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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Talking with your hands - bad or not so bad?

Gestures, sign language, talking with your hands ...
Do you ever talk with your hands? When you are happy, excited, angry or all the time?

I have a tendency to move my hands a lot when I talk, especially when I am excited. I am not the type to curse at others, but I may be guilty of using gestures that maybe considered bad, or not so nice ☺. I may of even inadvertently smacked someone when my hands are flailing around (oops).

I have mentioned on my blog before some of my health problems (mostly as a teaching tool) and have brought up the fact that I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and a host of other fun things to live with.

Recently, I had a visit to my rheumatologist and told him I was having a new problem with my hands. So I walked out of there wearing a fashionable splint temporarily. Who better to make fun of then yourself, so I felt like talking with my hands this week and see if anyone else out there has ever used gestures or hand signs to communicate.

Gestures or talking with your hands has been around for over a thousand years. I'm sure it most likely pre-dates the spoken word. Some particular hand signs have become very common and some are considered obscene (humm, whodda thunk?? ☺). Do you recognize any of the few I am sharing today?

Because of the possible offensive images below
   I am rating this post :

So one with the show ...

The good ...
the potentially naughty hand
this one I call "high five" or if moving back and forth "waving"

hands posed in the "okay" sign

hands speaking the "peace" sign

And the naughty ...

Yup, the dreaded middle finger. Also know as flipping the bird, disrespect, the swearing finger, evil or social finger. This one dates back to at least ancient Greece and Rome. Meaning mostly of what I have listed directly above and as a phallic symbol. Modern cultures have added more insult to it to make it very bad word that starts with a "F"! Horrors.

It is amazing what a few flips of your hand can mean. This is without the all the politically correct meanings of American Sign language. Maybe some of these should fall into a new sign category of outrage, slander or insulting universal language.

Do you have a favorite (or most seen/used) hand talking sign?
Do you consider talking with your hands bad or not so bad?

Until next time,
Keep smiling ☺

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  1. Bwahahahahahaha. No this is pretty much my favorite too. I love this.

    Have a fabulous day Faythe. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. That give a whole new meaning to Bird TV!

  3. As long as gesturing with your hands don't make naughty things, it's fine with me.

  4. Love it but had to larf at the dreaded middle finger heheh!

    Have a handtastic week ;-)

  5. I with Danielle no naughty gestures, love the hand faces!!!

  6. Fun post - thanks for sharing! :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)

  7. That's so funny! I think talking with your hands is just fine. Even with the flip of the bird.

  8. I have fibro too, and get dreadful pain in my fingers (as well as my wrist as a result of a teaching imjury)

  9. Oh, that splint looks so inconvenient. I can't imagine having to function with that on for very long.

    How long are they saying that you will need to wear it?

  10. I gotta admit, I love the first graphic of the painted hands.

  11. Just be careful how you scratch your cheek.


  12. Several of my college friends majored in deaf education so gesturing with their hands is crucial. I hope you don't have to wear that too long. *healing sparkles*

  13. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Awww get well soon! We have a lot of kids programs here with sign language so goodbye, hello and just about any word was being taught to the viewers. #WW

  14. These little hands of children make me smile! :-)
    Have a nice Wednesday

  15. I'm Jewish and Jews, Italians, Greeks and many more wouldn't be able to speak if we didn't talk with our hands lol

  16. The rating made me laugh! :)

  17. Funny post! I talk with my hands all the time and it gets old to some of my family!! Poor guy with the broken middle finger. I hope you are doing well, Faythe :)

  18. I prefer to use my hands for eating rather than talking.


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