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Friday, April 06, 2012

Big Bunnies scare me!

Did you ever see a little kid screaming just because someone made them sit on a Big Bunnies lap?

Well that was me a long time ago ...

Every year there is at least one age group to get initiated into this fear!

Maxine on Crabby Road know what I am talking about!
Maxine is a Hallmark© licensed image

It really makes me wonder all about those funny colored eggs too!
Our parents make us hunt for them and who knows what critter has had their way with them while it has innocently hiding ... just saying!

And then they want us to EAT them!!!
No thanks. I stick with the peeps and chocolate bunnys,
 they look harmless enough to me.

Have you ever been scared by a so called holiday character?

Until next time,
here's wishing you happy times, lots of chocolate and gummy goodies!


  1. Happy Hoppy Easter Keaster to you too!!!

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours Faythe. Hugs. :)

  3. gotta tell you the Easter Bunny scares the crap out of me too!!!

    I was never a big fan of Santa either! lol

  4. I have no fear of anyone or anything if he/she/it is giving out free chocolate!

    Happy Easter, Faythe!

  5. Haha a funny way to look at Easter!
    Actually we don't get the Big Bunnies here... No sitting on laps like for Father Christmas. lucky us? :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. I'm "askeered" of clowns. {{Shudder}}
    I love the Maxine cartoon, I was thinking of posting it on my blog too.
    And the Tragic Story of the Easter Egg actually made me snort!
    Happy Easter my dear friend!!

  7. I agree! The huge Easter Bunny is terrifying to little ones. Funny pics.

  8. Being the youngest in the family I had enough things at home to scare me (or torture me.) Big bunnies were not even close.

  9. bawahahahahahahahahahaha You're too funny - now stop that. I came over here to wish you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter and you're talking about eggs getting laid. Thanks for the laugh sweetie I cannot tell you how badly I needed that. You're always around to cheer me up, and when I need I smile I come visit you. Hugzzzzzzzz

  10. Well, Faythe, from now on I'll think of Easter and baby bottoms mooning at me :-) You are funny!

  11. Hi Faythe,
    Thank you for the recent comment.
    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!
    Hugs, xx

  12. fuuny! Chucky Cheese was never too popular in my house!


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