add as much value.

  6. It seems more and more people are going crazy about football! I can't seem to understand the came even though I was a cheerleader for 5+ years! LOL :)

  7. Great post from a great fan! He is a great player, that is some streak!

  8. Nice post, he truly has accomplished some wonderful things. But I'm a Bronco fan, at the risk of being sneered at...

    In response to your response, I tear open one side of the plastic bag and prop it over the camera sort of like a broken umbrella. I do not cover the lens opening, but I cover the lens, and I try to shield the glass as best I can from moisture. Today's cameras are pretty well-built and probably are a lot more moisture-proof than their 50-year-old counterparts, but no sense in taking chances and ruining a perfectly good piece of equipment!

    Happy Friday (almost...)!

  9. I've always had Elway #1, Joe Montana #2 and Farve 3rd with Marino a distant fourth.

    That is not to discount what Farve has done. His career has truly been remarkable.

    I can't tell you how refreshing it is to come across a woman that posts about sports!


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