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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wet leaves fall like raindrops...

oh, wait a minute...
that is because it is raining too!

Summer-to-Autumn is starting to much like Spring-to-Summer...
Wet, cold and boring....
Boring as in no colors, not much signs of season change, abrupt temperatures and no sign of wildlife. Boring!

to enlarge just click,
please ask if you would like to copy

Just a peek out our bedroom window and we see several patches of mushrooms,  a sign of natures yard sponge. Slimy, cold and lurking as an unknown safe food source for humans. Anyone care to identify? (I am not tasting no matter what!)

click to enlarge,
please ask if you would like a copy

The only color showing is more from yard-art decor in the form of a pale turquoise birdbath full of soggy autumn leaves, with a touch of red petaled pottery, barely changed.

Too early for autumns splendor in color celebration that heralds winters lull and blankets of white.

Evidence as shown in this photo of autumns annual announcement by out first to change maple, from a previous year.

Summer stunk this year! Late to come, early to leave. Except for maybe 7 to 10 days of awful humid and high temperatures, I hardly noticed it was here. Did you?

I am linking up with a few other fun Memes besides wordless-wordy Wednesday this week. It's a very Cherry World for fun posts with red pictures somewhere for REDNESDAY, A Southern Daydreamer for posts featuring OUTDOORS WEDNESDAY, and WATERY WEDNESDAY!  Check out these fun sites as well while you wander this week.

Is autumn (your season change) shaping up/arriving as planned by you?

Until next time ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great weekend for CheeseHeads!

Wisconsin Sports were Hot this weekend,
even though temperatures stayed damp, wet and cold.


University of Wisconsin Badgers football were dug in and buried their adversary, South Dakota with ease 59-10. Next up, Nebraska could give them more of a fight. CheeseHeads, cool heads will prevail!

Milwaukee Brewers have had a great season!  Mopping up the weekend stretch against a frothy Florida Marlins team.
A record season so far. Go, Brew Crew!
Milwaukee has cinched the MLB Central Division title and look to a play-off run for the World Series, something they haven't done in 29 years! I was hesitant to mention them this year as my early in the season post last year kind of jinked them (yikes!)

Prince Fielder1st base
Ryan Braun, left field

Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun are both strong MVP candidates to add more fuel to the Brewers bats and makes trying to get a ticket at home all but impossible.

 Then to add to the festive atmosphere the Green Bay Packers had their first season game opening against our friendly rivals the Chicago Bears. The Packers along with Aaron Rodgers are coming off of last years Super Bowl XLV championship title will have to really keep their heads and helmets on straight this year. 

What commenced as a good start began looking pretty sloppy in the second half. The Bears gained on some bad Packer fumbles and flops and brought the score to within 10 points... Jay Cutler was showing his arm still has speed after a pass connected late in the third quarter. A slippery finish stopped the clock and the Pack hung on for the win. Green Bay can not afford any messy plays if they want to retain their title, the coveted title Super Bowl Champions! I would think that even the players would agree with me that they need to continue to refine their skills and concentrate on winning with improvement. The Green Bay Packers now have a starting record of 3-0. A great ending for happy CheeseHeads everywhere.

Until next time from your "Not So sports reporter"
  Enjoy your cheese ...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Arrival ...!

baby items divider

Introducing the latest newcomer to our family...

Just a few short weeks ago,
proud parents to be ...
photo by CelebrationsByCandice.com
used with permission of artist 

I am proud to announce to you ...
  Ethan Justus ...

photos are clickable to enlarge,
please ask permission to copy

a sweet little snuggle-bug, our new grandson !

bright eyed and full of wonder, day 2

Any excitement from your side to share?

apron full of flowers name tag

  Until next time ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inspiring moon rising on 9-11 anniversary

   It could just be me....

or just the excitement of my 3 year old grandson noticing the big full moon on Sunday evening, the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

He was just dressed for bed after his bath and looked out the door and saw the huge moon all a glow and started saying "the moon, the moon!"

We went on a last minute visit to see our oldest son and grandsons over the weekend, so of course I had to snap a bunch of photos. I grabbed my camera and got a picture of Sam sitting on the entry way bench pointing at the moon all proud.

