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Monday, October 06, 2014

Falling grape vines on a spooky tree

Chill is in the air,
cold nights paint colors on the leaves,
frost will soon kiss the pumpkins,
As autumn falls away ~
(Faythe M. Anstedt - 2014)

  My grape vine and hops  covered  spooky tree is starting to dress its last finest before going into winters slumber.
Shall we gaze upon harvests call of color changes?

let your eyes climb up from greens to reds and yellows
click on any photo to enlarge

dangling dazzling reds adorn the top of the spooky tree

wild grapes await a nibble amongst some just turning grape vine leaves

red and gold grape vines pull away the bark of the spooky tree
look close and you can see the tiny roots left on the tree itself 

We have had a few sunny fall days surrounded by mostly cold, wet and gray signs of winters dregs soon to come. The nips of chill has slowly been changing the greens of summer into the glorious colors of autumn before they fall into masses on the ground.

How has your weather been treating you?

Until next time ...

(if you wish to see and learn more about my
 spooky tree click HERE.)


  1. hahahaha I'm first! hehehehe Check me out. I'm the leader of the pack! Start your engines! hahahaha Hello girlfriend! Guess what? Dave's got a job and right by the house. Isn't that great? Woo Hoo And I have my days back to myself woo hoo!!! So how you been??? I've been really working on my blog to get it movin'. Have ya noticed? :) HUGS to you my pretty! The Fall is doing me fine... I can wear my sweats again and I love it! Right now I'm going to go attempt my first zucchini bread... got any recipes???

    1. Hooray for Dave!! finally some breathing room. I am all mixed up this week, I am early, normally I am 2 days behind ☺
      zucchini bread sounds yummy! send me some ☺

  2. Those are some really nice pictures. Things are starting to change here, too. We had a couple of weeks of very nice weather, but now it's much cooler, around 50 F.

  3. Some great shots honey. The colors are gorgeous.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥

  4. That is some spooky tree and looks like it was hand painted!

  5. Great colors, it is an eerie tree. Great photos, have a great day!!

  6. Brilliant shots I love this time of year :-)

  7. Love the color changes.

  8. Anonymous12:21 PM

    So beautiful! Lovely colors. This is the first time that i am paying attention to these changes in color and I love it! #ww

  9. I would love to have a huge grape vine like that. Do you ever make anything with those grapes? I have a Concord grape vine....still waiting for some grapes. Maybe next year. The weather here is getting chilly! Winter is knocking on our door. Uggh!

    1. that is the biggest bunch of grapevines , I think, in my yard. I do not collect them, but rather leave them for the critters that live in & around my spooky tree. winter has been nipping a lot here too, bbrrBoo!

  10. Pretty shots - I love those colors! :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  11. That looks splendid with all the rich colours!

  12. We're not quite there yet in the south. Plus, this week I'm visiting my daughter in Orlando. Tomorrow we're headed to the beach.


  13. Great shots!! Makes me like fall a little better. :)

  14. I'm just excited to have a rare peek of sunshine today :)

  15. Well, I finally got around to making my zucchini bread. Made three loaves from scratch & it being my first time from scratch I must say it came out pretty tasty if I do say so myself. WOO HOO I'd love to send you some... :)

  16. Love your spooky tree and vines. So very colorful.

  17. It was downright chilly here yesterday, today it's pleasant. :)

  18. It's been cold and windy here. I miss summer already. The colors in fall are certainly pretty.

  19. Anonymous5:51 PM

    It has been damp and chilly. But your post warms my heart! Hug!


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