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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a contrast in seasons ...

part 2

  Winter melted away quickly and sneakily switched tactics at nightfall!
What started out a sunny winter day in the 40's°,
dropped to the teens after sundown.
Along with the drop came sleet then snow...
 just another wacky weather day in Wisconsin.

Looks like something was forgotten out on the deck?
Or did we just forget to fill up this bird feeder?
Did some marauder come and empty it when we weren't watching???

Ooops! I think it was the first... either that or we get some real hardy hummingbirds?
 I sure would like to see one is its down parka... (snickers)
This was shot through our lovely old plastic storm window on the outside of double pan glass (excuses for the not to clear images). You can see the reflection of the yellow deck light in the upper right corner. A contrast in seasons? Yellow lights (normally  used for bug confusion in the summer nights) and an empty forlorn hummingbird feeder.
You can safely say we have no bugs out at night during winter, and if I even see a hummingbird wearing a down parka I might just win a prize, if I can capture it on my little camera! I am long ready for the warm weather that brings them to my window, sigh.

Poor frosted feeder not to mention the weighted down pine tree drooping over the edge of the deck.

A much clearer view of this contrast, taken looking the opposite direction.
Needless to say, it came down after a few days. Washed and put away, like it should be for next season. Silly me...

(my first (part 1) contrast in seasons can be seen HERE )

   until next time...

Have you ever forgotten something way to long that you ended up with a contrast in seasons?
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

to my funny Valentines

  Some thinks to ponder upon this Valentines Day ...

even weird love is grand on Valentines day!

"they say" it is all in the packaging!

especially too all of YOU!

Monday, February 11, 2013

40 years ago, I was changed

Today, February 12 is a very special day in my heart.
40 years ago I became a mom for the first time!

This little man changed my life forever...

our son Bill approximately 3 months old
circa 1973

 Truthfully, I was a youngster still myself! At age 16 this was the 2nd man ever to steal my heart. (His father, my hubby the first, of course.)
  40 years! (Geezers, you are making your mom old!)
Why does it feel like only a few weeks, or maybe a couple years at most?

age 6, 
with one of my many terrible attempts at personalizing his cake

When we are young we laugh at our elders when they say time flies...
We are told, by a few wise ones, to enjoy the moments now for they will be grown and gone before you know it!
  Hahaha, we laugh...

age 18! Already??
and No, I did not decorate this cake

  Bill was never the fashion follower. Never the leader, but not a blind follower either. Listened to his own tune, and still does. Knowing what things are important, like family and self respect. His sense of fashion may of came from me. I am pretty sure I wore those same big glasses!! I think. I was a rebel at not following anyone and going my own way. Hahaaha...

At 40 his favorite hobby is still riding and dare devil jumping his BMX bike! Oy!! all the scrapes and bumps as a child (and still). His boys are little rough riders too, the youngest, (4 years old) with the most dare devilish side. His oldest (7) has the snuggily side of his dad.

At 40 he is a happily married man with a pair of his own beautiful sons to watch grow. Enjoy and cherish those moments now! I am sure with Bill's guidance, they will be great men (some day maybe fathers) and feel successful at what ever path they choose, just like their Dad. After all, Bill had a hardworking, loving father that taught him his principals and dedication he now brandishes.
Bill is also celebrating his 15th anniversary working at Caribou Coffee. With his hard work ethic he is one of the top coffee roasters and quality control technicians. 
Can you tell we are proud???

Christmas with his beautiful family, 2012.

We can not be with him to celebrate, but will carry it in our hearts and save up an extra big hug for the next time we are able to visit.
Bill, always remember your Mom and Dad love you and are so proud of the handsome, hardworking, loving man you are today!  
(this is a long distance cyber hug)

a special wish from another of mom and Bill's in common favorites (wink)

40 years!
Wow, I hope I changed for the better. I know my heart filled with more love with every memory our family experienced, good and a few difficult, than I thought possible. 
Enjoy your special day, and remember only the good memories and fun times.
I wish for you a full heart and much love.

This is still a wordful/wordless Wednesday. 
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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Oh dear... OH DEER!!!

           The deer have returned!

 After about 6 years absence, mainly due to extra hunts and a targeted harvest by the DNR due to CWD (chronic wasting disease) we have seen hardly any sign, let alone actual animal sightings. Hubby has been seeing hoof-prints and other signs more often in our yard, which raised our hopes.

 Last night he was standing at the kitchen sink just after dark and saw some movement. A quick trip to another room and careful watching and "yahoo!" sighting success!  They lingered under the bird feeding areas, as they used to do. I had put out some cantaloupe out on our feeding stump, a few days ago (that was not up to ours eating standards) and it had frozen. But it had thawed enough from the slight raise in temperature to allow the fresh snow and the deer found it irresistible! Along with the usual fare of seeds and cracked corn.

I tried to take photographs (without flash to avoid spooking the deer) of course through dirty winter windows with an extra frame of storm windows (used primarily in cold climates for extra thermal warmth, especially if like us, you do not have the newer double or triple glazed windows) so they where very hard to see. I tried fidgeting with them a bit in my old paint shop program and did get something to show in negative form. Hope you can make them out.

white tail doe with fawn

after dark, snacking white tail deer

 We had a total of 6! We have white tail deer in our part of Wisconsin. As I write this it is about the same time as last night and they have come back to snack again.

It is no longer hunting season so they are safe from ethical hunters. Plus hubby only shoots them with a camera in our yard. I have not heard any recent data from our DNR programs so I do not know if the disease is considered under control in our area or not. We just hope we get to enjoy watching them again, like we have in the past, even during daylight hours. Of course it is illegal to feed deer in our area, but they do not "read" any no deer feeding allowed signs, just like they do not "read" any deer crossing signs (heheehee). So there will be no silly call-ins or editorials (at least here at GrammyMouseTails) on that silly argument!

Has there been any exciting animal or bird activity in your yards this winter 
(or spring if located in the other part of the globe)

until next time...

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