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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Return of the turkey trots part 2

Last Wednesday I told you about the return of the 
  neighborhood wild turkeys.
I have another day of adventure to share! 
Hubby was able to capture them by sneaking around the yard
and following them around (off in the distance).

  Hubby had just stepped out for his early morning walk and spotted our feathered friends and poults right at the top of the driveway! He came back in quickly and grabbed his camera. Quietly he slipped out the door and the turkeys were gone! He correctly surmised that they had trotted off behind the garage and started up the hill of our back yard. So he planted himself in position hoping to snap the brood and not frighten them off.

Sure enough a minute later out walked the hens!

click to enlarge photos, please ask to copy

lots of bodies, 
heads down scratching and pecking up bugs and seeds

Turkeys can recognize each other by their unique voices.
Researchers have identified more than 20 distinct vocalizations in wild turkeys. So the chicks did what the hens of the brood gently clucked, kew-kews or clicked told them. Hens are normally kind of quiet, they do speak up (yelp) when it is mating season and they feel like answering a males gobble. Only the adult male turkey makes the gobbler, gobble sound.
The gobble can carry for up to a mile. Males also emit a low-pitched "drumming" sound; produced by the movement of air in the air sack in the chest, similar to the booming of a prairie chicken. 

The turkeys were busy pecking and eating, hubby was not too steady himself, crawling and crouching behind them. I wish these were clearer, but can you make out how many there are in these photos? Turkeys do move rather quickly.

busy heading up the hill in towards 
the tall grassy area we leave for the wildlife

no time to take a sun bath today, 
lets head back down
click any photo to enlarge, please ask to copy

Turkeys will peck at just about anything, including each other!

I wonder if any of the mother hens had to cluck at the poults to "stop pecking on your little brother"??

They had returned back down in our wildflower (haha, more weed patch this year) area in the front of the yard. This is where hubby also has his burning pit. Some of you may remember my photo from last winter where it looked like a skating ring. You can just barely see some of the rocks that line the burning pit in the photo below, and the huge pile of logs that always seems to be waiting for the next marshmallow roast.

I hope you can make out their plumage of browns and tans 
 better in this weeks trot. 

Wild turkeys have excellent geography skills and can learn the specific details of an area of more than 1,000 acres. We only have just over an acre, but the neighbors and ourselves have noticed plenty of turkey criss-crossing throughout our corner of the "hood".

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        until next time...


  1. My oldest Mica would love your house! He likes birds!

  2. We had wild turkeys earlier this year, they may have come over to visit our domestic turkeys. They don't show up every year but we have seen them a few times. They are all over the neighbor hood where by daughter lives. So we see them pretty often when we visit her. Always a treat. Hope you are well :)

  3. How fun, but I'll admit I did think of dressing, potatoes and gravy. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. We used to have turkeys in the neighborhood we lived in in Kentucky and I really miss them. It always intrigued me how the leader of the pack stood in the road waiting for everyone to cross before trailing behind them. It was almost like watching a crossing guard.

  5. oh, what fab pictures. Look at them in order like that!

  6. What a treat to see them two weeks in a row!

  7. I think all those turkeys may need some protection in a couple of month's time!

  8. I would love to see this in person.

  9. For the record... ahem... I do not plan of eating them... but our youngest son has already inquired if they were invited for Thanksgiving dinner!

  10. That's quite a story!

  11. This informative. Great details presented.

  12. That's so cute..the turkey and its brood going on a march up the hill.
    Happy WW

  13. I have been SO enjoying "The Turkey Chronicles" - thanks for sharing the photos AND the fascinating facts!


  14. Last year we had a lone wild turkey on the highway! He even made the news!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  15. I had no idea only the male was the gobbler!

  16. Great shots! I've never seen wild turkeys "in real life", only in pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  17. My kids would go nuts with that in the yard! :)

  18. Great pictures....

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  19. lol, gobble gobble! Hope you are enjoying your new visitors :)

  20. I think they really like your place!

  21. Wait a second! I've heard of that dance! ~snicker~ Hi Girl, how ya doin? Hmmm Wait a second wasn't that Turkey in the straw? Have a great day! Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Great shots. We have a few wild turkeys living near my neighborhood...the funny thing is, I live IN MINNEAPOLIS. These turkeys are city turkeys. It is a little bizarre but we love them.

    Thanks for linking up with me.


  23. Anonymous1:59 PM

    wow--that never happens in nyc ;)

  24. Anonymous1:59 PM

    wow--that never happens in nyc ;)

  25. Hi Faythe, It has been quite some time since I stopped by your great blog. So sorry. The wild turkey pics are great. I hope you will stop by and join me for Wordy or not so Wordy Wednesday.

  26. Interesting. All those turkeys sound the same to me.


  27. Ooops!
    I appologize for Link #55 !!
    The link is right, the title is not! Sorry! Please remove if you get a chance!

    And great pics by the way this week! Love them! :)

  28. loved the story....and all the pictures....

  29. Anonymous10:08 AM

    That is pretty amazing to see all the turkeys in your back yard! Great pics & story! :)

  30. I'm so glad he was able to catch them on the other side. What a treat to not only see them, but get to watch them going about their day!

  31. I like the one with all the younguns walking in a line behind the Mum

  32. I must show this to Au, my senior cat. He LOVES chicken! Nice pics.

  33. Very wise turkey! They love to runaway as long as they can.

  34. Omg, little man would go running after them!

  35. Just wanted to say "HI" and hope all is well with you. I always love our visits!


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