Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to cool off

Lazy on a sunny afternoon
In the summertime...

  And it is HOT!
Of course it is, it is sizzling summertime is it not?

  Now wasn't it just a few short months ago 
(seems to be less that that to me) 
 that we all were complaining how cold it was? 
Asking when is winter ever going to end?
Saying, "It is still too cool to wear my cute swimming suit.."
( well you did not hear that from ME!)

Well summer officially arrived and it is HOT! 
I like the heat, but what comes with my heat is humidity... uggh!
I.Do.Not. Like.Humidity!

source : icanhazacheeseburger

I do not have air conditioning, never have sigh ...
So I thought I would share with you some cool refreshing things to do to keep your mind off of the heat. 

  How about a nice walk in the woods? 
You can walk under the canopy of the green luscious trees and look for natures treasures hiding in the leaves or on the ground.

wow, feels so nice under this shady bush
click to enlarge, please ask to borrow my images, thanks

 Another cool option is to go find a nice clump of long soft grass and lay down. It could be under a tree to offer a bit of shade, or a nice low lying spot to just relax and stare up at the clouds and play 'This cloud looks like a ??' ! 
This looks like an inviting shaded spot...

looks so cool and icy
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Of course there is water! 
What doesn't feel great like a bit of chilly fresh water,
on a steamy hot day?
 Like over at this creek here...

all images are clickable to enlarge,
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  No creek near by?
Then there is always a pool
Public, private or sneak over a neighbors fence at for a mid-night dip... 
(oops, To.much.Information!)

source: wikimediacommons
If the heat is just to darn uncomfortable the very last option would be to dive into any puddle you may possibly find!
Especially when the kids won't share the cool refreshing sprinkler !
(darn kids get all the fun!) 

cool off swimming!
source: email fw
Did I go to far? 
I should of warned you to cover your eyes, darn... (me bad)

Well I hope these images and cool ideas helped bring down your summer internal temperature.

Winter is just a few short weeks (yes summer zips by to fast for me) away....
So enjoy summertime while it is here!

splish ~ splash cool watery fun!
please ask to borrow my images, thanks

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Until next time ...
     stay cool!


  1. Cool chilling shots. :)

  2. I live in central California and we've had a very mild summer so are. We don't get much humidity and the temperatures have been mild for us. I guess you're getting all the heat.

    I loved all your pictures. One way to cool off indeed.

    Have a terrific day and stay cool. :)

  3. The diving in the snow photo is just too funny!

  4. I am feeling cooler already, thanks for the cool off photos.

  5. This was just too funny! You had me giggling from start to finish!

    Here in Colorado's high country, we can be a comfortable 74 degrees one minute, running for cover from hail and lightning the next, then the sun comes out and burns our noses because we forgot to put on sunscreen!

    I do remember your snowy shots, and I'm grateful for all our seasons. I try not to wish any of them away! (and sometimes fail)

  6. Yeah I complained about it being hot,and said "remind me of this in January when I am complaining that it is too cold" LOL I dont "do" snow though... this Florida girl cant get THAT cold! LOL

  7. You know what, as HOT as it is right now I love it and would take it anyday over winter. Winter is death, everything freezes, compared to summer when there is life everywhere!

  8. I think I would kill myself if I didn't have air.

    I love the naked snow swimming shot. lol

  9. Just what we need to cool off in this hot, humid July weather! (But it's my favorite time of year!)

  10. I visited my kids about a week ago and the heat really did me in, took me 3 days just to get enough energy to plug in my laptop.

  11. we like to go to a movie to cool off! you can almost use a sweater there in the summer

  12. Fun post. I'm still cracking up over that shot of the naked guy swimming in the snow. Too funny!

  13. Haha! That was great, and I needed that! It's been SO hot!

  14. those were so funny!! It has been 105 here for way too long. these photos were a breath of fresh air LOL

  15. ROFL love the swimmer!

  16. to funny. thanks for sharing!!!

  17. I´m not sure I understand what this meme is about. :(

  18. Years ago, I lived in snowy, wintry Colorado....but since I've retired to the Texas Coastal area...it's just warm, hot and hotter. The beach is my way of cooling down. LOL

    WAVE ACTION is my watery link. Do stop by if you have time. And, have a super Wednesday!!!

  19. The naked guy in the snow? He must have been desperately HOT!


    Feeling rather ducky?
    Here’s what I would do:
    Find a pond or puddle,
    One that’s right for you;
    Take a sturdy life vest,
    Strap it on your back;
    Jump into the puddle,
    Give a little quack!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Never-Flowing Fountain

  20. Most definitely a cool cucumber! That snow looks absolutely delightful!

  21. Was he having a hot flash? The humidity here is a killer also. This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm so glad I stopped by. I'm following you now so I won't miss next weeks submission. Have a great WW!

  22. I just found your blog through "Wordless Wednesday". Love your post and pictures! I will definitely be back to read more posts!

  23. That snow looks so good these days! Maybe not the naked "swimmer" so much, LOLOL!

  24. A dive in the pool sounds perfect!

  25. OMG at the one with the person swimming in the snow-thats GOTTA be cold! Blah we're at about 105 or more AGAIN today...and humid! I need something to keep me cool. :)

  26. That one with the person swimming in the snow is hilarious.

  27. I bet that one of swimming in the snow hurts after a while. brrrrrrrr.

  28. I love the first one the best!!

  29. In VA we must have AC ... or move further into the mountains!;)

  30. It might be hot outside but I don't miss the snow we left behind when moving. I'll take a dip in the lake or retreat to the A/C before wishing for snow. Although rain would be a welcome addition to our forecast!

  31. All great suggestions, and funny too. (Especially the naked swimming.) Unfortunately, we need some snow!

  32. God I needed that today. It was wicked warm today!

  33. that snow looks mighty good right now!

  34. Hashahaha I wonder if his butt got frozen lol.

    Watery Wednesday post at my page, please drop by if you can. Thanks!

  35. You cheated with those pictures! It sure would be nice if we could experience a little bit of winter during the summer, and a little bit of summer during the winter.

  36. It's been hot here in TN, too. So thanks for the "cool" images!

  37. Ha ha! Yes, those are nice refreshing images! Naked guy with goggles was the topper. I personally am looking forward to December. But I'm gonna enjoy every moment of the warm weather that I can.

  38. Hold the snow! I didn't have enough of warm weather just yet..

  39. It is so cold here this morning. The snow swimming photo just made me feel 10 degrees colder.

  40. lol, glad u liked my set of blogs. :)

  41. What a great group of shots, made me laugh!

  42. Love that LOL cat!

    We've got a new kitten. Come and take a look?

  43. Cool would be darn good about now!

  44. Haha!! that one photo is pretty silly! It's so hot here too, in the 90's all week, I won't complain though because the snow will be back soon enough! Try to stay cool Faythe!


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