Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Finches feeding inside a Cat!

Autumn colors are long gone and the trees are bare. Just spooky looking fingers at the ends of skinny arms against the gray skies.
Most birds have high tailed it to their winter feeding grounds.

One of our many feathered friends that stick around during winters cold and blustery dark days are goldfinches. They also shed their bright golden color for a drab brownish gray, making it very hard to distinguish male from female.
They flit from tree to feeder and back to tree with a treat to break open against the hard tree bark.

We find finches to be very friendly too. They sing cheerfully while we are outside and they have even landed on the brim of hubby's cap while standing and watching the wildlife going about their day.

They tend to be very hungry little birds, I am sure it is hard to keep those tiny bodies warm during winters wrath, so seed is the best fuel. They search feverishly for any food when not enough seed is to be found at their regular dining spots. So it came to no surprise to find them feasting inside the huge black cat standing outside my kitchen window!

Would you care to see evidence???


you can barely see a small touch of yellow still left on the males breast
click on any photo to enlarge

you can barely see them in their drab winter coats during a dark pre-winter day

  Not quite as shocking as you expected?? 
No, just my cheesiness coming through with my big black
cat shaped bird feeder !

Do you have color changing birds during seasonal changes,
 or does the color migrate through to your zone?

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  2. Love your cat feeder! Yep, I can see the wee birds! Very cute!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Most of our birds are gone. There are a few left, but not many. I suppose we have birds that change color, but I've never noticed. We've lots of sparrows, but they are drab all the time.

    I love your bird feeder.

    Have a terrific day Faythe. I hope all is well in your world. Hugs my friend. :)

  4. Now that's a funny feeder!

  5. Love the feeder ...unfortunately we don't see them here in central London in general which makes me appreciate these sort of photos more

    Thanks for sharing your pics

    Have a good WW! and week

  6. That is a cute feeder.

  7. I love your feeder! From your title, I was really hoping they weren't feeding inside a real cat. ;)

  8. Thanks for visiting my site. What a gorgeous goldfinch. Ours never look that colorful even during the summer.

  9. That is such a cool cst and the birds are happy with it too!

  10. That is the best bird feeder I've seen...very funny.

  11. We have golden finches here, too, but I didn't realize they changed color in the winter. So I guess they're still around, just hiding.

  12. That's so sweet! I love listening to Finches! They are such pretty birds.

    How are you feeling? It's been a long time since I popped over.

  13. Lol, well that is a different kind of cat! We don't get many of the color changing birds but do have plenty of others during the winter omonths

  14. Yup I expected something really shocking along the line of why our cat is declawed and never allowed outside. There is an "irruption" of pince siskins and other northern birds here in Bluff Country (southeaster MN.) this year...:)

  15. how nice to see a cat and birds getting along , giggle. Reminds me I need to fill our bird feeder today. xo

  16. Hi, how are you? Long time!

    Great autumn captures.


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