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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering the 11th Anniversary of 9-11

never far from thought.
Lives lost,
brave quick responders.
Attacked on our home soil,
many answer the call to arms, help and protect.
Never forget,
be prepared, alert and never surrender.
  Faythe aka GrammyMousetails ™ 2012

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Labor Day Greetings!

  It is the last big weekend of the summer here in the United States. Many have Monday off from work for cookouts, family outings and fun times. I hope yours is great and relaxing. Next comes the fresh faces running off to start a new school year and the fall weather that soon will be showing it's colorful face.

Happy Labor Day 2012 to all the hard working American workers who keep our economy going!
I hope you get to enjoy the day with all you love and care about, if you are lucky to have this national holiday off. If you are one of those who are working hard I hope your day goes fast so you can get to celebrate anyway you can.

For all of the remaining Americans who are still looking for work, better pay or full time employment, I send out positive thoughts that by next Labor Day, America is back on track with many new good paying jobs and a fast growing economy!

Happy and safe times this Labor Day weekend!!

Lastly, I offer my condolences, thoughts and prayers to all those suffering from the wicked hurricane Issac and the flooding it spawned. I wish you quick relief.

  Post note : Sorry I have been very absent in my postings. My neck is slowly healing as well as can expected from my cervical laminoplasty in January. But I am still having a few other health problems snarling at me. My vision is still not up to snuff and it is very hard to focus and I am uncomfortable sitting very long at my computer. I found out my discs in my lumbar spine (lower back) have gotten worse in 4 areas, so it I am going back in for new injections soon. This is the major reason for my lack of visits.
 I am taking time off for a bit to continue to heal and hopefully the injections will help keep me comfortable for a long awaited trip to finally go meet our newest grandson in California! We will be there to celebrate his first birthday!! I hope to have many happy and fun photos to share with you after I return! I bet finally getting to snuggle, love, hug & kiss that little boy will be the best pain reliever ever!

Thanks again for the well wishes and prayers.
 I am so very appreciative.
I look forward to being back in shape to share some tales, photos and funnies.

            Until next time ...