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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Different weather does strange things to your garden

 Last winter was different than the year before. 
Not uncommon, most years vary in temperatures, snow accumulations and if cold weather arrives early or stays late. 
I am sure you notice it as well.

Well this spring my garden told me its displeasure in last winters long and cold visit! (maybe it showed me is a better description, before you all go thinking I here whispers in the wind... again! ☺)

Below is a photo of my little rock garden I have under my spooky tree. I have mentioned this spot and told you the tale of the tree before. I also mentioned why I planted many types of vines to climb up it to keep it a living community for birds, butterflies and other critters.

red and yellow alert at squirrel crossing photo image
remember all these pretty red and yellow tulips?
(All photos are clickable to see larger.
Please do not steal, just ask if you would like to borrow)

  Spring was in blooming colorful force, last April 21. The crocus were done, the hostas were starting to quickly dig out their faces from the soil. The critters and plants were busy singing their spring song.

I remember remarking to my friend and neighbor, "the park ranger" that this spring was so pretty! It filled us all with cheer and hope that the rebirth of mother earth can only do.

We had our usual spring and summer storms and clean up duties left over form the previous winter. But with everything popping up and shooting "look at me" it made the chores go a little easier.
Then came the long cold dead of winter. Long gray days and freezing nights. When spring did finally start to appear it brought with it much fury, as if she was filled with resentment for winter daring to take up so much of "her" time! Spring is still on the warpath!
So almost a year later here is the same rock garden just beginning to show some life.

squirrel crossing photo image
April 25, 2011

  A few tulips leaves show promise, the crocus were few and most did not bother to even open their eyes, just slowly climbed back under the covers until next year.

lone red at squirrel crossing photo image
May 9, one lone red tulip, and the start of other green neighbors

hosta spotted nettle image
May 17, poor faded and shredded tulip's last gasp

  When the tulip first showed signs of awakening it had 2 or 3 cousins. Then somebody (most likely my mystery gardener) got hungry and had the buds for a snack. The hostas are filling in nicely as well as the spotted nettle, whew!

  If you are able to look closely (try clicking on the image), you may also see something more is happening to the spooky tree. Below is the tree before anything was even attempting to grow in the rock garden.

naked spooky tree photo image
Oh My! It is almost naked!

  Last year it was fully covered with vines, flowering, hops and grapevines to name a few. Well Mr. Winter pulled them all just about down and along came spooky trees bark! I will be working on finding more ways for my vines to grab onto spooky tree. I can't bear to see it naked! I will post more later on spooky trees trauma and if she makes it to be a wildlife haven once more.
  Have you noticed things in your yard or garden growing differently after longer or shorter winters?

My final thoughts this week are for all my fellow Americans and readers who are facing the terrible storms, tornadoes and devastation that spring is still spewing out. We have been blessed, we narrowly missed a tornado this past weekend.

Sending you all a big hug for comfort and safety.

Until next time...  Faythe
All photos are clickable to make larger.
Please do not steal, just ask if you would like to borrow .


  1. It looks like spring is kicking it's way into most areas and very violently in many. I hope you can get your rock garden back in shape.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Oh Grammy

    I sure hope your beautiful garden blooms soon!

    Have a wonderful WW!


  3. Seems to you're going to have one kick-ass garden there young-lady because I can tell it is loved. Have a great day & thanks for the linky.

  4. This has certainly been a strange spring. Ours came super duper late! And my poor pussy willow is so confused it went back into hibernation. lol.

  5. This year has been very strange with the natural disasters all over the world. Kinda scary. I hope your garden will bloom soon!

  6. Wonderful photos. Happy WW.

  7. The pics look very pretty... I hope it rains here a little bit to green things up!!

  8. Great gardens!! I'm still working on mine, I'd love for them to look that good!


  9. This has certainly been a strange spring, like all what is happen. That's it! I wish you luck!Have a nie day!

  10. I love rock gardens! Yours is so nice.

  11. I hope the plants start to blossom again..

  12. We're FINALLY beginning to warm up a tad now, and a lot of rain is going to make everything so green. Can't wait until everything starts blossoming.

    My thoughts and prayers, too, are with those facing these horrible weather patterns.

  13. What a nice garden! Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a beautiful garden you have!

  15. Spring is so nice! Just had that spring experience in Spain. I'm so jealous!

  16. You just never know with bulbs. Some come back relatively year after year others seem to need a rest. What I know is that the leaves feed the bulb which put its energy into to the bloom and making seed so picking the blooms before they go to seed conserves the energy and the bulb will me more likely to bloom the next year. Otherwise you may be waiting 2-3 years for seeds to develop the bulb and for it to mature enough to bloom. Apparently I passed this information to my children when they were young because they picked my long awaited blooms and brought them to me proudly claiming to have saved them from going to seed so they would bloom again next year.
    What could I say except thank you :)

  17. Such lovely pics!! Wish we had spring here too!

    Happy WW!

  18. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I hadn't heard about tornadoes in your area. Guess I was glued to the tv coverage of MO and now KS and OK. Since I went to school in LaX and have a sister in the twin cities I paid attention to those warnings. Hope your son and family there are safe.
    Bunnies have nibbled our tulips but the flowers are hanging in.
    I've been outside more and need to share pics.
    Best wishes for your scary tree.

  19. Beautiful garden! Things are blooming.
    My heart goes out to the folks who have to go through such extreme weather.

  20. Terrific work!!

    Glad to be following you now!

  21. i just love the picture with the one red tulip in front of the tree...
    hope your garden starts to flourish!!!

  22. I sure am glade you're safe! Beautiful garden pics...wish I had one!

  23. I totally understand about that. We've had cold, rain, hot. Everyday is a new surprise!

  24. We planted some flower seeds in a planter like a month ago and I thought for sure they would all be up now. Just not in the mood to sprout guess and we have open tulips in the area so maybe its just me lol

  25. I love tulips, your pictures are beautiful. I've never seen a naked spooky tree before ha.

  26. It's weird how different it can be from year to year. I hope things perk up a bit more over there soon!

  27. A tornado took off the top of the tree last year?! Wow-wee! That's too close for comfort.

    Though your garden may not be as nice as last year, it still looks very nice.

    And try to keep those tornadoes away!

  28. I have noticed a weirder spring so far this year - I think some things got really confused because we had summer heat and humidity in March and April, followed by frigid temperatures (with frost advisories), then back to heat again. It's been a roller-coaster ride for sure - most of my 'usual' plants started blooming really late, and seem a lot more sparse this year.

    Maybe you could wrap your spooky tree with clear fishing line to give the vines something to cling to but not look funny? :) What is blooming and growing is looking awesome, though! Hopefully next spring we'll get luckier...fingers crossed! :)

    WW: Dinosaur & Dragon Conga Drama

  29. The weather has been really weird. Your garden looks lovely. I moved from country to city and I do miss my garden!

  30. Yes, this world has changed since I was a young lad. I totally love your garden. You must do a lot of work on it. Have a good one.

  31. The seasons seem to be changing. Winter has rolled in really cold & quick here this year. Hey I think I can see Jesus face in the spooky tree.


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