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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Teasing ...

April showers continue, spring is teasing.

Last year at this time (the year of one of our worst ever droughts) many trees where in bud or leaf, bulbs and plants showing colors and encouraging more.
Daily temperatures were warm, most days no need for coats and sunshine!

This year...
totally different, as shown below, the good the bad and the ugly.

some of the Ugly!

With almost a month of rain of solid rain, sleet and occasional snow, of did I mention rain?? The result has been lots of drenched yards, fields and puddles or more like little lakes have appeared all over like this lake (above) just down the road. Flash flood warnings and soon that lake along with many others near by will reach from one side of the road to the other. Bad and yes, ugly. Opposite of last year. Cold, nasty, gray dark skies and continual dampness. Yuck!

If I recall correctly we may of had 2 or 3 days of partly sun in these last 30 days. Yesterday was nice and sunny. Temperatures a high of 71! I was elated and rushed to make up hummingbird and oriole juice for their return! Today back to dark, gray and cold.

Now some of the good ...

Click on any image to enlarge them

male goldfinches showing color!

The male goldfinches are molting their drab winter feathers and starting to show their lovely yellow plumage for the spring and summer seasons. The females are not quite showing their just a blush of gold.

The tulips are stretching their green leafy legs not caring of the left over dead leave debris of last summer. Hopefully buds will be forming soon.

The ever resilient crocus are plunging their greenery and pretty petals right through any messy leftovers blown in to blanket their bed for winter. They are usually first to arrive in my garden.

Sounds fill the air with spring teasers as well. Robins are singing while they dig through the woods looking for bugs and maybe an early worm. Woodpeckers have been noisily pounding their love drum songs to alert the females of the season. Too many times on my house! Squirrels are in ever present running and chasing each other in their spring ritual dance. And the chipmunks have woken from their winter slumber digging new holes and tunnels while eating and filling their fat cheeks with seeds. They are to speedy for me to catch them, but I still enjoy watching the antics and sometimes bad destructive behavior.

We enjoy them from our windows and between the raindrops when we are forced to venture outside. When the squirrels get too naughty we both have been known to open a window to "bark" at them! Since our dogs are gone over the rainbow bridge we have to improvise. Banging on the windows doesn't do a thing, so out comes the bark!
I never said I wasn't a tad on the looney side (disclaimer, ahem...).

Hopefully this cold nasty weather disappears until next winter soon. I know this area is not the only one fighting with Mother Nature. We have been lucky so far, that it is just rain, we don't have to shovel it. But, it is damaging to what is left of our yard and is fighting to come inside. Very Bad and Ugly! (let's not dwell on the bad)

I am sending good thoughts that the spring season changes are being pleasant and bountiful in your area. If you are in the part of the world where autumn is arriving, I hope that is a gentle change for you.

Tell me, is it good, bad or ugly where you live?

Until next time
(if I am not flooded out or covered in mold)
I bid you fair weather skies!


  1. Yikes, and here we're heading into summer full speed ahead. By the weekend it will be in the low 90s. About right for this time of year.

    Have a terrific day honey and stay dry. Big hugs. ☺

  2. I'm being visited regularly by the goldfinches as well. I just love it!

  3. Great to see some of your plants starting to grow. Can't wait to see all the beautiful flowers.

    Dominique@Dominique's Desk

  4. I hope you get more good and that bad and the ugly retire soon! It has been pretty darn good in these parts lately!

  5. Would love some of that rain you are complaining of. Isn't it odd how it can be dry one year and wet the next (or vice versa). Our reservoir is at summer lows and our rainy season has passed.

  6. Nice to see and feel the warmth setting in.

  7. My area is just about like yours. It's been dull and cold and rainy, though today was nice. So I think spring may finally be here. It's about time!

  8. I see that spring is finally breaking through for you. For me, summer is almost upon us. Our spring means 90 degree weather, which is what we are currently having. Once summer sets in, it will be 110 degrees on most days.

  9. I totally understand. The boys had winter coats on today. It flurried last night. Last year it was dry and hot.

  10. It's mostly pretty around here. We had a week of heat, but then it turned mild and cold in the mornings again. I'm not complaining!

  11. Anonymous9:44 PM

    wow, there is still hope!! :)...
    We can't complain it's been great over on this size.
    Stay warm, hope you visit our Wordless Wednesday and we would love for you to share/linkup via linky: http://www.craftyspices.com/hops/wwhop
    Happy WW!

  12. Gorgeous little blooms!!

  13. Beautiful photos, even of the drenched yard! I hope you get your spring soon and that hopefully there won't be another drought this summer for you all.

  14. We've been fighting mother nature too. There's only been a couple of nice spring days in these parts. Can't wait until it's nice out more often than not.

  15. I am so ready for Spring and warm weather.

  16. I know April showers bring may flowers, but I've had enough of the cold weather we've been getting.

  17. Lovely photos..here in London we thought this week at long last Spring had arrived, then by the weekend it is going to plunge again arrghh!

    Have a fantabulosa week

  18. you are having more "spring" than we are! No blossoms, no nothing here in Michigan. Should be happening soon though!

  19. Lovely shots! The goldfinches are so beautiful. Thanks for hosting.

  20. yup, it's raining AGAIN here today!


  21. We got a lot of rain as well here... Yea for the flowers!

  22. Spring sure has taken a long time to arrive, but if we look very hard the signs are definitely there!!!!!!!!

  23. Thanks for joining me in the Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. And remember, while silence may be golden on WWB, the weekend was made to be enjoyed :-)



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