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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What is Perspective?

           Do you see a bottle half full, half empty or empty??

Perspective -

Definition :


perspective (plural perspectives)
  1. A view, vista or outlook (as in mental attitude)

  2. The appearance of depth in objects, especially as perceived using binocular vision.
  3. The technique of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface.
  4. (figuratively) The choice of a single angle or point of view from which to sense, categorize, measure or codify experience.   
 Or definition in images :
  a few of my favorites, found around the internet ...

to view larger just click on any image

no wonder I am not a morning person!

Einstein seemed to have an answer for almost everything

all image credits (if any) found on the images

  Some intelligent and a few humorous views
on what is perspective. 
What is your definition??
Or is one of the above a new favorite for you?

I look forward to your comments,
 as always.
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Until next time ...


  1. Interesting quotes.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Perspective can make a world of difference.

  4. I like looking at things from different perspectives. I used to teach about the subject when Drawing was my class.

  5. I love the turtle & the snail!

    Perspective makes a WORLD of difference, for sure!

  6. I quite liked those. How we see things, and how we approach things, can change just about everything.

  7. I love the one with the turtle & the snail!

  8. That's one of my favorite Einstein quotes. I used to be on the debate team in high school, so I like trying to see all the different perspectives in a situation. It makes life less boring! :)

  9. Everything is perspective, the world we perceive is what we create it to be according to our consciousness at the moment.

  10. Perspectives, both positive and negative can change the whole meaning. Great pics.
    For me the bottle is half full.

  11. That is really a nice quote! :)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  12. The snail & the turtle is also my fave

    Have a quotetastic week ;-)

  13. Brilliant quotes, Faythe!!! Sometimes we really do need to look at things from a different angle :)

  14. I like the last one -- the way you look at the world can certainly make a difference in attitude and life!

  15. So true! You choose whether or not to be happy!

  16. To me perspective should be viewed in a positive light. If not you live a very tormented and difficult life. Embrace the good side of everything.

    Have a fabulous day Faythe. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  17. Thanks for linking up this week and the different perspectives. Thanks for hosting, too.

  18. Great quotes! Love that owl!

  19. These are all great, but I especially like the owl one the best!

  20. Love the turtle picture, very cute!

  21. I have recently come to a similar conclusion and now my life is very different.

  22. Anonymous6:27 PM

    The third one down is a giggle and a half :) Hey I missed these postings, I need to get out more :)

    Be good today, just like me ;)

    Andro xxxx


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