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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swiftly Summer

Summer is quickly
  and in many areas, wickedly passing.

My thoughts and prayers still continue to all those who are working to get some semblance of order back into your life. Hurricane season still frowns down. 
I hope it swiftly and quietly passes.

A short 6 weeks of summers quick life as seen
 through the Black eyed Susan (rudbeckia).

one of my small wild areas behind my house,
from last year - 2010 
All my photos are clickable to enlarge,
please ask to copy

the spiky petals of black eyed Susan start to unfurl
petals slowly spread, letting the still flat 'eye' peek

eyes open and forming the hat shaped seed-head

fat heads full with seed winding down to seasons end
all my photos are clickable to enlarge,
please ask if you would like a copy

  My flower garden areas did poorly this year, especially the ones I replanted with hopes of new colors and species to share. Luckily, I only had to deal with the horrible humid heat and drought spell that crossed the country, so I can not complain weather wise. I hope these golden beauties fill your hearts with rays of new hope and sunshine that will rise on better days ahead.

Please share your Wednesdays of wordless, word-full or witty. 
Link up, I love to visit and see your views on your part of the world.

Walls of gold encircle
Pasturelands and plains,
Rimming hills and meadows, Edging country lanes.

Skirting cloistered forests,
Girdling fen and down,
Bordering the roadsides,
Shutting in the town.

Concentrated splendor
Of the year they hold,
Fortresses enclosing
Summer's garnered gold.

Until next time...


  1. Yep, the summer is going quickly! We pray all those affected by the storms find some peaceful normal soon.

  2. It sure does go fast, doesn't it? That flower variety is one of my favs and ours is looking like the last photo now. :(

  3. I agree the summer has flown by (well what summer we get in London)

    Let's hope the worst of the hurricane has now passed

  4. Love the flowers and the poem. Yes summer is slowing edging its way toward fall. It's currently 91 degrees here though. We have very nice weather through October and then it gets cold.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. The poem is beautiful! The photos are also lovely. Thank you for a perfect post!~

  6. Pretty.


  7. Those were the first flowers that I learned the name of. My Dad loves Black Eyed Susans!

  8. Sweet summer is over in the blink of an eye - lovely photos

  9. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Pretty flowers.

  10. Wow such patience to capture the Black-eyed Susan in every phase of it's life cycle! We have had nothing but fog with only a few hours of sunn this summer, even our container garden is suffering, but can't complain, as it is so hot inland and stormy in the Atlantic, that it's just a blessing to be cool.

  11. Always really liked Black eyed Susans. Maybe because the black eye is more like brown, chocolate brown, which reminds me of you know what.

  12. Looks I got Mr. Linky widget working again. whew! sorry if you missed it, try again. thanks!

  13. Love these Black-eyed Susan's! :) You know, I thought of you yesterday. My Zinnias aren't doing too well all of a sudden and I have no clue as to why that is. :(

  14. I love black eyed susans and sun flowers! Love your shots. I am actually not a big fan of summer - I hate the heat and humidity. I actually look forward to fall. That said, your poem and photos warmed my heart, and I look forward to your next post!

  15. I love the bright bold yellow of the flowers! I'm sorry that your flower garden didn't do as well as hoped this year, but you still got some beauty out of it!

  16. Your garden looks lovely compared to my drought ravaged garden this year. But this was not a season for me, I guess.

  17. I, too, am so impressed and thrilled with your efforts to capture every stage of the flowers' lives.

    Yes, summer went way too fast...

  18. Those are beautiful flowers. How amazing that you captured them in every stage. Summer did went too fast. I could never get enough of it.

  19. Beautiful photos and lovely, kind thoughts.

  20. Beautiful photos!

  21. Love the flowers. I am such a sucker for flowers ... good thing there isn't a flower market here!

  22. I love garden pictures! I have those in my own garden, too. Happy Wednesday!

  23. I've always been a sucker for black-eyed Susans since we share a name--though not an eye color. But this long summer has me feeling a lot like that last photo!

  24. Love Black-eyed Susans. Thanks for the linky!

  25. I don't have your green thumb that's for sure. I guess because my son & I are allergic to bees I don't keep flowers on my property. We have nothing, but greenery! Have a great day. Love the poem.

  26. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Such great pics and the way you displayed them made them even better!

  27. Love the timespan pictures! I love flowers but I'm not a good gardener so I have to get them from the store and put them in vases :)

  28. I agree! Where on September already! how time flies so fast!

  29. It was definitely a tough year for gardening, wasn't it?

  30. So pretty! I so wish I had got flowers to grow this yer but the only thing I got to go was the Nasturtiums in the garden. They are pretty red though!

  31. Anonymous9:05 PM

    It's so sad how quick the flowers die! I love them! Our neighbor plants them all along the lot line and I look forward to it, too bad they don't last long :(

  32. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I walked into a "local" GW store yesterday and the staff is busily decorating it for Halloween - painting windows and dressing up models as characters. Oddly, they have chosen an under the sea theme.
    Lots of dry and brown crops in the fields around here too.

  33. Hi, Faythe, I love the idea of watching a flower from start to finish!! You do have a way with words!! Are your turkeys still OK? Will you harvest one for Thanksgiving? Maybe wild turkeys aren't the way to go...I am sorry you had drought there. Next year you will surely have those pretty flowers come up AND have some to share!

  34. I love bright yellow flowers. Springtime here now. We went for a country drive yesterday & there are daffodils popping up everywhere

  35. Springtime in Tasmania and heading into the cold time of year here. I just pulled out the last of my Black Eyed Susans yesterday. Often they bloom well into fall, but I think I let them get too water stressed this week.

  36. HEY! WHERE YOU AT? I thought you were here every Wednesday! Well, Happy Belated Labor Day my friend! Hope you had a good one!


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