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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Last color blast of summer...

  I found some of summers late colors still popping up and blooming while taking a walk around my yard. Autumns blaze is just around the corner. I am already sneezing from the changes in the wind. Come join me...

last of the bee balm petals,
almost ready to go to seed

black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia) and purple cone-flower (echinacea)
{to enlarge any photo just try clicking on them}

small reddish/brown sunflower going to seed

Solomon's seal berries ripening
(can you find the tiny red heart?)

yellow sunflower waiting for seeds to ripen

late summer garden patch

Many of these have gone to seed since these photos were taken and filled a few bird tummies too. Their shape, size and texture take on a whole different persona. Should I share that next time?

This years summer ended the way it started, wet! What a difference from last years drought. Wet spring, summer and fall is starting up the same way. I hope it gets its moisture out of its system before rains turn into snow!

I am missing lots of summers colors and creature delights already.
How did your summer wind down this year?

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Until next time ...


  1. You and I both love the color of spring and summer. Yes we do. Winter is so dark and colorless. It's not my favorite season.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  2. Those are all so pretty and I'll bet they are whiffin' good!

  3. So glad you are posting again. I really enjoy seeing pictures of your garden as they are always a delight.

  4. These are beautiful color blasts but kinda sad to know their days are numbered.


  5. Lovely colours - thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers!

  6. Not sure if I linked up the right post this week. Playing catch up on just 2 hours sleep.

    Gorgeous photos. Hanging out for summer here. Now spring but still feels and looks like winter to me here in Perth.

  7. Beautiful colours ;-)

    Thanks for popping over with your kind words.

    Have a bloomingtastic week ;-)

  8. Lovely captures!Very colorful!

  9. Beautiful photos! My flowers seldom make it through the Texas heat, so I'm ready for some fall blooms.

  10. These photos are perfect! It's so relaxing to look at nature ;o)

  11. You've selected some pretties here!

  12. Hey Girlfriend, you bring summer back so sweetly! What lovely pics & colors. I can almost smell the sweetness! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing!

  13. That's a lot of color! We've been having a rather warm fall so far, with the leaves starting to change. Many flowers are still out around here, too.

  14. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Beautiful photos! It was 37 here this morning in NH. BRRRRR

  15. Everything is going to be colorful, but it's going to go from flowers to leaves.


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