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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colors in the wind ... Spring

The gray and browns of winter are slowly fading.
Winds, rain, mud and occasional sunshine blow through.

Spring is slow to reveal its true character.

I scrub and clean my fine china for my feathered friends
and fill with tasty delights.

I wait...

The scarlet beacons do not have long to wait
  for an interested diner.

Lickety-split an orange flash appears at my window. 
The aerialist balances on my nectar filled vessel meant for smaller flying jewels. He preforms like a trapezist but is not awarded his prize. 
Off he hastens away before I can even reach my camera... 

Aha! Soon I spy the migrant at my other colorful cafĂ©! 
He is inspecting the menu for a favorite...

oriole on suet cage image
male Oriole on a suet cage

What have we here?

male oriole eats grapefruit
 male Oriole inspects grapefruit and apple bits

Poke, poke... Yes this will do.

male oriole and sparrow image
 male Oriole and sparrow

Are you staying my friend or passing through?
Soon they are joined by more colors...

cardinal mates and cowbird image
 yearling male Cardinal, female Cardinal and cowbird

nuthatch on suet image

male goldfinch on cat feeder image
young and older male Goldfinch

Oranges, blues, grays, tans, reds and the bright yellow of the Goldfinch announce that spring is finally arriving. Colorful spring winds.

male goldfinch eats thistle seed image
male Goldfinch dining on thistle seed

Who is staying for the season, who is passing through?
I wait for more colors gifted in the wind.

Has any feathered friends materialized for the season in your area?

photos are clickable to enlarge. I apologize for quality as I had to take these through storm windows and across my yard about 40 feet away with my little point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150.



  1. We have babies all over the place and the birds are on the feeders like crazy. We are looking at hot temperatures pretty soon so we're heading into summer mode.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. What great entertainment you have there. Happy WW!

  3. Spring is slow to arrive (it's already May!), but at least there's some green around. Haven't seen too many colourful birds yet, though.

  4. How do you know all those birds??? I had to look up the Robins eggs in my WW :/

  5. wow, i have no clue any birds!!
    you seem to know them all :)

  6. We also have many birds here, my little ones loves them and one of his first words was his version of bird, something like 'aed'

  7. What great photos! Spring is really here; the birds are a sure sign of it. It's so nice to have them back! :)

  8. We have mocking birds which we don't remember seeing in our area before. I also spotted small birds the size of finches with pale yellow and black I can't remember seeing before, perhaps they are just passing through on the way to you :)
    We had an unusually late snowfall in the Sierras earlier this week. We had to get the winter blankets out again. But it's beautiful now. Sure hope you get the spring you've been longing for and it's every bit worth the wait!

  9. No birds here, but I've contemplated getting a bird feeder so that we can have some feathered friends in our yard. Thanks for sharing and hope Spring gets off to a good start for you!

  10. How neat! I saw a roadrunner the other day and couldn't grab my camera fast enough.

  11. we've plenty of birds here but not as colourful as these.

  12. The orioles are so pretty!! :)

  13. Now would be a good time to mention that I am deathly afraid of birds! No kidding. Those photos are great though and the birds are so beautiful. Just keep them far from me.

  14. Look at you! With Spring everything comes new! Colors are fresh, but wait check this weather from Winter to Summer, and we even broke a heat record today from 18 something my hubby said. I'm melting... melting... what a world, what a world!!! Who would've known that such a sweet little girl could kill all of my evil lovliness! LOL

  15. I've got some funky gourds I plan to grow to make into some bird houses, I love cardinals and blue jays!

  16. I would stay so entertained if I lived at your house! I love watching the birds!

  17. I don't think I've seen an Oriole, but they do look very pretty.

  18. I love spring time bird watching.

  19. Cardinals are my favorite birds of all time. I think it's cause they remind me of my grandma. They are my lucky birds and I have a paired mates that come to my back yard.

    I think I had orioles (I can't spell lol) too last week! Never seen them before but they were yellow and black and gorgeous! Love having my bird feeder. :)

  20. Spring...yay! Though here in Chicago Spring was bypassed and it went right to 85 degrees!

  21. Ahh spring and all it's beautiful colors

  22. ok, yes I have regular 'ol birds...but not like these exotic birds that you have over there! wow!

  23. We saw a few blue jays the other day. I love all of your bird feeders!

  24. Yay! Go away ugly brown of Winter. Love the colors and new life of Spring.

  25. I always love seeing your pictures. So pretty.

  26. how fun! We have a little nest full of babies all spring. I don't remember what they are though. I'm not a good bird watcher.

  27. We've been watching the birds come back from the south too. I just love all their colors.

  28. When the goldfinches are in my part of the world, they are wearing their olive garb. Sometimes before they leave, a bit of the bright yellow is showing through. I'd love to see them in full golden regalia!

  29. birdwatching is one of our favorite activities as well. We have had so many colors at our feeders this spring, more than usual it seems! I love the songs that fill the air all day long, it just makes the day feel joyous!

  30. Ah, yes! Spring is here and I'm lovin' it!

  31. I love spring. Such pretty colors.

  32. Oh, good post! What colors your feathered winds bring! We have bunnies, so fur but not many wings yet. And still more white than gray and tan so far...

    But warmer days are coming, I just know it!

  33. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I love all the activity of squirrels & birds in my backyard too!

  34. How fun to watch our feathered friend return after winter. We get lots of Cardinals where I live. I love to whistle to them. Theirs is probably the only bird call I know. Happy Wednesday!

  35. I can't wait for our spring to really get here so we can enjoy all of the wildlife too.

  36. You have quite the collection of little friends in your yard! :) We have our resident cardinals (a male and female), tons of doves, robins (who have been building nests), sparrows and finches...I think that's about it at the moment. ;)

    WW: Alligator Fun

  37. LOVE birds, too. How often do you fill their feeders? Our finches take about a week but once the word gets out, the seed is gone too soon!

  38. They're FINALLY starting to really make an appearance. Haven't seen any of that color yet though.

  39. Just this year I learned that Orioles do not eat seeds. So I added an Oriole feeder to the collection outside our kitchen window and like magic they came! They seem to like the jam the best, but they also drink the nectar. They don't seem to be interested in the fruit.

    A belated Happy WW to you and thanks for the visit!

  40. Spring really is my favorite season

  41. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Such a variety of beautiful colors you have visiting (and living) in your yard. Besides the robins we mainly have sparrows, red winged blackbirds and mourning doves. I enjoy the visits from cardinals, jays and the sweetest wild canaries.

  42. So the scare-cat doesn't work then???


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