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Friday, August 05, 2011

A Crabby Planet of the Apes

  I could not resist sharing this one with you today

click to big-a-fie
Maxine a Hallmark©  image

Maxine on Crabby Road has hit the nail on head again!

I like Maxine on FaceBook© as I feel a kinship 
    to her attitude, silly me.
I "resemble" many of her 'toons or wish I was brave enough to voice myself as loud as her... 
I know I can't be all alone on this? Just being a woman I have lived and breathed many a day living on Crabby Road ☺!

 So they have filmed an all new version of Planet of the Apes (or is it a Pre-quel??).  I have seen the movie trailer/commercial for it and of course the film effects and makeup will have to be amazing over the original (ode to Roddy McDowall -Cornelius). 
I have no idea who is in it, or if anyone is type-casted {{snickers}}.

Do you plan on seeing this movie? 
I will wait for it to be out on Dish/Cable unless free tickets and popcorn fall into my lap. I could use it as a reason to get out of the stifling heat wave and find respite in a nice air-conditioned theater. I have seen enough of the live version play out on TV with this awful quagmire going on in Washington with the budget and back door deals. ((sigh))

Are you a Crabby Road/ Maxine © fan?

Wishing everyone a
great weekend!                      Faythe ~
Until next time...


  1. I liked the original Planet of the Apes series, but I didn't care much for the remake a few years back. Will probably wait to see he new one on DVD. I remember Maxine when she started out way back when as the creation of a cartoonist...

  2. We love Maxine! Hey, I saw that movie trailer too...gave us the creeps!

  3. I agree with Binky, even though remakes are always omore advanced in their special effectsetc they just aren't the same as the old originals. So many remakes are over the top with extreme violence & seem to lose the idea of making a good story.

    Barry & Cedric said to tell you the planet s full of Crepes not Apes. They are eyewitnesses to the facts.

  4. I'm with you, it got good reviews and I'm sure it's decent, but I'll just wait for it on video.

  5. MOL, or any politician!

    Wishing you Happy World Cat Day.

  6. This was really cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Yes! I used to read all her greeting cards- she is sooo funny!

  8. No one's like Roddy McDowell. I saw him in an airport when I was a kid. I got his autograph then lost it. Typical kid maneuver.



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