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Sunday, October 19, 2014

HALLOWEEN in the Ladies Room ~

   The Ladies Room ~
     {overheard, laughs and snickers} Halloween edition

It is that spooky time of year,
when ghouls and goblins appear.
They haunt houses looking for treats and threaten tricks.
So what happens after they eat their fill???
Well, they head to the ladies (or gobbly-mens) room ☺


Ready for some naughty treats???

I don't have to worry about my "lead" foot with this beauty
click to enlarge any image

Maxine [©Hallmark] always know the right thing to say

perfect costumes for this subject {winks}

The best one for us curvy ladies...

Keep the treats at the doorway in-case someone comes calling (chocolate is my favorite, what is yours??)

Are you ready for Halloween?
(Only sweet treats means no tricks)

original art belongs to respected artists


  1. This is perfect for Silly Sunday. Perfect.

    Have a fabulous day Faythe. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

    1. thanks Sandee, I found your linky code just in time ;)

  2. Those really did give us the giggles!

  3. Chocolate, wine gums, chocolate, spam, and chocolate. And maybe a little more chocolate. Happy Wombat Day, Faythe!

  4. LOl I agree with Sandee perfect for SS :-)

    Have a perfecttastic week :-)

  5. Those are funny. No way I'd wear the t.p. costume, I don't want to play either role... or should I say roll? ;)


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