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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blooming on the 1st day of Spring!


Yes, wonderful colors, sunshine and blooming things!
That doesn't sound out of the ordinary to you? Well it certainly is in my part of Wisconsin. It is normally still snow covered, blustery and gray days still this time of year. I have no complaints on the weather. Winter was unusually mild, only a few heavy snows that did not last horribly long. Yes, still some cold frigid days full of gray skies, but with less snow it was more tolerable!

So imagine my delight that just a few short weeks,
a mere 13 or 14 days after this last heavy wet blizzard ...

remember you can click on any of my photos to enlarge,
please ask if you would like to copy

There is a bit of the color out of my door ...
Talk about a contrast of seasons !

brilliant yellow forsythia,
we had severally cut these back 2 falls ago but they are blooming nicely!

beautiful blooming crocus a buzz with insects
this kind of white I can handle in March!

I actually missed the rest of the crocus, the warm weather quickly wilted them before I could snap a picture of them today, sigh... I have not shown you the terrible mess my garden areas are this spring. Most of my readers know I was not able to keep up with anything due to neck pain and up coming cervical surgery in January. The yard is really a big mess! I am slowly doing better with physical therapy each week, so I plan on doing tiny bursts of cleaning when I can, weather co-operating. Maybe I will do a before and after of my shameful garden mess? Would you find that interesting or make you feel good that you are (or are not), the only one with/without major spring clean up? (I have it every year, but this year is the worst! Hangs head in shame. Hubby has been busy though.)

Spring is blooming in my heart today!! 
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  How is the first day of spring
in your area? Colorful or blahh?
Until next time ...


  1. Love the changing seasons!

    ~ Jill


  2. I love this time of year when everything comes alive again. We don't have snow in central California. So the blooms usually show up in February and by March the leaves on the trees are green. It's a wonderful time of year.

    Our yard looks awful and we don't have any excuse either. Hubby is working on it, but slowly.

    Have a terrific day, get well soon and enjoy the spring weather while you can. :)

  3. Don't you just love the beautiful flowers popping up? The weather is nothing like normal in March!

  4. I'm glad to hear the physio is helping and that you're feeling good enough to be thinking about doing some clean up and gardening. A lot of people who have no excuse probably have yards a lot worse than yours!

  5. Pretty flowers! Very nice start to Spring.

  6. What a happy post... I just LOVE spring! Hope it is wonderfully mild! Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  7. That is quite a difference--from snow to flowers! Happy spring! :)

  8. I know what you mean... it's been crazy this year. I'm trying not to whine but it does seem to be happening so fast I can hardly enjoy one thing before it's on to the next. But loving these nice temps. Happy WW!

  9. We got your snow on our nearby hills :) WE don't get it ever year, just now and then once or twice a decade. Looks just beautiful but like it's melting already becasue it's back to sunny and warm. Your crocuses are just gorgeous, and so cheerful. But I love the beauty of snow covered trees too. Thanks for sharing your nook of the world. Glad you are back to blogging and hope you continue to steadily improve.

  10. I do miss spring flowers. Wish I could be in Holland right now..... You've made me homesick!

  11. Take it easy! I love the flashes of spring I'm seeing!

  12. The crocuses are lovely. Hope you're feeling better soon & able to appreciate the spring for however long it lasts....Have a great WW

  13. Lovely blooms you have there this spring. Happy WW

  14. I love Spring. Just look at that. Everything is so gorgeous. Hope you're doing well. Have a happy Spring Wednesday!

  15. We've been enjoying azaleas, bridal wreath and redbud trees. Glad you are doing better and back to posting! Happy spring!

  16. I am sure glad Spring has sprung! I wish ai had a garden to have a mess in!

  17. I'm so glad to have an early spring around here!


  18. and happy spring...feels like summer here in central Pa!
    I am your newet follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy WW!

  19. the weather is gorgeous here in Michigan too. I am afraid with the wacky mixed up seasons that we are having that we will have SNOW in JULY!!

    Think I'm kidding? I'm NOT!

  20. Our weather has been beautiful in Maine too!

  21. We had quite a cold one yesterday. Winter is drawing closer down here. Can you bag some spring weather & send it down???

  22. Beautiful spring flowers! Nice to see you back, by the way!
    Erika's Wordless Wednesday

  23. Your pretty little garden is cheering you up for all the work it's about to make you do!

  24. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Loving all these spring posts! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy WW from Jordyn @ The Green House!


  25. You sound like you are doing so much better now....so glad to hear this.
    Love this time of year!
    Hugs, xx

  26. Faythe, such a pleasure to have you be a part of "A Little Birdie Told Me..." at Rook No. 17! Glad to hear that the snow is beginning to yield to the signs of spring. Hope you continue to recover swiftly from your surgery, and that your spring is full of beauty and rejuvenation!


  27. I totally love the Spring, but we already have Wasp problems, and we don't know where they're coming from. They're on our bedroom screens INSIDE no less. YUK!

  28. I love spring but autumn more. Luckily in Australia we are just starting autumn. Good for me!!



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