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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun time with fishes!

  My youngest grandson, Ethan, that lives in California is one lucky boy.
His momma started as a client with Stroller Strides, the workout for Moms with babies, and has more than met her personal goal and is now a certified instructor!

How does that make Ethan lucky? He gets to go with mom on every Stroller Stride day. They work out together at several interesting places in and around the San Diego/Coronado area. So there is always new friends to meet and old ones to play with. It has worked out as a great exercise (silly pun) in action, learning and social skills.

One of the places they frequent is the local zoos and many places around Balboa park too.
They also have a family membership to the zoo, so they can visit any of the area zoos as many times a year they like! What a great deal.

Last year their good friends and neighbors gave them a family membership to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, and it has become a big hit with Ethan. He just loves to visit the fishes!

This week I thought I would share a few photos from a few of their visits.

I'm going to catch you fishes..

Ethan and Mom during another visit

bye, bye Mr. Sea turtle.
See you next time.

I am so glad I have learned enough to find my way to certain parts of the internet, especially email and facebook. We have been able to watch our grandsons grow and see what they are up too, since visits are far and few between. We have only had one visit with Ethan, last September (when the top picture was taken) just in time to celebrate his first birthday. He has changed so much since then. 
Seeing and reading about family activities on the internet is great for long distance Grandparents, but real live hugs and kisses would be nicer.

Have you ever been to an aquarium?

 Until next time...
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? 

  We do it to remember the cost of American freedom. Americans have the wonderful privilege to live in a country that provides its citizens with freedom. Freedoms that are granted to us as American citizens by a simple piece of paper, the Declaration of Independence. The United States Constitution provides Americans with all kinds of freedoms and guarantees citizens numerous rights. Freedom of expression and religion are just two of the freedoms that the country was built on. Of all of these freedoms, they are enforced with the freedom of the right to bear arms, the second amendment. Our freedoms are Rights! Our rights should never be taken for granted and let be taken away willy-nilly or for a false sense of security. Rights can legally be taken away for many reasons, one of which is breaking any of our laws that are considered a felony.
There are no other countries in the world that the citizen’s have so many rights and freedoms guaranteed by the basic foundational documents of the country.

The freedoms that Americans enjoy are protected and ensured by the men and women of the armed services who put their lives on the line to protect the country and what it stands for. The armed services protect America from invasion and from acts of aggression from other countries around the world. They know that they may be called upon to lay their lives down to protect their country and still they volunteer to form that line of defense.

The United States has been involved in many wars and military operations around the globe. These actions have led to some soldiers losing their lives for their country. Memorial Day is one day each year that is set aside to remember those that have laid down their lives for all the citizens of America.

  Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

It is a holiday designed to honor those who paid the ultimate price to protect and ensure the freedoms that Americans enjoy.

 Memorial Day is not limited to honor only those Americans from the armed forces. It is also a day for personal remembrance. Families and individuals honor the memories of their loved ones who have died. Church services, visits to the cemetery, flowers on graves or even silent tribute mark the day with dignity and solemnity. It is considered a day of reflection.

 Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer. With many Americans the day also signals the start of summer with a three-day weekend to spend at the beach, in the mountains, at home relaxing or enjoying a family gathering or picnic.

Enjoy your holiday however you can, but remember all those who came before and still serve to keep this great country safe. We all should work to continue to keep it strong!
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

    Until next time ...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From Bud to Blooms, Forsythia

  This week we watch the spring emergence of a forsythia bush, from bud to bloom and eventually leaf.

Spring is still dancing back and forth from warm and sunny to cold, wet and gloomy.
Thankfully, no spring snow, so far (knock wood!)

The start of my forsythias appearance this year starts with one of the cold wet weather snaps. Looks like time for more yellow!

 remember you can click on any image to enlarge it for better viewing.
if you would like to borrow any of my photos please ask ahead of time ☺

a day or too later during the cold, wet weather the buds are slowly changing to blooms

sunshine arrives and blooming commences!

 these bushes were severally cut back in 2010, 
didn't take long to grow to the size they were before.
this is the bush closest to the house in full bloom.

another rainy day and the beautiful yellow stars fall quickly to the ground.
Not a long season this year to enjoy the yellow bushes.

the last of the blooms quickly being pushed out for the lush green leaves that will last the summer.

I hope you have been enjoying my bud to blooms series!

How are things in your yard progressing?

Until next time...
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Wisdom, Quotes and Wishes

Words and images for Mothers everywhere ...

May all your wishes become blooms in your garden 
and your days filled with sunshine to help them grow.
                Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

Until next time ...

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

From Buds to Blooms - Tulips

  We have been enjoying some more
       beautiful spring weather.
(Please don't hate me if your part of the world is still crummy,
it feels wonderful, so gotta brag!)

Last week I shared the growth of Daffodils. We did have a few colder and rainy days so most of those yellow sunny faced darlings are already kaput.
So today I thought I would show you the same process with a small select group of tulips. These babies did not have a blast of power and do it all in a week (like last weeks daffodils), but like normal they took their time emerging forth in tulip time.

Let us start shall we...
All my photos should enlarge by clicking on them-
(I may not be the best photographer but, please ask permission if you would like to borrow)

showing tulips resilience of the forces of nature and laziness of this so called gardener,
 tulip leaves emerging from winters slumber right on through last years mess of debris.

a single tulip bud peeking through the clump of leaves

this tight lipped tulip already starting to grow into its long neck

growing larger these tulip buds are showing their first blush of color,
I wonder what can it be??

parting ever so slightly, red lips!

some still tight lipped to ever so parted, peeking...
definitely looks red!

Tulips do have a habit of getting buds and slowly growing, then getting fat and showing color to only shrink up tight again if the colder weather sneaks in over night and stays for awhile. Tulips have been even known to bloom when they think it is time with snow on the ground.

and with the sunny warm days this tulip reveals it huge red smile!
why, my dear, you have a black eye!

I spy a few more patches of tulips around the yard that have joined in the spring awakening. Of course like many years, I have found a few that got moved and replanted some place else. (Squirrels up to their tricks, I bet)

Seeing spring flowers showing their colors sure gets me excited for the coming weather. Does it excite you too?

Until next time...
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