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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

recovering ...

I think these photos illustrate how I feel today...

A bit shattered after my third round of radio frequency ablation.
But hopefully healing and recovery will be quick
with no need for further surgery.

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I hope to visit later (at least by weeks end) and reply 
with some comment love for you!

   until next time...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dog days of summer...

  Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Dog tongue hanging days of summer...

original photo source dogsdinner.co.uk 
caption added by me

I am not complaining.
Really. (  I hate winter and the cold)
But spring lasted way to long and was cold and wet.
Then we get to July and WAM! 
Hot, dry (as in NO rain) and extremely humid.
The Dog Days of Summer........... 

        You do not have to be a dog to feel tongue dragging,
             blazing fried.

That Sirius dog is really cooking my tail!

hot flash...

I am too cool to be a hot dog

squish, squeak, sop... slowing sinking away

Let me know if how things are on your side of the monitor...

I hope to be hiding someplace cool, 
 dark and not growing mildew...
     ah, summer ~~~~~~~~~

   until next time...

Please never leaver a child or baby (human or furry type) alone in the car. 
Even if you think it will only be a few minutes. 
Temperatures get deadly FAST this time of year.
 Be safe, not sorry.

Extra link love this week to  
DogsMom and Frozen Moments.
 photos collected from various photo sites, 
if you believe it to be yours and want it removed or credit added, please contact me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to cool off

Lazy on a sunny afternoon
In the summertime...

  And it is HOT!
Of course it is, it is sizzling summertime is it not?

  Now wasn't it just a few short months ago 
(seems to be less that that to me) 
 that we all were complaining how cold it was? 
Asking when is winter ever going to end?
Saying, "It is still too cool to wear my cute swimming suit.."
( well you did not hear that from ME!)

Well summer officially arrived and it is HOT! 
I like the heat, but what comes with my heat is humidity... uggh!
I.Do.Not. Like.Humidity!

source : icanhazacheeseburger

I do not have air conditioning, never have sigh ...
So I thought I would share with you some cool refreshing things to do to keep your mind off of the heat. 

  How about a nice walk in the woods? 
You can walk under the canopy of the green luscious trees and look for natures treasures hiding in the leaves or on the ground.

wow, feels so nice under this shady bush
click to enlarge, please ask to borrow my images, thanks

 Another cool option is to go find a nice clump of long soft grass and lay down. It could be under a tree to offer a bit of shade, or a nice low lying spot to just relax and stare up at the clouds and play 'This cloud looks like a ??' ! 
This looks like an inviting shaded spot...

looks so cool and icy
click to enlarge, please ask to borrow my images, thanks!

Of course there is water! 
What doesn't feel great like a bit of chilly fresh water,
on a steamy hot day?
 Like over at this creek here...

all images are clickable to enlarge,
please ask to borrow my images, thanks

  No creek near by?
Then there is always a pool
Public, private or sneak over a neighbors fence at for a mid-night dip... 
(oops, To.much.Information!)

source: wikimediacommons
If the heat is just to darn uncomfortable the very last option would be to dive into any puddle you may possibly find!
Especially when the kids won't share the cool refreshing sprinkler !
(darn kids get all the fun!) 

cool off swimming!
source: email fw
Did I go to far? 
I should of warned you to cover your eyes, darn... (me bad)

Well I hope these images and cool ideas helped bring down your summer internal temperature.

Winter is just a few short weeks (yes summer zips by to fast for me) away....
So enjoy summertime while it is here!

splish ~ splash cool watery fun!
please ask to borrow my images, thanks

This week I am also linking up with Faded Charm for White Wednesday and Watery Wednesday to spread the linky love around. Be sure to leave your linkup in Mr. Linky below (Wordless/Wordful) and let me know if you are a cool cucumber or a melting mess!

Until next time ...
     stay cool!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Eagle reflections and flowering fireworks!

_blue bar with stars image

I went digging in the old archives again and
 found this photo of reflecting eagles!
It was one of hubby's first attempts at playing with his first 
and a very cheap digital camera 
(circa 2002, under $50 so really an experimental toy for him!) 
 so, sorry for the poor image quality. 
I had to play with it a bit to clear up the image of the eagle.
 I hope you can see it's reflection.

click to enlarge, please ask if you would like to copy

It is hard to tell, but this is a hand craved wood eagle I bought for hubby as a gift, he has a big patriotic collection. It was placed in front of our "heirloom" Christmas cactus in a brass planter, that still has a shriveled bloom in the back right in front of the American flag you can spy out the window.

Do you see the reflection?
I actually think it looks clearer than the original,
 but I have goofy eyes ☺.
Would anyone care to see a current photo of this eagle for comparison?

I hope everyone in North America had a fun holiday weekend and found some time to enjoy some celebrations with fireworks.

We always can hear and see (the very big high ones) from the many surrounding small communities.

I actually found some sparkling in my flower bed!

click to enlarge, please ask if you would like to copy

What a surprise, eh?!! 
(I think it was really little faeries with sparklers, do you? LOL)

  until next time ...

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Did you find anything surprising or uncover an old treasure this weekend?

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Independence Day!

_red white and blue stars image
Why do we celebrate July 4th?

It should be a question that is quick to answer.

  But did you know that many young people today think it is just a summer break to picnic, party and enjoy fireworks?
We need to remind our children that we are the luckiest people in the world because our fore fathers bravely fought against tyranny for the freedoms that many take for granted today.

The freedoms to have the right to choose where we want to live, say and write what we want and practice any faith we may want,  were fought and won with blood and honor. 

We must never forget.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

  As we take time to relax and enjoy this Independence Day, I want to thank all the men and women who still fight to protect those very freedoms here and in places all over the world.

To my friends and neighbors to the north I also want to wish
  them a Happy Canada Day!

  Happy Independence Day America!

What ever you may be doing this long holiday weekend -
enjoy, remember to tell someone you love them, 
 party in moderation and be safe.