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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

petals past, yellow to red

The weather has been very uncooperative this spring. 
Not that we have anything to complain about compared to so many other parts of the country and world. 
I have noticed in my area and my own garden, 
that many pretty petals are late or did not even bother to come up?
Hopefully I have not lost some of these favorites for good.
After a day of digging and clean up that I am way behind in
enjoying a surprisingly nice and sunshiny day, 
I think - what can I share this week?
We have just gone through another long week of dreary, wet and cooler temperatures. 
So, I thought I would share some treasured petals from years past that were already showing their beauty, normally by this time of year.

nothing like the fuzzy and prickly looking tongues of the Iris
all photos are clickable to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission, thanks

from this angle this yellow iris appears to have tiny ears
and a very long bronzed tongue!

Are you peeking at my panties!
A red daylily shows off its yellow rear-end.

a deep orange with red tipped asiatic lily starts its show
all photos are clickable to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission, thanks.

I have dug all these beauties out of the vault of hubby's photo 2002 files. Long before I knew better ways to save,
store and show off his 'eye' candy. 

I hope you enjoyed this parade of yellow to red petals. 
So how does your garden grow in your area?

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   until next time ...

I am also linking up at A Southern DayDreamer for Outdoor Wednesday, and The Little Round Table.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Look who is having a birthday!

cakes and pies

That handsome hubby of mine is 
  celebrating another birthday today! Yippee!

handsome hubby
click on images to enlarge, 
please ask to borrow, do not steal. thanks!

decorated birthday cake gif

buppa and grandson
Buppa with grandson Collin

my 3 monkeys
click on any images to enlarge,
please ask to borrow, do not steal. thanks!
My 3 handsome monkeys men!
Our two sons on the left and Hubby on the right,
smack in the middle of the monkey bars!

Any one care to guess his age?
   46, 54, 64, or 70 ??

Wishing everyone a great week and 
hope the wicked storms are not leaving you in rubble.

vera mouse fancy hat _ sig tag faythe

               Until next time,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day is here! Thanks for Dads!

This year Fathers Day lands on Sunday June 19, 2011
  here in the U.S.

Here is a special message for all those wonderful 
 men who will be celebrating this Sunday. 
   This is for all the loving, generous, kind, inspirational and patient (this is the hardest!) male figures that teach and encourage (many) without knowing, to children that may or may not even be their own... you may be a husband, father, grandfather, uncle, policeman, neighbor, brother, son, a soldier, the teacher in front of class, mailman, milkman (yep, there are still some around and I am not being cheesy here!) or just someone special in another persons life. 
This is a salute to you!

I would be remiss if I did not mention all the single moms who may not have a "special someone" to help them with this tremendous task of raising a child, I thank you too. Just like I thank men during my Mother's day post. Maybe in my list above you will be reminded of a special person (I hope you do!) who does have some positive influence on your child and offer them a simple thank you. Raising children, especially in these hard times takes more than a village, and if you are lucky to have just one person who may offer help or support, a small acknowledgement is always appreciated. Hopefully some of these special talents, helping hands, and morals will be passed on for the next generation to continue to inspire and  encourage the young ones coming up behind them.

God Bless you all. 
  Enjoy your day, and Thank you!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Someone is 3!!

mouse carries birthday cake

Someone is three, 
now who could it be??

My grandson Sam ! 
Yes, Sam I am!

Sam turns 3 tunnel
Mr. Sam is busy turning 3
all photos are clickable to enlarge,
please do not copy without permission, thanks

This little guy who is always on the run,
just had a birthday and it was lots of fun!

Sam birthday cake 3
Dad holds Sam's cake, 
while Uncle Neil shows Sam his first peek

Lots of friends, fun, running and playing!!!

It is a cool construction theme cake! 
with a digger and a dump truck on top!
can you guess who used the digger as a fork?

running through garden with tunnels
After fueling up on cake it was back to playing with some of his cool new toys, 
like these tunnels that connect to a matching tent!
Oops, what flowers? Don't worry mommy they will pop back up.

It turned out to be a beautiful day,  with plenty of time for fun, 
food and playtime in between the rain drops. 
Lots of good friends and family came to celebrate from near and far!
Memaw and Buppa had a 6 and 1/2 hour drive, Great Aunty Mike, Great Uncle Herb and Great Aunty Mimi had a 4 hour drive. The from the farthest flew in Uncle Neil and Aunt Julie, all the way from California! 
It was the first time we were all together in over 4 years!

Sam kept us all running during our visit. 
Turning 3 is busy stuff!

Big brother Collin is healing nicely from the broken femur he received from Sam about 10 weeks ago ago. Collin is standing on his own, scooting on his butt, crab crawling and starting to walk!  His walk reminds me of one of the dancers in the music video "Thriller", but is making good progress.(yea)

standing after broken femur

So now you know why I have been kind of quiet here, 
I have been soaking up all the love, hugs and fun times with my family! 

Catching up with lots of hugs, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and "Baby" news! 

family mice image

Do you have any special events planned for the summer?