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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day !

I was just a youngster, in middle school in 1970, but I remember the first Earth Day especially since I am a Wisconsinite! Gaylord Nelson had much to do with that historic day and was Governor of Wisconsin at that time. I wrote about those humble origins and beginnings here, I hope you enjoy it.

Earth Day has evolved to a more environmental awareness day. An awakening to all the children of the earth to help take care and restore her.

Do you do anything special to celebrate our common home?

If you can not go out to purchase a new tree or plant for your own area, how about looking for seedlings in your own yard? I often have trees that have reseeded themselves and are big enough to transplant. The same with many of my perennials. If I can not use them I share with a friend or neighbor who can. Another easy trick is to thin out your garden area and transplant or share those little babies. I especially love to do that with my family heirloom plants (those that have been gathered from other generations yards and passed on to share in a new family members yard).

If you do not feel like digging and planting how about just taking a nice (family) walk with small trash bags (or recycle used plastic store bags) and pick up trash and garbage along your way. Even little ones can help if it is not a busy area and makes it a teaching experience as well. If you can only walk a short distance than clean up around and especially in front along the road way (be careful of cars, have a look-out with you) and tidy up your entrance to your earthly kingdom. Your neighbors and your home will thank you!

What ever you do, I hope you make it an enjoyable (family) time. Celebrate our Mother Earth. If you can not do it today you can read more here on the origins and beginnings and things you can do and learn more about the place we call home.

Happy Earth Day,
Mother Earth.

Until next time...

Do you have any
plans just
for Earth Day?

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  1. We need to take care of our common home everyday. If we do she will continue to take care of us.

    We are sitting on the back of our boat right now enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth.

    Have a terrific day Faythe. Big hug. :)

  2. I forgot to go to Walmart. Usually they hand out baby trees for Earth Day and Arbor Day.

  3. Happy Eaerth Day. My DD says he remembers the first one too. I can't believe I forgot Earth Day, and I'm such a big fan!

  4. yes..we are all called to be stewards of this beautiful earth..every day! and the little things add up and so do good habits, like turning the sink off when you brush your teeth....
    happy earth day!

  5. I didn't do anything for Earth Day. Bad Wombie!

  6. Faythe, I had signed up to pick up a tree from Lowe's. If I was supposed to pick it up yesterday, I missed the boat. I'm calling them today and see if there were any left. I wish I could get my brain unfangdangled. Hoping for lots of sunshine today to celebrate Earth Day. Hoping you have a good one, too! Thanks for the history lesson! Mary

  7. We can all to the planet a favor by taking care of our wasting at home.

  8. nice blog.keep posting good things.watch family guy

  9. I didn't know it was Earth day. We are fanatical recyclers & composters here. Plus I ride a 125 motor scooter to work which only uses about 4 litres of petrol a fortnight. Guess that's our contribution to our planet.


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