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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Humor

Some humorous chuckles for Halloween ~

(sshhh, don't tell anyone my secret!)

You knew it was bound to happened sooner or later!

I really do not need a season, but it helps!
my grandson was the cute model for this one

sparkly vampires are just not natural!

Do you have any fun or spooky plans
 for Halloween?

Be sure to link up your posts for this week to share.
A comment is always returned and appreciated!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wombat Day! Time to party!

Whoo Hoo! October 22 is official Wombat day, and my favorite place to celebrate and party is at Wombania .com. The home to those cute, wise and sometimes silly wombies and their human caretaker Chris!

Come party with me ...

Here are some of the traditional Wombat party (or anytime) favorites ...

plenty of wine gums!
gummie candy or swedish fish known to other kinds of peoples

Another favorite of wombies is ...

I made sure to stock up for this annual event.

And last but by far more the number one MUST have for wombies and fans alike is ...

I made plenty wombat fudge candy balls to share.

Click on over and join the party at Wombania!

And don't forget to check out all the parties and celebrations shown.
A fun place to visit anytime. Be sure to sign up for twice weekly escapes.

Party-on! (Anytime time is chocolate time)

Are you going to celebrate with a wombie favorite?
Which one is yours, mine is chocolate (can you tell?). Yum.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumns first wild flowers

  Last week I showed you some of this summers last flowers around my yard.
This week I will show you some of the last flowers to appear in my yard, always arriving at the start of autumn. Sometimes even before the first of fallen colored leaves.

Many are some sort of asters, and I am not sure what wild family the yellow ones even belong too. If you can identify any of these, please share below in a comment. I am eager to know!

Now on with the show...

these were some of the first of these yellow beauties, 
do you know what they are called?

here are some more show cased on their long, normally upright stem.
blossoms last a few days then fade to the orange seen here.

purple (large for-front) and white,
 I believe part of the aster family, a large genus

more of the tall purple asters in various stages of blooming.
You can see on most of these photos that insects and bees of all types were busy gathering nectar from all of these beautiful wild flowers.

a large bunch of wild white asters,
I believe this type is called Heather asters.
I don't know how sharp the enlargement (click on any photo) will be,
 but they are loaded with insects.

I found these snap dragon type purple blooms growing on the Walworth County Fair Grounds, when we went for the annual Labor Day fair. 
Can you see the rear end of the bumble bee in one of the flowers, 
they were swarming all over this patch, so I did not get to close.

Most of any flowers are still blooming in my yard except for a few left in potted baskets that I bought of annuals. This year was the longest season for my baskets. They are usually fried and need replacement (if I choose) by early July. But with just shy of 2 weeks of hot normal summer heat, for my part of south east Wisconsin, and mostly wet, cool damp days my flower baskets flourished nicely and still are producing even as the nights temperatures drop close to freezing! An enjoyment for me for sure!

How did your gardens grow this year. If you are just starting your growing season where you live, do you plant flowers, veggies or both?

until next time...

I look forward to seeing what you
 have posted this week!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Last color blast of summer...

  I found some of summers late colors still popping up and blooming while taking a walk around my yard. Autumns blaze is just around the corner. I am already sneezing from the changes in the wind. Come join me...

last of the bee balm petals,
almost ready to go to seed

black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia) and purple cone-flower (echinacea)
{to enlarge any photo just try clicking on them}

small reddish/brown sunflower going to seed

Solomon's seal berries ripening
(can you find the tiny red heart?)

yellow sunflower waiting for seeds to ripen

late summer garden patch

Many of these have gone to seed since these photos were taken and filled a few bird tummies too. Their shape, size and texture take on a whole different persona. Should I share that next time?

This years summer ended the way it started, wet! What a difference from last years drought. Wet spring, summer and fall is starting up the same way. I hope it gets its moisture out of its system before rains turn into snow!

I am missing lots of summers colors and creature delights already.
How did your summer wind down this year?

If participating in any Wednesday hop please link up for other readers and I can find you!

Until next time ...