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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

these eyes ...

  These eyes of mine are driving me wacka-doodles!
Dry eyes, itchy eyes, out of focus, dang gum blurry eyes!

  I got into my eye doctor and had a thorough exam. Yes, I needed new lenses and all three areas had changed. Distance, reading (close up) and distance for computer work. I had tried tri-focal lenses in the past and they drove me bonkers. I had tried progressive lenses with the result, so I chose to go the route I did last time, bi-focals for distance and reading and separate pair for computer work. Both other times I ended up changing back to lined bi-focals and of course you do not get back the difference in money spent on the fancy no line, progressive ect. charges. So stick to what I always go back to. I did need new frames this time so I only ordered the bi-focals (GULP!) hoping to pick up the separate frames and lenses at a store that has cheaper combination prices. When I went to pick up the finished pair they had some "reader" glasses on sale and I had the clerk pull my computer script to see if both eyes were the same, they were. And luckily they had a pair in that size! I added them to the bill and came home wondering which piggy-bank I could squeeze the dollars out of for the complete sale. Eeeuuuwww... not going to think about that right now.


Actually the eye exam is the cheapest part of the whole ordeal. Frames and lenses and special coatings needed, that is what adds up!
My eyes are healthy otherwise (Yea!!) but they have always been sensitive to small changes. Add to that the nerves that were pinched and strangled over the years made them more so. My prescription is really not that strong. I do have some evidence of glaucoma starting, but it has not changed in the last 3 visits, so he thinks that is not anything to worry about, just a watch and see. It is just that sensitivity that makes a little change in vision bother me more than a normal person ( I know, I am a weird all over...!)

Back to the "sale" glasses... They are not working at all. I can not concentrate on the screen for any length of time without all the blurry garbage kicking in. GGRRR!! Darn these eyes!

I hope they will take them back. I also think I need the doctor to recheck that distance again. Since I have to get real close to the screen to see, even if I enlarge the font. So that may be off a tick or so... dang gummit!

 what my world has been looking like

So unfortunately for me that means I stay off the computer until I can get that straightened out. (sniff) We are also stuck in an early hot weather system, along with so many in the mid-west and out further west. No rain has made my yard and garden along with many of the farm fields near by very crispy. A weather alert has been issued starting tomorrow for deadly high heat (over 100's here) and humidity. Where the humidity is coming from is unknown to me, unless we get a freaky hard shower that evaporates into steam on contact (most likely). My neck and back do not like extreme weather, ouch.
 It may be a good thing I am not sitting in front of my heat generating computer surfing and reading my favorite sites. We have no air conditioning in our home. I most likely will go to our one lower level bedroom and hope for some heat relief. Our sons slept down there and it always was 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

I hope to be back soon. I owe so many of you comments, I feel naughty for being behind. I am missing you though!

  My final thoughts are prayers going out to all of those in Colorado, Utah and surrounding areas that have been fighting the fierce wildfires. They need rain, rain and more rain! Along with help relocating and prayers! They also have the same heat wave going on at the same time!
Keep safe my friends and family.

         Until next time ...


  1. I hope you're able to get some different glasses that suit you better. Not being able to see properly is not much fun.

    Take care, Faythe!

  2. Happily, I took to tri-focals without a problem, but yes, you are so right about the cost..lol

  3. Restasis is something your doctor might consider. I've been on these drops for several years and oh what a difference it has made. Something you might bring up to your doctor.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. I sure hope you are able to get some glasses that work for you.

  5. I think the cost of glasses is just unreal! They should be covered in the price of the visit

  6. I hope you can get this straightened out too. I buy my glasses online line. So. Much. Cheaper!


  7. Oh man how irritating! I hope you find something that works soon - and at a good price!

  8. That is frustrating i know.
    Hope you get better ones to suit your needs soon.

  9. I'm late on commenting but I hope you've gotten the eyes and glasses all fixed up! I did the same as you...I have one pair for the computer work and I love them, although you can't get too far from the screen or they don't work. My perfect range seems to be within arms length.

  10. I hope you get those peepers of yours fixed soon... You have been MIA for too long.

  11. Yikes . Those blurry pics had me going for a minute. Hope things work out... :)

  12. I took mine back...they gave me my money back. i could not focus.


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