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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dog days of summer...

  Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Dog tongue hanging days of summer...

original photo source dogsdinner.co.uk 
caption added by me

I am not complaining.
Really. (  I hate winter and the cold)
But spring lasted way to long and was cold and wet.
Then we get to July and WAM! 
Hot, dry (as in NO rain) and extremely humid.
The Dog Days of Summer........... 

        You do not have to be a dog to feel tongue dragging,
             blazing fried.

That Sirius dog is really cooking my tail!

hot flash...

I am too cool to be a hot dog

squish, squeak, sop... slowing sinking away

Let me know if how things are on your side of the monitor...

I hope to be hiding someplace cool, 
 dark and not growing mildew...
     ah, summer ~~~~~~~~~

   until next time...

Please never leaver a child or baby (human or furry type) alone in the car. 
Even if you think it will only be a few minutes. 
Temperatures get deadly FAST this time of year.
 Be safe, not sorry.

Extra link love this week to  
DogsMom and Frozen Moments.
 photos collected from various photo sites, 
if you believe it to be yours and want it removed or credit added, please contact me.


  1. Oh these are really cool and funny photos!

  2. OMG yes I could not agree more!

    Tsunami @ Create With Joy

  3. TeeHeeHee, yep, that sums it up beautifully!

  4. LOL. Yes it is.. HOT HOT HOT out there

  5. That's a great Wordless Wednesday!

  6. California has been cooler than usual. Last weekend we were wearing long pants, socks and shoes and jackets. It was cold.

    Have a terrific day and stay cool. :)

  7. Cool collection of tongue shots. :)

  8. It is quite warm, isn't it? Jeez. I left my FL vacation and it's just as hot and humid in OH! Thanks for the linky. Following you now!

  9. Wow, that makes me feel overheated just from looking at those tongues!

  10. So true! The heat and humidity has landed here in Orlando!

  11. What's with the Tongue-o-meter? That's too funny!

  12. those made me laugh..
    and actually made me hotter than i am ...
    its been pretty hot here lately

  13. i feel like panting like those dogs too!

    ~ash's mum

    ps missed ya GMT!

  14. After a record breaking wet spring, we've had a record breaking dry July. Supposed to be going up to 38 C (100 F) on Thursday, without the humidex.

  15. those are so funny!! I love the tongue o meter!

  16. Great pics! It really has been a hot summer.

  17. Love the pics - it sure is HOT

  18. Neat pics! I think everyday just gets hotter and hotter!

  19. sooo funny Faythe! But I hear ya...I was on vacation in Dallas last week and it was well over 104 there! Insane!

  20. LMAO...love the giraffe and oh, that's how I feel. SO hot!

  21. Love the dog heat meter..it really cracked me up laughing.. it has been too hot this summer.. hoping that the weather will turn cooler soon.

  22. I would say we are most certainly in the dog days of summer here! i bugged my hubby until he FINALLY put the window air cond. in. At least now we can sit without bathing in our own sweat! The air outside is like an oven! whew! It's too hot to even go to the beach!

  23. Hot here in the MidWest...we even have weathermen telling us the obvious....that it's very hot. Heat doesn't deter my toddler though....

  24. I'm with you. Too dang hot to do anything. Oh and I hear we're getting a heatwave today.

  25. Great pics! I feel like that second pup. I do miss the snow at this point.

  26. It's hot here! Very, very hot! (I'm in Chicago)

  27. Great photos! Thanks for hosting.
    Find a shady spot and chill out - that's all I can do.

    Keep cool!

  28. Ah, you are very sweet to give me a shout out and my computer is acting up possibly due to HEAT and I did not post this week. We have no A/C so I shut off all non essential electrical devices and plugged in fans in every outlet.
    I am on doggie water bucket brigade.
    BTW- I am trying to help place a wonderful Saint Bernard...

    Keep cool and wear your shades.

  29. My Terrier mix's tongue hangs out all the time because it doesn't fit in her mouth.


  30. Great pictures! It's been crazy hot here too!

  31. You can feed the giraffes at a zoo near our house. They really do have those big black tongues!

  32. GREAT post!!! I love the giraffe - I feel just like him/her

  33. pretty sure we are getting skipped this summer. We are 60 degrees and raining. We would love some of your heat ;)

  34. I can empathize with all those tongues! :) It's been so stinkin' hot here - since about May! Mother Nature has been whacked this year - we have Heat Advisories for the next two days, too - no relief in sight! GAH! I'm actually wishing it was winter and cold right about now... ;)

    WW: Pelicans on the Mississippi

  35. Cute pictures today! I love the "Tongue-o-meter"!

  36. LOl! I enjoyed all these photos. I love the one of the giraffe with his tongue out on the side. Thanks for sharing! It is super hot outside! We are staying in all day!

  37. These photos are hilarious!!

  38. tongue sticking animals. nice collection

  39. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Haha! Great pictures! The tiger is my favorite!

    Aloha! Mrs. Marine
    & the Tiny Troops

  40. I love the tongue-o-meter

  41. Anonymous5:11 PM

    These are adorable. Loved the tongue-o-meter!

  42. Hahahaha, these are lovely!
    What an inventive mind you have. This is way cool.

  43. thanks for linking up with me! Have a great weekend! If you're interested, I'm hosting my "Sit and Relax" weekend hop. Live now until Sunday at midnight!

  44. It's like 90 here and there is no humidity. So I guess we are probably the coolest in the nation right now, eh?

    I have never felt so badly for a giraffe.

  45. What a cute posting! Love those faces! We've cooled down a tad bit here, but it sure has been a long week of heat!

  46. I think that giraffe has heat stroke.

  47. Anonymous3:56 PM

    That Tongue-O-Meter looks a bit wicked... I have been looking through some of your previous postings my friend and I will be back to comment on some of those if it is okay? I always like to backtrack as it helps me to understand the Spaces and the Authors of those Spaces a little more than just jumping in on the most recent posts...

    I hope that your Halloween was a funtastic time and that Monday has been wickedly exciting so far too :)

    Have a great rest of Mondy
    Grammy-Mouse-Tails :)



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