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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Ladies Room ...

The Halloween edition ...

  {overheard, laughs and snickers}
      Not politically correct...

Okay Ladies, are you ready to be mooned??

please click to enlarge if hard to see...

For my male type readers,
I do not want you to feel left out.
So here is a chuckle for all species or sexes.

you have been fully warned!

as always, click to enlarge if needed

Stay safe and aware of any 
spooks, zombies or other monsters...

Happy Hauntings,
Until next time...

I claim no credit to these humorous images,
I share them for the enjoyment of my readers. 
If you are the owner and want it removed, please ask.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spying over the fence

Usually I see my neighbors in the back peaking over the fence at me. 
I took at walk up the hill the other day, with an eyrie feeling I should check up on them...

you may click to enlarge any photo,
please ask to copy

So far so good, they seem unaware and lazing about in the sunshine.
I felt brave enough to actually stand up and get a better look.

looks like they noticed me!
They are standing and coming my way!!

Do they frighten you? They should!
I noticed these warning signs up at the corner of the road
and posted around their property.

And this was posted in the local paper and post office...

Good thing hubby is armed and ready. We have our doors and windows locked and shuttered until the warning is over. 

This time of year you never know what to expect!

until next time,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wombie Alert!!

Yes, you read right...
 Wombie alert!

Be on the lookout this weekend for Wombies every where!
Not to be confused with nasty zombies, 
Wombies are sweet cuddly furballs from down under. 
They will be out in force this weekend celebrating  
 "Wombat Day!"

October 22

 I found out the big festivities surrounding this special day from Peter at Wombania.
He has assured me there will be lots of cake, chocolate (especially dark chocolate, yum!) and wine gums to go around.

Why chocolate? What are wine gums? What exactly are wombies? Well, you will just have to go visit Wombania yourself! It is full of fun and interesting trivia about wombats and wombies (yes, a slight difference) and of course the funny and exciting adventures of the loveable wombies themselves! Come meet the whole gang!

I did not want to arrive empty handed so I am taking this yummy double dark chocolate cake and some extra chocolates as well.

click to enlarge photo
I high-jacked this cake and fiddled with it to resemble Winky
(the big guy who is always hungry!) with a tiny Binky guarding him.

I hope you click ( several links above) on over and enjoy the cyber party!
I know it is officially not until Saturday, but you never know what can happen in Wombania!

Yum, yummy... smack...wipe, smacks lips again...
See you down under!

oh, yummy chocolate cake!
huh... ??? what cake,
where did it go...
no, I did not eat it all... really!!
(I guess the little Binky guard wasn't watching, ahem...)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vacancy !!

  Cheep space available...

          until next spring 

vacant until next spring
click to enlarge, please ask to copy

anything new or interesting in your neighborhood this week?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Golds and purples

Remember my spooky tree?
  (this link takes you to the beginning of the tale of how this tree became named the "spooky tree" for more posts see the left side bar under categories/tags spooky tree)

  It is still upright and has a new crop of vines growing on it this year, all changing colors and getting ready to come falling down (more of a pictorial story later).

Enjoying the last few days ( I sadly fear) of Indian summer I was able to catch this shot standing beneath old spooky....

click to enlarge,
please ask for written permission for a copy, thanks

Many of the leaves of gold, red, purple and all of autumns hues are all but fallen in the winds of fall. Raked and blown into piles, crushed and burned by handy hubby, who then comes inside smelling of smoked sausage after a hard day of yard work.

Are there any of the beautiful colors of golds,
  reds and purples in your area?
Tell me what part of the world your season is changing into,
  autumn or spring eye candy.

  Until next time ...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Autumns colors slowly arriving

Guess what! 

It has stopped raining here for 2 days so far! Sunshine sure brings out a whole different perspective on life. It may be our Indian summer, but I hope it lasts more than 3 days. The cold rain knocked a few trees bare before color could change. With the sun also came today some warm weather, Nice!!

So a quick view from my yard for your pondering...

Looking down my back yard hill...

you may click to enlarge,
please ask if you would like a copy, thank you

Looking up the same hill...

as you can see the tree in the center (hawthorn) has lost its' leaves from the cold rain,
the leaves you do see near it is a scrub maple growing near its base.
The hawthorn is slowly dying so hubby is letting the maple grow so it can replace it when he has to cut it down.

Any big weather changes by you this week?

Until next time...
I hope to be enjoying more sunshine!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

CheeseHeads celebrate another sports weekend trifecta!

Two weekends in a row of Cheesehead nation nirvana! This one was extra sweet with autumn sunshine to spread the news.

 Milwaukee Brewers started the weekend NLDS playoffs against the Arizona Diamondbacks with a win on Saturday 4 to 1.
Sunday afternoon the game was more intense especially after the Diamondbacks hit a two run homer to tie up the game at 4 all in the top of the 5 inning. But the Brew Crew was not ready to sit back and came back strong in the bottom of the sixth with hit after hit which didn't stop until the game ending scare of 9 to 4! The NLDS and ALDS playoffs is decided by the winner of best out of 5 games.

Saturday brought the usual full capacity crowd to Camp Randall to watch the  WI Badgers some what surprisingly beat the snot out of Nebraska Cornhuskers 49 to 23!

The Green Bay Packers finished Sunday afternoons CheeseHead nirvana sweep with a whopping stomping scare of 49 to 23! They were also wearing their spiffy Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness gear.

CheeseHead Nation... can you feel it?!!

I know I am a bit giddy with all the sports fever. I know it helps keep a bit of the autumn chill off of me, at least during game time. Another trifecta weekend!

  One last bit of Wisconsin sports news, for those who are also NASCAR fans. Matt Kenseth of Cambridge, WI came in fifth in todays(Sunday) race at Dover, Delaware. He is one of the Roush-Fennway Racing teammates to make the Chase to the Cup championship this year. We are fans of Matt's and often stop at his fan club in Cambridge when ever in the area, as I have mentioned in another post. We would love to see Matt win another cup title!

until next time,
your "Not So..." sports reporter