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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A flying rainbow out my window!

  I think has finally arrived here at my humble abode.
The spring showers (and thunder storms!) have arrived, later than usual. Our winter was long, freezing and over 4 feet of snow ( my roof has visible, leaky signs of damage, but that is another story). So we were surprised when the normal April showers mostly escaped us here in south-eastern Wisconsin, but are more than making up for it just this week alone.

With rain can come rainbows, and that was a welcome delight a few days ago when flying rainbows came in a flurry to my yard! Yes, flying rainbows. Our colorful feathered friends seem to arrive all at once. Sit back and enjoy a tour from my window with the colors of the rainbow fly by (at a distance, as I do not have a powerful zoom).

a Hairy woodpecker (on top) and 
nuthatch (below) chase each other around a tree
click on any image to enlarge

until the nuthatch yielded to the battle and flew off (circled in red)

the year round goldfinches started showing their
 pretty summer coats

Then I spied a flash of bright orange!
A hungry male oriole!

I quickly ran and rummaged through my summer garden supplies to find a nectar feeder ... all I had was a large hummingbird nectar feeder that survived from last year.

a hungry female oriole was not afraid of the big black cat and
preceded to try to drink from the hummingbird feeder,
what an acrobat, even up-side down!

the goldfinches found it quite tasty too,
but I knew I had to get a better feeder for the orioles

the feathered flying rainbows kept working at the
hummingbird feeder as 
well as taking advantage of the seed and suet cakes we put out
for other colorful friends

Mr. Hummingbird arrived the same day and claimed his prize

after a return from shopping I quickly hung out a more manageable
 oriole feeder for the vibrate orange friends

the beautiful blue indigo buntings arrived close behind and
show up nicely against my nearly green lawn

I also found a new jelly feeder for the orioles and this female 
perched on top before diving into the sweet treat
( they like grape!)

the female oriole guarding her treasure while a goldfinch enjoys some seed

  I hope you can make out these little blips of colored rainbows, many arrived at once, but I am not stealthy enough to snap a group photo. I'll keep trying as long as they hang around . You can try to enlarge the photos by clicking on them, if you would like a copy just email me please.

Did you enjoy my flying rainbows? Do you have a favorite?

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Until next time ...


  1. We have tons of hummingbirds right now. We have six of those large feeders and they clean them out in about 5 days. It's amazing.

    Have a fabulous spring honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. We loved you rainbow of birds! We really like those blue ones!

  3. Beautiful birds! Calling them flying rainbows is perfect. :D

  4. Awww, such pretty birds. I feel like whenever I fill our feeders, there are more squirrels trying to eat the food than birds.

  5. Birds are so neat to watch!

  6. Brilliant captures I have never seen birds so blue they look amazing :-)

    Have a tweettastic week ;-)

  7. What a wonderful welcome to Spring :)

  8. Great pics, and a lovely little bird....


  9. Great photos!


  10. We've been getting April rains in May, too. Definitely a late spring. But you sure seem to have a lot of colorful birds visiting your yard! They must be nice to see after such a long winter.

  11. Those blue birds are stunning!

  12. In my desert where I live, we have such a variety colors, but hardly any blue birds. We will get lazuli buntings during the summer, but they never stay long. Currently at our home our most colorful are black headed grosbeaks, tanagers, Gambel's quail, house finches. The grosbeaks and tanagers just strip the fruit from our fruit trees and leave the seeds hanging like stones on the branches.

  13. They are like little rainbows. :)
    Happy WW!

  14. You have such a variety of birds, what fun to be so close. We have a few humming birds and I see finches and we do have quail visit daily.

  15. Oh how I love to watch the birds and their antics! Happy WW!

  16. We just get brown birds around here don't know what they call them, and we get Cardinals, and Crows and Eagles and Ducks and let's not forget our Geese. Oh my and Swans once in a while over by the river, which I'm only 8 or so blocks away. When we go all the way down our street west until it ends is the river and then we go down River St. and you can see all the geese honking and walking in the street so we beep and then the honking begins. LOL Hope you are well my friend. Loved your pics.

  17. That's a neat looking bird feeder and wow lots of birds ready to take your lovely treats too, lots of colourful tweeters there :)

    I have been out this morning throwing out some bread scraps and as soon as the postman has been I will get some more fat-balls, yes I know those are mainly winter goodies but here the birds will feast on them the whole year round, which is nice I think :)

    Thanks for visiting me on my G+ and all your wicked comments around my WP and hey I wish you a very happy Hump Day with lots of sweeties and nice hugs :)

    Andro xxxx

  18. Pretty shots! Thanks for sharing! :)

  19. I don't think I have ever seen a woodpecker before.

  20. We've got a woodpecker whose decided he likes our house. I'm mad at him. Otherwise (if he wasn't chewing my house) I'd like him. :)

  21. What darling Pictures! My Mom has a bird feeder outside her window, and it provides hours of enjoyment for her...

  22. All your birds are pretty and must be so much fun to watch! Thanks for having the link party. Have a wonderful day.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  23. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Oh I could sit and watch birds all day long. What lovely photos.

  24. Beautiful rainbow birds! I'm lucky just to see red and an occasional blue out my window.

  25. I am just looking at your garden again, the bird feeder in particular and I like it :)

    I will have to get some snaps of my garden feeder too, it's a newer version so I think that you will like it, and it was a snip at the price too, so the birds can eat their fat balls and know that there won't be any waste :)

    Have a lovely Friday Faythe and be good, just like me ;) :) lol

    Andro xxxx

  26. I think my comment just got eaten by the gremlins :( eeeeek

    I was just saying how I had just bought a new type of bird feeder and that I should snap a few pictures to show you :) I will too so watch out for those ;)

    Happy Friday to your Faythe :)

    Andro xxxx


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