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Sunday, February 27, 2011

and the Oscar for

the biggest Boob goes to ...

 I am the biggest Boob award!

Starring in The new Charlie Sheen Drug!
 warning: use will turn you into a crazed egomaniac

Unless you were thinking I was referring to 
  these kinds of boobs???


There are usually plenty of these to be seen around Hollywood, too.
Sorry for the Oscar interruption. 

In this un-licensed examiners assessment, this sad shell of a person needs help before he hurts himself or others. I did not watch the Oscars, and hope your favorite movie and star won their event. 

I now humbly return you to your regular viewing pleasures.

Just a simple observation.
And your opinion is ?

Sheen photo credit, unknown internet source


  1. Chicken breast implants! LOL!
    Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan...now THERE'S a couple...

  2. That kitty picture cracked me up! Charlie Sheen is out of control. I hope he gets help before it is too late.

  3. We didn't watch them either, but I understand the red carpet was quite comfy!

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I was out doing important things and figured I will see enough of the "big show" on every news and talk show this week. From early reports I used my time more wisely.

    As for Charlie - he wants attention and he is getting it.
    Unfortunately his actions have a ripple effect and hundreds of others are now out of work because of his behavior. He talks of suing. Will he think about taking responsibility for the others he has harmed?

    The more he tries to defend himself the more he proves that he needs help.

  5. LOL that's pretty funny.

  6. We didn't watch the awards. That chicken cartoon is too funny!

  7. We didn't watch either. Chicken cartoon is funny :-)

  8. Ha ha! Never seen that chicken cartoon. Funny stuff.

    I'm bored of Charlie Sheen. Your move, Nick Nolte.

  9. Those crazy stars are just sad, really. All the fame and fortune in the world, and they don't have anyone close enough to them to make sure they get the help they need.

  10. That's a perfect category for Charlie Sheen to receive an award! But, I do think he has some serious issues going on in his head. He definitely needs some help. Love the chicken cartoon!!!

  11. These so called "Stars" prove that money doesn't make your life all happy & wonderful. Love the Chicken Breast Implants. Drats why didn't I think of that one 1st. Kittys are super cute, especially the idiot one...

  12. That is funny, and look at the set of ears on that kitten! Hopefully it will grow into them.

  13. I didn't watch them either.

    Cute cat with the mouth open, but the one sitting up is looking rather perturbed, don't you think?

  14. Thanks for a GREAT laugh! Needed that!

  15. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Well if you ask me those Hollywood stars are all a load of Boobs, and maybe something to do with chickens too but for now 'Boobs' is definitely a fitting example :)

    I like the style of your posting Grammy-Mouse-Tails, well I like all things wicked you know? :)

    Have a lovely rest of day and a ghoulishly migraine free evening also :)



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