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Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember the why of the holiday

Memorial Day 2011 is upon us.

Many will be enjoying the first long weekend of the summer season. If you are in that group, I wish you plenty of good weather, fun, family and memories. 

Speaking of memories, 
let us not forget why we have a long weekend. 
Memorial Day is that day we take time to give thanks to all the men and women who served this country bravely and with much sacrifice for all our freedoms we enjoy.
  These are true American Heroes!

Many gave the ultimate, 
 their lives so that we can still enjoy our freedom.

If you happen to come across a veteran, in uniform, retired, or even in civilian clothes, stop take a minute and thank them. Ask to shake their hand and let them know you appreciate what they did to serve our country.

I also like to include thanking the veteran or active military persons family. 
They also have to give up time with their loved one and do all the things that keep their family together and strong while the service person is gone away from home. 
In a military family, all know sacrifice.

God Bless and keep you safe.

Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice.

You are all remembered 
and held close to my families hearts.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Different weather does strange things to your garden

 Last winter was different than the year before. 
Not uncommon, most years vary in temperatures, snow accumulations and if cold weather arrives early or stays late. 
I am sure you notice it as well.

Well this spring my garden told me its displeasure in last winters long and cold visit! (maybe it showed me is a better description, before you all go thinking I here whispers in the wind... again! ☺)

Below is a photo of my little rock garden I have under my spooky tree. I have mentioned this spot and told you the tale of the tree before. I also mentioned why I planted many types of vines to climb up it to keep it a living community for birds, butterflies and other critters.

red and yellow alert at squirrel crossing photo image
remember all these pretty red and yellow tulips?
(All photos are clickable to see larger.
Please do not steal, just ask if you would like to borrow)

  Spring was in blooming colorful force, last April 21. The crocus were done, the hostas were starting to quickly dig out their faces from the soil. The critters and plants were busy singing their spring song.

I remember remarking to my friend and neighbor, "the park ranger" that this spring was so pretty! It filled us all with cheer and hope that the rebirth of mother earth can only do.

We had our usual spring and summer storms and clean up duties left over form the previous winter. But with everything popping up and shooting "look at me" it made the chores go a little easier.
Then came the long cold dead of winter. Long gray days and freezing nights. When spring did finally start to appear it brought with it much fury, as if she was filled with resentment for winter daring to take up so much of "her" time! Spring is still on the warpath!
So almost a year later here is the same rock garden just beginning to show some life.

squirrel crossing photo image
April 25, 2011

  A few tulips leaves show promise, the crocus were few and most did not bother to even open their eyes, just slowly climbed back under the covers until next year.

lone red at squirrel crossing photo image
May 9, one lone red tulip, and the start of other green neighbors

hosta spotted nettle image
May 17, poor faded and shredded tulip's last gasp

  When the tulip first showed signs of awakening it had 2 or 3 cousins. Then somebody (most likely my mystery gardener) got hungry and had the buds for a snack. The hostas are filling in nicely as well as the spotted nettle, whew!

  If you are able to look closely (try clicking on the image), you may also see something more is happening to the spooky tree. Below is the tree before anything was even attempting to grow in the rock garden.

naked spooky tree photo image
Oh My! It is almost naked!

  Last year it was fully covered with vines, flowering, hops and grapevines to name a few. Well Mr. Winter pulled them all just about down and along came spooky trees bark! I will be working on finding more ways for my vines to grab onto spooky tree. I can't bear to see it naked! I will post more later on spooky trees trauma and if she makes it to be a wildlife haven once more.
  Have you noticed things in your yard or garden growing differently after longer or shorter winters?

My final thoughts this week are for all my fellow Americans and readers who are facing the terrible storms, tornadoes and devastation that spring is still spewing out. We have been blessed, we narrowly missed a tornado this past weekend.

Sending you all a big hug for comfort and safety.

Until next time...  Faythe
All photos are clickable to make larger.
Please do not steal, just ask if you would like to borrow .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blooming with Hope

Amy's Garden is blooming with hope...

  Amy's Garden planted in memory of Amy Erickson. 
Amy was a roastmaster at Caribou Coffee©. She passed on from breast cancer and friends and loved ones carry on in her spirit fighting against this deadly disease in her name.

  You can view the thousands of pink tulips, Amy's favorite flower now blooming at the Mall of America and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago at Caribou Coffee's© special page in Amy's honor. Please visit and enjoy.

For more information on how you can help the battle against breast cancer see the Susan G. Komen website.

Until next time ...

This is not a sponsored post. 
I am sharing it for my readers information and enjoyment of the beautiful tulips in bloom.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colors in the wind ... Spring

The gray and browns of winter are slowly fading.
Winds, rain, mud and occasional sunshine blow through.

Spring is slow to reveal its true character.

I scrub and clean my fine china for my feathered friends
and fill with tasty delights.

I wait...

The scarlet beacons do not have long to wait
  for an interested diner.

Lickety-split an orange flash appears at my window. 
The aerialist balances on my nectar filled vessel meant for smaller flying jewels. He preforms like a trapezist but is not awarded his prize. 
Off he hastens away before I can even reach my camera... 

Aha! Soon I spy the migrant at my other colorful café! 
He is inspecting the menu for a favorite...

oriole on suet cage image
male Oriole on a suet cage

What have we here?

male oriole eats grapefruit
 male Oriole inspects grapefruit and apple bits

Poke, poke... Yes this will do.

male oriole and sparrow image
 male Oriole and sparrow

Are you staying my friend or passing through?
Soon they are joined by more colors...

cardinal mates and cowbird image
 yearling male Cardinal, female Cardinal and cowbird

nuthatch on suet image

male goldfinch on cat feeder image
young and older male Goldfinch

Oranges, blues, grays, tans, reds and the bright yellow of the Goldfinch announce that spring is finally arriving. Colorful spring winds.

male goldfinch eats thistle seed image
male Goldfinch dining on thistle seed

Who is staying for the season, who is passing through?
I wait for more colors gifted in the wind.

Has any feathered friends materialized for the season in your area?

photos are clickable to enlarge. I apologize for quality as I had to take these through storm windows and across my yard about 40 feet away with my little point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150.


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Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Sending wishes for all Mothers for a wonderful weekend
and Happy Mother's Day.

Hope you have a day full of sunshine and smiles.
Fun, laughter and giggles.
Hugs, snuggles and the love of your family at your side.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

sprouting hope

Spring is showing more each day.

Recovery is still in progress in so much of the US 
and world from natures mean streaks.

sprouts of hope

Recovery and much healing is also needed from one misanthropist view that clouded the minds of so many. The cause of immeasurable death and destruction. That ego has finally met his demise.

Time to rebuild and ameliorate mankind.

One can only hope.

thank you Red White + Blue

Thanks so much to the brave, dedicated and determined. 
And the many that must be stay unnamed.