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Friday, October 21, 2011

Wombie Alert!!

Yes, you read right...
 Wombie alert!

Be on the lookout this weekend for Wombies every where!
Not to be confused with nasty zombies, 
Wombies are sweet cuddly furballs from down under. 
They will be out in force this weekend celebrating  
 "Wombat Day!"

October 22

 I found out the big festivities surrounding this special day from Peter at Wombania.
He has assured me there will be lots of cake, chocolate (especially dark chocolate, yum!) and wine gums to go around.

Why chocolate? What are wine gums? What exactly are wombies? Well, you will just have to go visit Wombania yourself! It is full of fun and interesting trivia about wombats and wombies (yes, a slight difference) and of course the funny and exciting adventures of the loveable wombies themselves! Come meet the whole gang!

I did not want to arrive empty handed so I am taking this yummy double dark chocolate cake and some extra chocolates as well.

click to enlarge photo
I high-jacked this cake and fiddled with it to resemble Winky
(the big guy who is always hungry!) with a tiny Binky guarding him.

I hope you click ( several links above) on over and enjoy the cyber party!
I know it is officially not until Saturday, but you never know what can happen in Wombania!

Yum, yummy... smack...wipe, smacks lips again...
See you down under!

oh, yummy chocolate cake!
huh... ??? what cake,
where did it go...
no, I did not eat it all... really!!
(I guess the little Binky guard wasn't watching, ahem...)


  1. See, I do learn something new every single day, I had no idea! Happy weekend!

  2. I'm all set for tomorrow's event.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Thanks for the Wombat Day announcement, Grammy! Now even more people can enjoy a good excuse to eat more chocolate and learn about wombats! And the cake was delicious (yes, it's already gone)!

  4. Good to see you in on Wombat Day too Faythe. Thet's a great Wombat Cake you made. Well done.

  5. I missed the cake. Drat.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. WOW! That cake is amazing. The other stuff is great too. Great job!

  7. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Wow that Wombat Cake is yummytastic and looks so delicious :)

    Happy Wombat Day Everyone


  8. It's new to me too! I thought you were talking Wombles at first. Showing my age :-)

  9. Okay! I'm off to wombat land... :D

  10. Hmmm... Could've swore I left a comment on this one. Guess not. That's a great Wombat cake Faythe. Happy Wombat day for last Saturday!!!

  11. Oh silly me I didn't see it then I just noticed it further up the list. Feel free to delete this & the 2nd comment if you want.


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