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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leftovers ...

Have you ever had a leftover coma?
Did a big meal ever leave you with that uggh feeling?

Remember I recently warned you about the 
 cow zombies here and here?

Well the threat is spreading!
Zombies cows are not the only thing to worry about.
Now there is the real treat of leftovers!!!

It started here the day after Thanksgiving...

a serious warning about the turkey!
remember you can click on any image to enlarge it
please ask to copy

I sure hope this wasn't one of our wild turkeys ((shudder))
Turkeys are not the only ones either...

please click to enlarge, if you dare
please ask to copy

 I warned you about leftovers

Cows, fowl, birds and pets!
Heavens, what is next?

Aha! This seals it, I found an official warning sign.

There are plenty of opportunities to have large meals and parties with lots to consume in the coming weeks... So heed this warning, especially when it come to the leftovers.

Until next time,
I will try to keep you up to date
with any serious alerts!
I may have to consider a diet~
Have you felt or seen any of the
 leftovers zombie signs?

Also linking up to a new meme Black and White Wednesday at Like Christmas Everyday.

funny photos found on various free web sites and I have added the serious warnings. 
if photo belongs to you and would like recognition 
 or removal please let me know.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful thoughts

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, in the U.S.

  I have much to be thankful for again this year.
A warm and dry home to keep the cold and snow off our heads.
We still have a few cents left after the bills are paid each month,
so we are not without food or clothes.

We were blessed with a new grandson I introduced you to in September, he continues to grow and we hope we can get to meet him some time next year. ((fingers crossed!!))

Our two older grandsons are growing and adjusting to going to different  schools this year. Well, as much as a 3 and1/2 and almost 6 year old boys can sit and enjoy school all day! A big change for them.

So for your viewing pleasure (I hope!)
  here our our little grand-turkeys!
(you may click on any picture to enlarge,
  please do not copy without written permission)

it is off to the races,
big wheel VS skutt balance bike

snack time on a sunny afternoon

They are so close in size in many ways ( they wear the same size shoe, ect) it is hard to believe that the blonde one, who is tall for his age will be 6 this December! He has the same built his dad did growing up and also wears the slim size pants too! Younger and much more active little brother (as I have mentioned in the past, esp when he broke his big brothers femur!) is more brawny. It is hard to believe he eats enough to continue to grow at this rate! Maybe that should be stated that they have enough food in the house to feed him, haha!!

And now the newest little grand-turkey ...

getting bigger is hard work!

pictures by his mommy, 
funny caption by grandma

Thank goodness his momma posts a lot on her 
 computer/phone for us to watch him grow.
It has been hard not getting to see him or hold him yet.
Long distance families seem to be a normal thing these days,
but it still sucks for this grandma!

So I leave you this week with this wish...

  I hope you have a wonderful week 
  and weekend where ever you live!

I would be remiss if I did not say I was thankful for the rest of my family and friends. Friends in life and all you wonderful ones I met online and through my blog including all my delightful readers!


  Until next time ...
Do you have anything special you are thankful for this year?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deer season Opening weekend

  This Saturday is the opening day of the deer 
gun hunting season in Wisconsin.

I thought it may be fun to see this annual 
  event through the eyes of the deer.

You may click on any image to enlarge.

Just had to share some silliness during this deary
  November weather. 
Do you think you will see any of these things happening this deer season near you?

until next time...
link up and comment below, thanks!

images all found on free websites.
If it belongs to you please let me know if you would like credit or removal.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Observing Veterans Day 2011

  Sending out a special Thank You to all military personnel
serving or those who have served...

Thank you for your sacrifice.

My family and I send our positive thoughts and prayers
for all those still in harms way to return safely home.

Click to enlarge images

The Walworth County American Legion posts are continuing to collect badly needed items for the troops every day. Go to the American Legion *click blue words* for National site. Or for the WI, Walworth county site click here to find out how you can help or what services the Legion has available for you. Volunteers are always welcome!

Thank you and God Bless.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

most terrifying things I saw

this past Halloween...

If you can stand one more Halloween post,
    let it be this one.

Warning frightening, smelly and scary images below!

Forewarned is forearmed!
(click to enlarge photos if you are brave enough!!)

stinky baby onesie
all parents will understand

I warned you all about this here!

What was the most creepy thing you saw this past Halloween?

until next time,
stay safe!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

images of a migraine, pumpkin style

My wonderful (NOT) migraines have been attacking more often.
So I shall keep this less wordy this week and leave you images...

I do hope they are not to frightening ,
you are warned!
You may click on them if you are brave enough to see them larger.

my head

headache warning!

vision starts to swirl

feels like

migraine attack!

Looks like...

Hope everyone else had a pleasant Halloween,
filled with chocolates, sweets of all matter 
or what ever fills your hearts desire.

until next time...Trying to keep my humor
can be hard some days.

Any other migraine
sufferers know what it feels like?
I hope yours are not as wicked.

all images are taken from free internet sites or were made for me.
If you are the rightful owner and would like credit or have it removed,
please email me.