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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great weekend for CheeseHeads!

Wisconsin Sports were Hot this weekend,
even though temperatures stayed damp, wet and cold.


University of Wisconsin Badgers football were dug in and buried their adversary, South Dakota with ease 59-10. Next up, Nebraska could give them more of a fight. CheeseHeads, cool heads will prevail!

Milwaukee Brewers have had a great season!  Mopping up the weekend stretch against a frothy Florida Marlins team.
A record season so far. Go, Brew Crew!
Milwaukee has cinched the MLB Central Division title and look to a play-off run for the World Series, something they haven't done in 29 years! I was hesitant to mention them this year as my early in the season post last year kind of jinked them (yikes!)

Prince Fielder1st base
Ryan Braun, left field

Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun are both strong MVP candidates to add more fuel to the Brewers bats and makes trying to get a ticket at home all but impossible.

 Then to add to the festive atmosphere the Green Bay Packers had their first season game opening against our friendly rivals the Chicago Bears. The Packers along with Aaron Rodgers are coming off of last years Super Bowl XLV championship title will have to really keep their heads and helmets on straight this year. 

What commenced as a good start began looking pretty sloppy in the second half. The Bears gained on some bad Packer fumbles and flops and brought the score to within 10 points... Jay Cutler was showing his arm still has speed after a pass connected late in the third quarter. A slippery finish stopped the clock and the Pack hung on for the win. Green Bay can not afford any messy plays if they want to retain their title, the coveted title Super Bowl Champions! I would think that even the players would agree with me that they need to continue to refine their skills and concentrate on winning with improvement. The Green Bay Packers now have a starting record of 3-0. A great ending for happy CheeseHeads everywhere.

Until next time from your "Not So sports reporter"
  Enjoy your cheese ...


  1. Go Packers!
    I believe that some sort of cheese substance must be in Lake Michigan because there are way too many of us cheeseheads living in West Michigan ;-)

  2. Anonymous7:44 AM

    On Wisconsin! Foward to victory!
    Rah, rah and all that.

    And for those not into sports it was also a very fun Oktoberfest weekend around the state before these chill damp winds blew in!

  3. Have fun honey. I know you will.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead and thanks for your visit to both my blogs. Hugs. :)

  4. I'm happy for you. I don't hate Green Bay in the least, but I'm a Chicago fan!

  5. Go Wisconsin Go! :)

  6. Go teams go fur sure!!!

  7. Wombats are sometimes called the badgers of Australia, so I'll back the Wisconsin Badgers! They must be good with a name like that.

  8. Hey Did someone mention cheese??? Gimme gimme gimme !!!


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