 Sam enjoying the inspiring moon

Then I looked at the moon and it was just rising over Minneapolis and had a beautiful glow, so I took a few pictures for Sam.

all my photos can be enlarged by clicking on them,
please ask to copy

I realized I had not changed the setting on my camera for night-time without flash, so I did after the first shot above. Other than resizing no enhancements were made. 

The air traffic from Minneapolis airport just happened to have the planes flying past our view of the moon.

the smaller spot is an airplane taking off

Sam was sent off to be tucked into bed along with his big brother and we looked out the beautiful moon again. 
  This is what I saw...

to enlarge just click on photos,
please ask to copy

Some may call it a haze in the sky,
my imagination or just my hopeful heart.
I just call it inspiring. Better days ahead.
I hope, a sign of peace for the world to come.

 Did you happen to gaze up into the sky on the
tenth anniversary of 9-11?
  What do you think?

Until next time...

Please leave me a link to your wordless
or wordful Wednesday post,                       

after your comment.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 years later, America shall not forget

  Some wounds are covered and slowly healing.
Many scars still endure. 
These shall remain as constant reminders of the horrors and tragedy that awakened America from a slumber too long ago. A lesson forgot, made fresh and brought together "we the people". Let us never forget the terrors of 9-11. 
Teach our children, remind our countrymen
Lest we forget and let history repeat its terrible wrath.

Today marks a somber anniversary. 10 years! I am sure many are tired of seeing and hearing about it. But do not let this day pass without reflection on those innocents lost, those that rushed to aid without a second thought, and the many that perished. Heroes all. Heroes that still are putting their lives on the line so America can keep its freedoms. Reflect and send thanks and positive thoughts. These are my thoughts and words.

all images are clickable to enlarge

Some final memorial images that many will use to keep 
that determination for Freedom Alive!

all images are clickable to enlarge

9-11 tenth anniversary memorial medallion

Thank you for reading this week. 
 And for sharing your memories.

Some of today's images are keepsake items that can be found online and for sale, but I found beauty in the thoughts and details, and wanted to share.

Thank you to all who stay vigilant to keep us safe.
Until next time,
keep Freedom alive in your heart.

What have you done lately to keep your legacy of freedom?
Did you pause to remember 9-11?

Friday, September 09, 2011

9-11 Memorial images

10 years past, but Never Forgotten

click to enlarge

Pentagon Memorial stone
click to enlarge

United Airlines Flight 93
click to enlarge

Let's Roll
another Memorial in thanks
from the citizens of Colorado

etched in our minds, hearts,
   and memories, forever.
     Never Again

images found on free web sources, thank you.
if you own any of these, contact me to give you credit

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Do you remember ???

Where you where and what you were doing
  10 years ago this coming Sunday?

image from free web source

It has already been 10 years 
  since America was shaken to its core. 

The first attacks ever on American soil, hit by air and destroyed the Twin towers at the World trade center, another smashed brutally into the Pentagon and the last that day was bravely over taken by passengers and slammed into a Pennsylvania field. Where its destination really was I do not know, but the heroic actions of those passengers stopped another attack and more murders of innocent people on that sunny fateful morning. September 11, 2001.

I did not forget. I still mourn the fallen and all the brave heroes that put themselves into harms way to try to save others. I mourn for the innocent lives lost. I was at home that morning, but I had friends and relatives close by in New York city and working in high rise buildings in other big cities that could of been potential targets. Images still fresh, to horrible to forget.

With this being the tenth anniversary of this awful day, I felt compelled to dedicate something to all involved, including all that are still grieving and those that still are fighting for are freedoms.
Something I do not take lightly.

Healing through Remembrance

image is clickable to enlarge,
please ask to copy, image and words belong to author

I remind you to hang and fly your flag this week, if you do not do it always. Be proud and filled with honor. 
America is still standing. 
Rebuilding, assisting others (as is our way) and fighting for freedom for others as well as to keep our own.

What memories do you have from this world shaking event, that not only struck America, but the safety and trust of others world wide?

  Until next time,
   stay safe and Never Forget.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Labor Day 2011 !!

hearts at sign div image

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and Labor Day!

  Enjoy your time off, whether it be a weekend, a day or just a few hours with friends and family or some peaceful time to yourself.

  As always, a special Thank You to all the members of our military who are serving or have served, including the families are at home...
   God Bless and stay safe.

     Until next time ...