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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Icing it up ...

To help cool down.

miserable mouse uses ice for headache cute image
HouseMouse© image

This has been me....
  ice, rest and a bit of pain reliever.

First of all I want to thank everyone who left me such nice encouraging thoughts and well wishes last week. My third round of cervical radio frequency ablation is now over. I believe I am doing better than when I had the left cervical side done. I still have a ways to go and hope to share with you just why and what I have been going through. I have a follow up in 2 weeks with the neurosurgeon, so time will tell.

I thought I would share some ice cold images to help everyone cool off!

And share a smile or more ...

Ice has been my welcome friend.
Not just for the swelling and pain but it helps to lower the body temperature as well.

I have been going through lots of ice...
icing up to cool down image
Summer is still sizzling here in Wisconsin along with most of the country. A heck of a heat wave! Whew! 
It sucks to have no air conditioning! We did have a fast moving thunder storm blow this afternoon, and may have more later... at least it brought down the temperature.

Nice frozen ice...
It is also good for munching! 

As long as you do not have fragile 
 or sensitive teeth!

I have several types and sizes of ice/cold packs and they are also getting a workout.

But even the biggest one sometimes has a hard time taking the edge off. At times I feel like a bloated stinky cow! 

I do have to say, it does hit the spot in more than one way. 
  Popsicles help too! Ahhh!!!
I do not take many medications, never liked to pop pills (unless unavoidable) and I am allergic to many. So natural ice or heat therapy can sure do wonders! And no yucky hangover or nasty side effects!

Be sure to leave a link to your post below, for myself and others to visit!
It may take me some time again yet this week, but I will reply with comment love to everyone who leaves some.

ice bag for first aid pain treatment image

  stay cool,
   until next time ...


Are you going through lots of ice and water ?
What other eco/frugal ways do you use to stay cool in the summer sizzles?


  1. Believe it or not I got to our health club to stay cool. LOL I do water aerobics there. Tons of fun & I get exercise. Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE the cat picture--something my fat cats would do! Thanks for hosting a WW! My w/w will be up in the morning, would love for you to stop by!

    I'm a new follower =)
    Cookin' for my Captain

  3. I can't imagine going through a heatwave without air conditioning. Yikes.

    I hope thing get better and better for you health wise. Sending you healing hugs.

    Have a terrific WW. :)

  4. I am glad to hear that you are on the mend! Drinking LOTS of cool drinks really helps - I like pink Rain (a form of Gatorade - to help with my electrolytes. But I have a really hard time with the heat too!


  5. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon! I'm learning to appreciate ice too while visiting my kids inland where it's hot but not so bad as when I was here a month ago, still about 40 degrees difference from home,I don't know how I'd do with out air conditioning nights are the worst I've decided I like cold becasue you can always put more on, but there is only so much you can take off :)

  6. No air!! Dude. That stinks. But that cat pic cracks me up. Stay cool!

  7. I actually like it hot. My husband hates it.

  8. Love that cat pic! Stay cool! Hope the heat wave will be over soon.

  9. Stay cool and take care of yourself!

  10. glad you're a bit better. We're still purring for you - just in case!

  11. Glad to know you are better now, hope the weather cools down a bit more and stays so. :)

  12. Glad to hear you are doing better. Hope it gets cooler, it's been unbearably hot.

  13. Wish I had some ice over here...it's hot!

  14. I sure am glad you are feeling better and my sisters and I send you tons of purrs!

  15. The cow one is hilarious!

  16. It is hot to have no air I have been there when I lived in NY. Now we could survive in FL with out the a/c

    Stay cool. Here is hoping it cools down sonner, rather then later

  17. haha the cat made me laugh out loud!

  18. I love anything with dogs! That dog looks like it's being tortured though.

    And, I'm glad you're feeling better!

  19. I hope the ice helps keep the pain at bay. But I also suggest some chocolate ice from time to time. Chocolate ice cream and Fudgsicles!

  20. Binky! You are a genius. How could I forget about fudgsicles & CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! Actually here in WI we have a delicious treat called frozen custard, much richer tasting & the chocolate is wonderful. Hubby did bring home some dark chocolate Klondike bars, 2 packs of 6... but some how I only got 1 out both of them??? did I mention they are his favorite?

  21. A wonderful ode to ice! Glad you are feeling better.

  22. I hope you feel much better and are on the mend.

  23. It was very nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting us. We just loves Brian to death he is such a sweet guy.

    Hope you are feeling better. We are sending healing purrs.

  24. I love the Icepack on the cat's tummy photo. That is just so cute.

  25. those photos are just too cool.
    Come join the conversations every Thursday and Post your questions on Thursday Two Questions Meme

  26. If you could swing it, a room A/C in the bedroom does wonders for sleeping, or any other time for that matter.

    If you have a public library branch close by, drop in there for a few hours. You can hang out, read the paper, surff the web, maybe even find a book to read. There's worse fates.

  27. we have weird sliding windows

    Sometimes you can lift a sliding window out of the track to gain a few inches. You wouldn't be the first one to install a window unit and fill in the spaces with cardboard or something similar.

    Another possibility is to cut a hole and stick an A/C unit straight into the wall. That is reaching 'handy man' turf, but there should be someone around who could do that for you if you don't have the tools and skills to do that yourselves.

    And there's always the "poor man's swimming pool" -- fill the tub with cool water, and climb in.

    purrrrring that the heat has backed off a bit for you by now.


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