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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

back, neck, arm and leg pain

add an eclectic assortment of headaches and migraines to the Nth degree and it gives you a tiny bit of what my life has been for over 20 years. Ack!!

Nope not fun, and I have mentioned on a few posts of a creak here and a squeak there, but that is not very entertaining. I do try to make it educational when I grumble on about it. 
I will try to make this short but bitter sweet.

  I had cervical disketomy and fusion done in 3 consecutive levels of my neck 15 years ago. I have been trying to avoid it ever since! 
  For the last 16 months I have gone through lots of physical therapy, seen too many doctors to spit at and a number of medications to try (I hate pills!)... many which have been added to my long list of medications I am allergic too. ( good thing I never aspired to find an unnatural high ~ hahaha) Add an assortment of shots and injections up the wazoo, OUCH. I am surprised I haven't sprung a leak from all the new holes I've been presented with!

I have failed in my blind avoidance. My sneaky body has continued it's attack. My spine has kept crumbling and my nerves are wailing.
  I am grumpy! 
I am tired of pain and never knowing if I can plan anything and actually get to go or do anything!
  Boo ~ Hiss!! 
feels like to sit on this!

So this leads me up to the fun adventure 
    I have awaiting this Friday.
Since none of the above mentioned measures I have had tried (they sound like a party with Dr. Frankenstein) lately has given any measure of relief in back, neck, head, heck ANYWHERE, I am left with the inevitable... more cervical surgery. Ack! Not a complete fusion this time, trying something a bit more easy on the anatomical spine. I hope to keep mobility, I'd hate to give up driving and many other things. I am too young to loose independence ( yes young, I have many things I want to do!!)

So my anything but wordless Wednesday photo this week describes sort of what I am feeling at the moment...

swollen blood red barberries,
surrounded with thorns of pain
Click to enlarge, please ask for a copy

So this is a early excuse that I may not be on for a few weeks. As soon as I can comfortably sit at my computer ( I only have a desk top) I will try to post and return comments if possible. I appreciate my regular readers more than you realize and look forward to our visits. So I hope I don't get lost in my absence.

Some of you have my email address and I will do my best to answer when I can. And I plan on giving hubby a lesson on how to post on my facebook page for those that know me there. It took me forever to learn email, blogging and FB. Now, hubby (Al) can do simple email, but he is an excellent online shopper (add another Ackk to this week! yes He is the shopper not I!)

  I thank you for visiting and reading my way to wordy post this week. I thank you again for all the encouragement I have already received, and hope to be back soon with silly/sassy stories and photos to share. I humbly ask for any positive thoughts to guide the neurosurgeons hands on Friday. I trust him and he has tried every other avenue we could. 

I should mention we finally got our first measurable
 snow fall on New Years day!
Very late in the season for south eat WI. It was a crunchy sandwich type of snow... ice, snow with more ice on top! Not very deep and not the nicest to walk or drive on. So Snow-man winter is here for the season!

Until next time...

Stay warm or cool
(depending which part of the world you are)
 Keep those bodies healthy!
I look forward to tapping at you soon!

Have any one who visits ever gone through back or neck spinal surgery? How about things to stop migraines and chronic pain?
 What can you share?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A toast to the New Year!

As the clock is about to strike midnight here in the cheesy land of Wisconsin, I have have some last minute reminders for all that may be away from home, at parties or with friends...

this is true for me, which may account for
 why I don't really drink more than 1 glass if any.
I do not mind being a designated driver,
I enjoy the time spend with friends and family

the more you imbibe the crazier you act!
click on any image to enlarge

too much nip will remind you the next day (or longer, ughh)

Enjoy in moderation,
always have a designated driver ahead of time,
don't be afraid to call a cab if necessary

Enjoy the revelry of ringing in the New Year, 
with mirth, fun and friendship! 
And may 2012 bring us all a happy, healthy and safe new year!

feather party mask image

              until next year,