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Friday, September 09, 2011

9-11 Memorial images

10 years past, but Never Forgotten

click to enlarge

Pentagon Memorial stone
click to enlarge

United Airlines Flight 93
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Let's Roll
another Memorial in thanks
from the citizens of Colorado

etched in our minds, hearts,
   and memories, forever.
     Never Again

images found on free web sources, thank you.
if you own any of these, contact me to give you credit


  1. Thank you for the beautiful tribute.

  2. You are an inspiration! thank you Faythe for this tribute! Are you on F/B? I would like to friend you, my friend :)

  3. Hey, there, Faythe,
    Who is your latest follower? =)
    Have a good, but sadly memorable weekend.

  4. All that has been on my mind...The images of that day are as vivid as if it were yesterday...

  5. Things we need to always remember. . .


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