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Monday, March 28, 2011

broken bones, little boys and little brothers...

  Oh the heartbreaks a parent, grandparent or care-giver goes through when raising a child. Kids go through many developments, spurts and spats. They play and fight, tussle and tumble and lots of times there are bumps and bruises included. A parent may go through as much and at times more pain (mentally feeling) than their child when they are hurt or sick. Add a sibling (or playmate) into the mix and that ouchie or illness that may happen has just been multiplied many times!

happy little brothers

  If you are one of my regular readers than you most likely saw my last post asking for prayers and positive thoughts for my oldest grandson, Collin. 
A week ago Monday he and his rambunctious little brother, Sammy were playing and chasing each other before dinner time. Running up and down the hallway Collin fell and Sammy took a leap (or fell) wrestle mania style on his big brothers leg and broke the femur in his left leg. It was as accident. Plain and simple. But since mom nor dad had them in direct eye sight they really do not know exactly how it happened. Knowing or not, it still hurts the child and all those that love and care for him. The doctor said it was a spiral fracture and believes that Collin had his leg bent when Sam landed on it. 

 broken femur - before surgery

A long night and over into the next day of waiting only added more anxiety on mom and dad (plus grandparents, friends and family). Then the early evening surgery to repair his fractured femur. Thank the heavens for good friends that were able to quickly come and stay at their home (in shifts), to watch little Sammy while mom and dad wore out the floor pacing and waiting before, during and after. 
At first Sam seemed sad and confused, but with the attention and great care from these awesome friends, he barely missed his parents and brother! Sam will be 3 ( = short attention span) at the end of May, and has the energy of 6 kids at times! These same wonderful friends also brought meals to help out a very tried mom and dad once they brought Collin home.  
(special thanks and hugs to you!!)

active little brother

I am happy to report that Collin is home and in just a soft ace wrap with mobility restrictions. The surgical repair was done with flexible wire type rods inserted into the hollow part of his femur. They will stay in place at least 8 months. Collin is on pain medication (of course) but seems happy and cheerful like normal.
after- repaired femur with flexible rods

  For now he is carried (ughh!) or is pushed in a wheel chair, much like his re-hab was last year after his leg (updated bi-lateral club foot repair) surgery. I think what added to his normally cheerful ways is that mom was able to work from home (the best she could) and Sam went to Fraser Academy School for daycare (both boys have been attending Fraser Academy a few days a week since Sam's birth). So, Collin got to eat what ever he wanted, got to drink chocolate milk ( a wicked treat, I think his grandpa got him addicted too) and watch movies on the DVD player all day! All things that usually do not happen during a school week. Before the accident mom and dad were trying other healthy snacks to lure him from the chocolate addiction (☺)! ( I admit I have a horrid addiction to chocolate as well, sorry it must run in the family!)

Collin at home playing doctor

  I am so grateful for all of you who have sent best wishes, prayers and positive thoughts for Collin. If I have not already responded or visited your blog back with comment love I will soon! Collin still has a long road of recovery ahead. One of the biggest foreseeable roadblocks is how to get little brother Sam from wanting to keep on climbing and jumping on big brother Collin. Sam does not understand that lasting pain concept, and wants and needs that physical interaction. It is especially trying because he does have some diagnosed sensory problems, so my son and d.i.l. have their hands full! I know some of my readers have kids with these disorders and the same ones that Collin has been dealing with from birth, it is so helpful to hear your thoughts and comments. 
  I wish I lived closer to offer them some respite and day care. I also want to help and offer lots of hugs to both Collin and Sam. For now I am home bound, but both Grandpa and I have talked frequently on the phone with Collin and parents ☺. 

active Sam loves the snow!

Thank you again for all your positive vibes, keep them coming!
I also appreciate all your comments and advice as well. 

Until next time ....


  1. Hi Faythe,
    Let the healing begin! I pray all goes well and Collin does heal quickly.


  2. glad he is recovering and doing well.

  3. Gosh that really is a bad break. The poor little guy must've been in agony. Sending a big hug to him all the way from Tasmania.

  4. I've been following your FB, I hope he's feeling better soon! but man, that is one impressive break! ;)

  5. So glad he is home and that the doctors were able to repair the break. Now praying for complete healing and total restoration of mobility.

  6. Bless his heart. He remains in my prayers.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  7. That is great news. Hoping and praying for a quick recovery. My breaks as a kid were spiral too. They are not fun.

  8. I am so pleased that he is on the mend, thanks for letting us know!

  9. Bless his little heart. Prayers that it heals very fast. That poor little guy!!

  10. All of you will be in my prayers. It is hard to see little ones hurting. Strangely they seem to take it better than the adults. Keep us posted on how things are going.

  11. aWWWW!!

    i know how a 'minor' break was for me. i can't imagine dealing with a major break for one of my kids :(


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